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A complete guide to direct selling & QNET | Is the QNET scam real?


Finding a credible organisation with reliable information in today’s day and age is easier said than done. Whenever you look up a company online, the information you find may seem helpful at first glance, but after digging a little deeper you often find that the information needs to be corrected or is contradictory.

Without a clear picture, your judgement is clouded and making the right decision about the company becomes complicated and overwhelming.

So, what can be done?

Well, we can ask questions directly to the company. However, most companies are hesitant to share information and be transparent about their business with their associates or customers.

QNET India knows people have questions and concerns about the direct selling industry, QNET products and allegations.

This article will be a complete guide to address and erase all these concerns and help the readers trust QNET.

Let’s learn what a direct selling business model is, what QNET is, and how to make the most of this opportunity.

What is direct selling?

A delivery man delivering a QNET product to a customer. QNET scam

Direct selling is a business model that has been active for a few decades. The business model of QNET is based on direct selling. Therefore, to understand what QNET is, we need to dive deeper into the concept of direct selling.

What is direct selling?

Direct selling is a network marketing activity in which retail goods and services are directly sold to consumers. In the direct selling industry, sales are largely made by word-of-mouth marketing. The direct selling industry has thrived on relationship marketing. Usually, not a lot is spent on big advertisements or other commercial marketing campaigns to market the products of this industry.

The direct selling industry offers products with unique features. These products are exclusive to the direct selling company and are unavailable in brick-and-mortar stores or malls.

Around 117 million people are involved in the direct selling industry as both part-timers and full-timers. As the global market expands its distribution channels to market various goods and services, direct selling has gained a lot of momentum globally and in India.

Moreover, according to FICCI-KPMG, the direct selling industry in India is expected to grow, with retail sales predicted to reach a whopping INR 645 billion by 2025, and 18 million people in India will be self-employed in the direct selling industry.

What is QNET?

A businessman holding a laptop with "What is QNET?" written in the background

Established globally in 1998, QNET is one of the top direct selling companies with a customer presence in over 100 countries. It was one of the first companies to introduce an e-commerce model to traditional direct selling.

Today, QNET has over 25 offices in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, Russia, and the CIS region, with its global headquarter in Hong Kong.

QNET helps people take charge of their lives and live healthier. Its efforts are closely tailored to help people focus on personal development, improve the quality of their relationships with family & friends, and help them plan for a secure future.

QNET offers a variety of products across the health, wellness and lifestyle segments.

QNET’s products have helped millions of customers across the globe over the last two decades.

Many of these customers chose to become distributors of QNET products in their respective countries, availing the opportunity to earn and grow through this wonderful entrepreneurial opportunity.  An Independent Distributor is free to grow their network, as long as the latter is in strict adherence to the Company’s Distributor Registration process. However, it is important to note that enrolment to the network, in the absence of a product purchase, does not result in any earnings or commissions becoming payable.

It is therefore left to the capability of the concerned Independent Distributor as to how they generate product sales, since the greater the volume of product sales within a network, the higher the income of the Independent Distributor.

QNET operates through its local sub-franchisee Vihaan Direct selling (India) Pvt Ltd in India. Around 600,000 individuals are registered with Vihaan as QNET distributors.

About QNET India: Top direct selling company in India

Vihaan Direct Selling (India) Pvt. Ltd. was appointed sub-franchise of QNET in India in 2011.

Incorporated under the Companies Act 1956, Vihaan possesses all valid licenses for its legal business operations in India. It also follows all the Direct Selling Rules 2021 issued by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of India.

In India, QNET markets its products through Vihaan, of which more than 75% of the products available are made in India.

All QNET’s products meet quality standards. QNET rigorously checks the quality of all products supplied by partner companies through visual inspections and testing standards. These products come with guarantees or manufacturer warranties, and certifications such as FSSAI and Ayush are also sought for certain consumable products.

Is the QNET scam real? Is QNET an investment scheme?

As we know, QNET India has been in the middle of baseless rumours for a while. They call it the “QNET scam”, but are these rumours even remotely true?

