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Health-Check With QNET’s Nutriplus DiabaHealth

Do you have a festive hangover? What with all the lights and sweets and the merriment. Getting together with family and friends and celebrating shared happiness is something that we don’t do quite often. Lamps and crackers make our festivals extra-special. The loaded sweets and delicacies do pile on the feeling. Festivals in India have a way of making us feel overwhelmed. It is okay to find it hard to get back into your old routine. However, what you must remember is that such occasions do a number on your health and lifestyle during the festivities. Want to know how?

The Damage a Festive Diet Can Do

Sweets Health

Just 9 to 10 teaspoons of sugar contain close to 150 calories. For many, that is 10% of the recommended calorie intake per day. A festive diet which is full of sugar, fat and milk is enough to give you a food coma. The fact that sugar is an addictive substance does not help your case. When sweets are consumed throughout the day for almost a week, your body craves for more sugar. We all know that too much sugar can lead to obesity, heart ailments and Type 2 Diabetes among other things. Your indulgence in the sweetness of sugar might yield a not-so-sweet result. Enjoying our festivities is something we all deserve and the best we can do it follow up with a detox diet. Eating healthy is a right start but you will also need a health companion to help you ease off sugar.

Nutriplus DiabaHealth to the Rescue

High sugar levels for anybody can be calamitous. Sugar does make your body dehydrated and at the same time increases the likelihood of attracting lifestyle diseases. Nowadays, almost everything we consume has a lot of sugar in it. Aerated drinks, cookies, cakes, ice cream and of course sweets prepared for our celebrations. Although a sugar rush is something we all find hard to resist, it is important to keep our sugar levels in check. Nutriplus DiabaHealth is the best health shield for sugar management.

Nutriplus DiabaHealth

QNET India’s Nutriplus DiabaHealth is made by combining various herbs and plant extracts to give you a 100% natural blood sugar-regulating supplement. There is a total of 10 ingredients that make up Nutriplus DiabaHealth, the key one being ‘Kino’ which contains the active ingredient ‘Epicatechin’. Epicatechin is a bioactive compound that is a proven Natural Insulin Mimetic (NAISUMI™). In being so, Nutriplus DiabaHealth protects you from the ill-effects of sugar and regulates blood sugar levels. The recommended dosage is just 2 capsules a day, 1 before each big meal. Nutriplus DiabaHealth is your all-natural ayurvedic proprietary medicine to take the fight to high blood sugar.

Choose Health With QNET India

Now that all our celebratory fetes are done and dusted, what you need is to get back on your healthy diet. That means reducing the intake of sugary drinks, sweets and other snacks. ‘Health is wealth’ may seem like an age-old adage but it is still something we swear by. In fact, QNET India’s mantra is ‘Healthy Living Every Day’ which is why we promote products that help you take a step closer to good health and wholesome living. Our Nutriplus range is a testament to that fact. Giving in to your indulgence is nothing to feel bad about but we also insist that you take steps to remedy any situation that you put yourself in. Nutriplus DIabaHealth is what you should choose. Reducing the risk of harmful conditions and maintaining healthy blood sugar is what we consider to be a priority. We, at QNET India, work towards building health and wellness for everyone. Some of our products such as ImmunHealth, GutHealth, LivHealth and DailyHealth are prime examples of that. Check out the QNET India eStore and pick out the best health and wellness products. Your body needs you to do the right and you should listen to your body. Take it from us, we know what we are talking about.

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