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Health Benefits of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil from QNET India

Oils have become essential in our lives. They have multiple benefits and are widely applicable in various domains in our home. Whether it’s cooking, topical application or for aromatherapy, oils are beneficial for our health and wellness.

Virgin coconut oil (VCO) is one of the most beneficial oils for ensuring good health. It is natural and provides multiple health benefits. For all the individuals who are health-conscious and looking for an alternative for their regular oils, QNET provides one of the best virgin coconut oils in the market. In addition, we will further understand the health benefits of organic Virgin Coconut Oil from Nutriplus, exclusively available in the QNET India eStore.

Nutriplus Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) by QNET 

Nutriplus Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) by QNET

QNET presents Nutriplus Virgin Coconut Oil, 100% organic, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil from Kerala’s purest coconuts. It has several applications and health benefits, including hair care, skincare and general well-being. The best part is that it is suitable for topical usage and consumption in the natural state without the need for further processing.

Nutriplus VCO uses mechanical cold extraction technology to extract oil from fresh coconut milk. This means that the extraction takes place without the application of heat and does not lead to alteration of the nature of the oil. Moreover, it does not undergo chemical refining, bleaching or deodorising. As a result, the organic Virgin Coconut Oil by Nutriplus is colourless and free of sediment with a natural fresh coconut scent.

Now that we know about the pure and nourishing Nutriplus VCO, let’s understand some of its health benefits.

Health benefits of QNET’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Nutriplus VCO is known for its antioxidant properties, great taste and pleasant fragrance. It has multiple beneficial properties for ensuring health and wellness. Here are some of its most common applications and health benefits –

1) Hair care

Oil is an absolute must to nourish and maintain good hair. Otherwise, we risk having hair problems such as hair fall, frizzy hair, split ends and other hair issues. VCO is one of the best solutions for long and nourishing hair. It is an expert in conditioning damaged and unhealthy scalp. Furthermore, it can act as a hair mask to protect our hair and improve scalp health.

Hot oil massages with Nutriplus VCO further help in eliminating dandruff and aids in the regrowth. It also strengthens hair strands from root to tip. In turn, it is highly beneficial for improving the density and texture of hair.

Mother standing with her daughter at home with Nutriplus Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) by QNET India in the frame

2) Skin health

VCO is rich in antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. It acts as a natural skin barrier and skin conditioner. Moreover, it provides faster and better absorption on the skin, this is especially important for people with sensitive or oily/dry skin as it can help prevent potential adverse reactions.

One of the most important benefits of regular usage of VCO is that it protects the skin against the harmful effects of UV rays. In turn, VCO acts as a natural sunscreen. However, it might not be ideal for an entire day in the sun, so an individual would need to apply it at regular intervals to suit their needs.

VCO is also known for slowing the skin’s ageing process by keeping it healthy over a long period. Overall, it is soothing and nourishing on the skin.

3) Cooking and Nutrition

Using coconut oil for cooking is not a secret as we’re aware of its benefits. However, what makes it so good is that it is suitable for almost all recipes. It is ideal for baking and frying due to its higher smoke point. This is mainly due to a unique combination of fatty acids, as it contains over 90% of saturated fat, which makes it resistant to oxidation at high temperatures.

Nutriplus Virgin Coconut Oil on a frying pan while cooking

In terms of nutrition, VCO contains high amounts of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), such as lauric acid. MCTs may help us burn more calories compared to the same number of calories from longer chain fats. These are absorbed easily by the intestine and can be used by the body to produce energy. As a result, it increases the body’s metabolic rate and results in better nutrient absorption. Therefore, VCO is more beneficial to our health when we compare it to regular cooking oils.

Furthermore, VCO is a healthy biochemical that boosts our immunity. On the whole, VCO has antioxidant properties, essential vitamins and minerals for improving overall health.

4) Joint and muscle pains

VCO has anti-inflammatory action when massaged on limbs and joints. An oil massage with VCO can be highly beneficial in stimulating circulation and calming the nervous system. It may help in relieving gout, arthritis, rheumatism, joint pains, and swellings. One of the most important factors that make VCO ideal for massage is its ability to be readily absorbed by the body. On the whole, VCO can be therapeutic and help relieve muscular issues like pain and spasms.

Now that we know about the health benefits and versatility of Nutriplus VCO, let’s understand how to use this wonderful oil:

Nutriplus Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) – Application  

A man pouring Nutriplus Virgin Coconut Oil in his palm for a head massage

Virgin Coconut oil is famous for its utility, and an individual can use it without any hassle. VCO is ideal for usage in its solid or melted form. However, it is most commonly used in its liquid form for topical application.

VCO might solidify at lower temperatures, especially in winters. We must remove the plug and immerse it in warm water to liquify it. Although, it is important to note that we must not immerse it in boiling water or heat it in the microwave oven. Once the VCO is in liquid form, we can use it for cooking, topical application on hair and skin, or even consume it directly.

Experience the health benefits of Nutriplus Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

A young man experiencing the benefits of Nutriplus Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) by QNET

With the constant change of weather, ongoing pandemic and a busy lifestyle, it has become important for us to take special care of our health. Nutriplus VCO is a must addition to your health and wellness basket. This organic source provides multiple health benefits. It is completely organic, cold-pressed with a mild natural aroma. It is one of the best alternatives for regular oils to keep us fit and healthy. Overall, regular usage of VCO can prove to be extremely beneficial for our wellness.

This is the right time to experience one of the world’s healthiest oils extracted from high-quality, organic, fresh coconut milk. The goodness of Virgin Coconut Oil from Nutriplus is just a click away. Visit your QNET India eStore now and avail the rich benefits of Nutriplus VCO.

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