NO. The QNET scam is not true and none of the rumours about QNET or the direct selling industry even have an ounce of truth to them.

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Also. QNET is NOT an investment scheme. QNET isn’t a scheme at all!

Here, you only pay money to purchase the products that you are interested in buying.

Moreover, to become a direct seller of QNET products, you can sign up as an independent representative (IR) by visiting and registering at our portal at

How can you make money with QNET India? How does the QNET business opportunity work?

A vector image of a woman holding a loudspeaker in her hand and doing referal marketing as a direct seller to attract prospects

One rumour about QNET is that QNET runs on a pyramid scheme.

The truth is that the only way to earn an income with QNET is through product sales. QNET is NOT a pyramid scheme that is based solely on recruitment!

In short, if you use any of the QNET products and enjoy using it, you can refer others to purchase those products and earn commissions on each sale. Further, QNET uses a compensation plan that calculates commissions you get based on the sales you make from QNET’s e-commerce portal.

You can purchase and enjoy using QNET products in two simple ways:

  • Buy QNET products as a retail customer.  There is no commitment to become a distributor at any point in your purchase or later.
  • You buy a QNET product but also register with the company as a Distributor. It will allow you to sell QNET products and earn commissions on each sale. QNET’s compensation plan helps you build a team and earn commissions from your sales and your team’s sales.

Note: A distributor acts as an independent contractor. A distributor is not an employee of QNET or Vihaan direct selling (India) Pvt. Ltd. Additionally, QNET distributors don’t earn commissions on registering new distributors.

You can remain a retail consumer or become a QNET distributor. The choice is completely yours.

Many people have become a part of QNET’s business model to grow a successful business and are satisfied and happy with the results and growth they are witnessing.

With QNET, your earning potential is immense, as long as you work hard and consistently meet your goals!

QNET India product examples

QNET products kept on a table

QNET India’s wide range includes products from various categories such as health, wellness and lifestyle, jewellery, classic watches, home and living, nutrition etc.

A few examples of QNET products are:

Visit QNET India to check out more products.

Can recruiting people for your QNET India business make you money?

The truth is that a direct seller cannot make money with QNET just by recruiting more and more people without sales of products and services.

Only pyramid schemes focus on recruiting people without concern about product sales. Such schemes are neither ethical nor sustainable and are bound to collapse sooner or later.

QNET’s business model is based on a sustainable sales model. This model does not allow anyone to make money solely by recruiting more members. This business model is the very reason why, even after 20 years, QNET is growing and expanding internationally.

Can I quickly make money with QNET India?

QNET is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

You must work hard and make strategic growth plans to succeed as a direct seller.

Direct selling allows you to become an entrepreneur. In this case, you don’t have to worry about huge start-up costs and operational overheads. Your success in QNET will entirely depend on the hard work and effort that you put in.

QNET’s collaborations and corporate recognition

ManCity players group picture with a QNET banner

Since 2014, QNET has been the official direct selling partner of the Manchester City Football Club. QNET also partners with the CAF Champions League and CAF Confederation Cup.

QNET cares about and gives back to the communities it involves worldwide with the help of its Corporate Social Responsibility arm, the RYTHM Foundation.

QNET is a globally recognized direct selling company recognized by many giant corporates and institutions for its work and contribution.

Contact QNET India

If you need more information about QNET, contact us, and we will be more than happy to answer your questions and address all the misconceptions.

Social Media: Reach out to us on social media.

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A direct seller and his customers shaking hands

QNET has been in the international direct-selling industry for 25 years (since 1998). It has successfully empowered millions of people and enhanced their quality of life by using its products and becoming entrepreneurs with the business opportunity it provides.

QNET is a completely credible direct-selling company with a growing consumer base, and the future of QNET and direct-selling industry in India is bright.

In the coming years, QNET in India will focus on developing and expanding offerings in the health and wellness category. It will focus on partnering with Indian SMEs to bring these products to a mass audience. QNET also aims to support underprivileged communities through its CSR activities, through the RYTHM Foundation.


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