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Health Basket Essentials: Nutriplus Supplements by QNET India

‘Health is wealth’ – We have come across this adage at some point in our lives. A health care routine is essential to stay fit, active and healthy. Although, most of us become careless, and it takes a toll on our health. The pandemic is a reminder for us to ensure that we take active initiatives to build immunity and wellness.

A health basket is essential in the current times. Nutriplus by QNET India provides some of the best health and wellness supplements to add to our health basket. So, for all the individuals wondering what to include in their health care routine, here are health basket essentials from QNET India!

Health basket essentials from Nutriplus

A common question an individual might ask is why does one need to have a health basket or create a health routine? The most important reason is it allows us to take essential healthcare supplements regularly. Often, when individuals start consuming supplements, they struggle to keep up with their routine. They either forget or do not take it in the required dosage, which can hamper their wellness. Much like any other worthwhile endeavour, a health care routine requires consistency. 

Let’s look at a few great solutions for creating a consistent health care regime – 

1) A healthy beverage – Green Coffee 

Most of us have a habit of consuming two to three glasses of coffee or tea every day. This has a very harmful effect on the body, and one may experience digestion problems, heart burns and insomnia. Additionally, the consumption of sugar is yet another complication. Sugar contains empty calories. Regular consumption of sugar leads to obesity, diabetes and other health complications. So, it is rather a great opportunity for an individual to switch to healthy alternatives. Green coffee is an excellent option for those looking to cut down on their coffee and tea consumption. 

Nutriplus Qafe by QNET India

Nutriplus Qafe by QNET India is a healthy option for individuals to replace their morning coffee. It is an aromatic blend of coffee bean extract. The green coffee mix is freeze-dried, natural and unroasted. It is an excellent solution for people looking to manage weight naturally. 

But what makes Qafe the ideal choice for weight management? The reason is because it contains a high level of chlorogenic acid (CGA), amounting to a total of 53%. CGA is widely known to curb hunger, block carbohydrate absorption and increase metabolism to manage weight. It is a safe and natural solution for individuals to start their weight loss journey. 

In addition, it contains a scientifically proven soluble fibre called Nutriose. It is a unique ingredient that improves our digestive tolerance and overall health.

That’s not all. A cup of Qafe in the morning provides an invigorating experience to our body and mind. A perfect way to start our mornings. The next supplement is pivotal to our health basket! 

2) Multivitamin Tablets

Multivitamin tablets are common among people. Ever since the pandemic, everyone has been consuming it in some form or the other to improve immunity. However, one must also pay closer attention to the ingredients in the product. Most multivitamin tablets have synthetic ingredients and are not good for health.

Nutriplus DailyHealth

QNET provides one of the healthiest supplements to boost immunity. Nutriplus DailyHealth is our solution for immunity boosting. It contains 13 types of vitamins and 10 minerals. Its main ingredient is nature’s superfood called Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae (AFA). In essence, the Blue-green algae extract contains all the essential minerals, vitamins and trace elements required by our body.

DailyHealth reduces oxidative stress and stimulates optimal function of the nervous system. Moreover, it provides powerful anti-inflammatory properties that enhances stem cells, helping the body to heal and repair. Overall, DailyHealth is the ideal dose of wellness for building immunity! 

3) Healthy breakfast partner

A stomach-filling breakfast is essential for an individual to stay active during the day. However, most often, individuals tend to skip breakfast or get along with the day with a beverage. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Individuals must include food items that provide great nutritional value. 

Nutriplus Monofloral honey by QNET India

Nutriplus Monofloral honey is the perfect breakfast partner. It provides great nutritional value along with a delicious finger-licking taste. It is 100% pure and natural, extracted from a single source of flora. Monofloral honey is often considered more nutritious compared to multi-floral honey. 

What’s more, it is NMR tested, making it 100% authentic. It seamlessly complements breakfast recipes, including bread, cereal or a thick protein shake. Monofloral honey is the best solution to healthify our breakfast! 

It is available in 5 amazing variants – Mustard, Sheesham, Karanj, Coriander and Moringa! 

4) A supplement to activate and boost your body

It is very common for individuals to feel tired and devoid of energy after a long day’s work. Eating healthy food certainly helps. However, supplements play a key role in ensuring that one stays active and energetic throughout the day. In order to ensure that individuals perform at optimum levels, they must consume health supplements to boost energy levels. 

Nutriplus EDG3

Nutriplus EDG3 is our solution to activate and boost cells in our body. EDG3 is a specialist in activating glutathione in our cells. It contains a beneficial blend of amino acids to protect us from the attack of free radicals. These free radicles are often the root cause of health problems. So, one needs to ensure that they consume the right supplements to protect themselves.

EDG3 also helps in the detoxification of the body, providing the building blocks to produce antioxidants naturally. It further provides latent benefits, including maintaining healthy joints, improving skin, and promoting healthy hair. On the whole, EDG3 is a nourishing supplement to help maintain the body’s performance and promote well-being.

5) A fibre-rich meal

Nutriplus FibreFit

Our body requires essential nutrients for optimal functioning. It is bound to develop deficiencies when it does not receive enough nutrients. One of the things that the body requires is a fibre-rich meal. Nutriplus FibreFit contains Gum Acacia, a natural plant source that has high amounts of soluble fibres. FibreFit functions as a prebiotic to maintain a healthy digestive system. It also plays a key role in decreasing bad cholesterol levels and keeps us full for a long time. 

Moreover, its low glycemic index means that it is ideal for diabetics. It is completely safe without harmful additives. So, individuals can consume it without the fear of side effects. It also doesn’t have any taste or essence. This ensures that individuals can mix it with their favourite dishes without worrying about altering the taste. 

So, a healthy meal and a healthy lifestyle await us with Nutriplus FibreFit in our health basket. 

6) A refreshing evening tea

Nutriplus Celesteal by QNET India

Most of us consume a glass of tea in the evenings. We usually resort to a hot beverage in the evening because it helps us relax and curbs hunger for a while. Tea is a great stimulant for our mind and body. Nutriplus Celesteal green tea provides a refreshing blend of herbal infusions to enhance our evening tea experience. It is available in 3 aromatic variants – Apple Cinnamon, Rose tea and Kahwa.

Celesteal herbal infusions have a unique process of sourcing and selection. Fruits and flowers are imported from Germany, and the tea leaves are obtained from Darjeeling. The spices are sourced from South India. Each batch of these ingredients goes through a quality test to ensure the best taste and aroma. 

Nutriplus Celesteal Herbal Infusions has great health benefits. It provides relief from cough and cold. It is good for digestion and does not provide any calories. The natural blend is excellent for our skin due to its antioxidant properties. To top it off, it helps build immunity. It is indeed the perfect element to round off a long day’s work. 

Nutriplus Supplements and immunity boosters by QNET India

Nutriplus provides nourishing health supplements and immunity boosters to keep us healthy in the long run. If you’d like to learn more about staying healthy during this monsoon, read this article in case you missed it! – Monsoon Health Tips from QNET India | Nutriplus Contest

Add these amazing Nutriplus health supplements to your health basket from the QNET India eStore!

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