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New Product: Healthy Blood Sugar Management with DiabaHealth

Diabetes Mellitus is one of the major killers of the modern world. According to WHO the number of people living with diabetes has nearly quadrupled since 1980 to 422 million adults, most of who live in developing countries including India. This dramatic rise has been a cause for concern that this year WHO marked its World Health Day by issuing a call for action on diabetes with its #BeatDiabetes campaign.

Facts and Figures

422 million


About 422 million people worldwide have diabetes, this number likely to more than double in the next 20 years.

1.5 million


In 2012, diabetes was the direct cause of 1.5 million deaths. More than 80% of diabetes deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries.



Type- 2 accounts for around 90% of all diabetes cases worldwide. Reports of type- 2 diabetes in children too have increased worldwide.


India ranks second in the world after China, for people living with diabetes and closely associated with risks of diabetes. As per the latest figures, there are approximately 65 million Indians living with diabetes currently, compared to 50.8 million in 2010. This is nearly 8% of India’s adult population. An estimate shows that nearly 1 million Indians die due to diabetes every year with the average age on onset being 42.5 years.

India’s economic boom has been accompanied by a meteoric increase in the number of people with diabetes – and those at risk for the disease. Prevalence rates are up by 20% in some cities.

This is largely due to the changing food habits and the drastic increase in stressful lifestyles in urban society. A recent report confirmed that obesity in Indians is primarily driven by nutrition, lifestyle, demographic transitions, increase in faulty diets and physical inactivity, in the background of genetic predisposition.

While there is no cure for diabetes, with proper care, medication, and change in food and lifestyle, diabetes can be managed effectively. If we are to make any headway in arresting the rise in diabetes, we need to rethink our daily lifestyles: to eat healthy, be physically active, and avoid excessive weight gain.

Ayurveda and Diabetes

Diabetes has been discussed at length in the ancient texts of Ayurveda and is referred to as Madhumeha. In the texts, Madhumeha is called a palliative disease, one that cannot be completely cured, but can be controlled by food and medicine.

Ayurvedic treatment of diabetes recommends a combination of different types of therapies and modification of lifestyle including administration of Ayurvedic herbs which are anti –diabetic. These herbs of Ayurveda include Karela (Bitter gourd), Jambul (Indian blackberry), Neem, Methi (Fenugreek), Turmeric and Amlaki (Indian gooseberry) among others.

In fact Karela, Methi and Jambul have been scientifically proven for their efficacy in healthy blood sugar management in various clinical studies.

QNET’s Nutriplus DiabaHealth


QNET has been working on developing products that support and promote the health and wellness of our distributors. Our aim is to provide you and your family with products that are safe and healthy. QNET has partnered with an Ayurveda research and development lab to bring you our latest product in the area of Ayurvedic proprietary medicine– Nutriplus Nature Diabahealth.

DiabaHealth is a 100% natural product formulated with a combination of different herb and plant extracts that have been proven in Ayurveda to be effective in blood sugar management.

The product’s composition includes a proprietary blend of ten ingredients. The key ingredient, Kino (Malabar kino), contains a bioactive compound called ‘Epicatechin’ which has been proven to be a natural insulin mimetic (Naisumi™). In addition, ingredients such as Karela (Bitter gourd) and Jambul (Indian blackberry) have been clinically proven to aid the absorption of sugar from blood to cells, leading to better management of blood sugar levels.

Nutriplus DiabaHealth is formulated using a novel Bioplantex Technology that ensures superior bioactivity of the extracts. Bioplantex technology involves a one-step extraction process of bioactive compounds to ensure minimum deterioration of the extracts. This results in higher levels of bioactivity and yield of the key molecules.


DiabaHealth is manufactured in India in a WHO GMP, ISO Certified, and HACCP certified manufacturing facility. It is available exclusively to customers of QNET in India.

Important Note : DiabaHealth is a proprietary Ayurvedic product and must be taken along with your regular medication. It is recommended to monitor blood sugar levels frequently while consuming DiabaHealth. Tests have shown that with regular consumption of DiabaHealth, the dosage of regular medication could be eventually be reduced over time if blood sugar levels lower to a healthy range.

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  1. Superb products by Q’net.. In the interest of mankind & betterment of their health and lifestyle.. Love Q’net…

  2. 1)Is it mandatory to have the tablet 30 mins prior to a meal OR can it be consumed anytime of the day as per dosage prescribed.
    2)Will the normal medication continue or it has to be stopped ?

    • To help manage sugar better, it is important to consume Dibahealth 30 mins prior to your meal.
      The regular medications should continue, unless and otherwise recommended by the individual’s physician to discontinue the medications.


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