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Good Reputation Equals Success l QNET Tips

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.”, said Benjamin Franklin. We couldn’t agree more!

Reputation isn’t only Taylor Swift’s word for success this year, it should also be yours. As millennial adults, well into our late 20’s and early 30’s, we are well aware of what it takes to build a good reputation. We strive to be our best selves, be it at our jobs, with our friends and even with strangers. We know how far values like integrity, honesty and positive thinking take us. It is because these are the cornerstones that have helped us get ahead at work, become better people and keep our moral compass pointing North most of the time.

In QNET, being an Independent Representative (IR) means doing business ethically. While we do have our code of ethics, several blog articles stressing on ethical marketing, and other means of communicating how important it is to do business the right way, we still have those who go astray and mar the good reputation the rest of us have tried our best to earn. But, let us tell you why building and maintaining a good reputation is vital for a QNET IR.

     1. Breaking Stereotypes

Many people in India have a negative outlook towards the network marketing industry. This is because of the few people that have given them the reason to. By working ethically and doing the business in the right way, we are breaking these stereotypes. We can make more people believe in the power of network marketing and hopefully change their stance on the way they look at the industry as a whole.


      2. Increasing Trust In QNET

As Independent Representatives of QNET, each one of us must do everything we can to increase people’s trust in the brand. It is because, even though you are independent, you still are connected to the brand itself. When you tamper with the image of the brand, you are tampering with your own image. You are an extension of the company, so protecting its reputation is in your best interest as well. When more people trust in QNET, more people trust in you, hence, increasing your chances of success.   


       3. Passion For The Products

When you honestly use a product and like it, it makes selling the product that much easier. So, before you go out there to make presentations and sell QNET’s products, use the products and make them a part of your daily lives. If you try to sell something you don’t believe in, people are going to see through it and call your bluff. Building a good reputation means not having to lie and lying about the products, can definitely cost you. Be true to your words, be the products of your products and then you’re set to conquer the world of direct selling.  


     4. Your Friends May Actually Listen

In our business, we talk about rejections all the time. Have you wondered why we get so many rejections? Why we lose so many relationships? It is because of your reputation. Ethical marketing, honest selling and transparent business models are factors that are less likely to repel people. When you earn a good reputation, more people will be willing to listen to your presentations. Regardless of whether they all become IR’s or not, you will definitely be increasing your chances of getting positive responses.


     5. Clear Conscience + Confidence

Do you really want to carry the guilt of having made someone unhappy? Not to sound cliche, but Karma is a …. well let’s just say she exists, and has a very strong presence in all our lives. Living a life of clear conscience is hard, but we can make it easier on ourselves by not turning or jobs into something we are guilty of. As entrepreneurs, our dream is to become successful, and it is our duty to do it ethically. For real, it is, like by law and all.

Doing your business the right way will definitely give you more confidence to chase after success. There’s no stopping you or your dreams now.

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