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Guide To Kickstart Your Direct Selling Business The QNET Way

E-retail and online shopping have become quite popular in the last decade or so. More and more people are gravitating towards buying things online. Be it goods or services; almost everything has shifted to an applicated-based network. Traditional businesses need to step up and try out innovative models of doing business to stay afloat. The same applies to direct selling businesses as well. Earlier, there was a time when door-to-door selling was the norm. However, with time and the advent of the Internet era, direct selling has evolved, riding on different eCommerce platforms. If you are into direct selling and want to expand your base, here is a starter guide.

Focus on Product Sales

Direct selling is all about ensuring maximum sales of your products. It is not focussed only on sponsoring new members and enabling their direct selling agenda. At the end of the day, a business thrives only with the sale of products. Your primary focus should be to reach your goals and targets every month adequately. Every direct selling company has levels of membership which is progressive to the top. By selling more products and collecting a higher number of points, you can move up the ladder and gain to stand more sales incentives.

Direct Selling QNET

Use Social Media Extensively

Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp groups are quite commonplace today. Creating a customer base by taking advantage of these social groups online the first thing you should consider. These groups can be a medium for marketing and selling of your products as well for creating awareness about the direct selling model of business. Interested candidates who want to start a career in direct selling can get referrals, and you can help them start-up in their direct selling journey. It is virtually impossible to succeed in a business without social media, so it makes sense to use Facebook and Instagram to your advantage.

Steer Clear of Market Hoaxes

Direct selling in India functions under the ‘Model Framework of Guidelines on Direct Selling’ issued by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs in October 2016. As a direct seller, it is your responsibility to clarify to your network that this model functions under multi-level marketing and not a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes involve recruiting people and having them recruit more people. Direct selling is all about increasing sales volume with each passing month. Sponsoring a new sales representative or referring a new direct selling member are things you can get involved in. However, you and your network are both responsible for product sales above all else.

Sales Target

Build Your Network

Creating a name for yourself as a dependable direct seller who delivers quality products every time should be your goal. By word-of-mouth, community events and social media, you can get the word out and expand your network. Interpersonal communication is also a significant aspect that you must not discount. Interacting with new people and making them aware of your business is a must always. The more you talk about your direct selling business, the higher the chance you will enjoy success sooner.

Finding the Right Direct Selling Company

Every direct seller needs to find a direct selling company that makes the right quality products and is popular in households. Therefore, QNET India has been quite successful in the Indian market. With a wide range of products under different categories, QNET India has become a household name today. As a direct seller, you can benefit from joining hands with QNET and give your dreams a good head start. The QNET Compensation Plan for QNET Distributors is something you can go through to understand how to plan your direct selling journey. QNET believes in the simple cycle of ’REFER, REPEAT, RISE & RETAIN’.

About QNET India

QNET India is a direct selling company that markets and sells world-class products under

  • Health & Wellness,
  • Home & Living,
  • Personal Care & Beauty and
  • Watches & Jewellery

QNET India is home to thousands of direct sellers in India. Over the years, QNET in India has become one of the market leaders in the direct selling industry and has provided gainful employment opportunities to thousands of Indian men and women. To know more about QNET India’s products, visit the QNET India eStore today. In case you want to kickstart your direct selling career, a look at the QNET Compensation Plan might interest you. Direct selling is an ever-growing industry, and it is never too late to get in on the action.

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