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Make ‘Global Entrepreneurship Month’ Count With Your QNET Family

November, among other things, is also Global Entrepreneurship Month. This is an occasion where entrepreneurs from around the world come together to discuss a variety of topics ranging from facing challenges in business to applying the right strategy going forward. It is an entrepreneur-focussed event where you can learn, imbibe and apply what is discussed. As a QNET distributor, this is exactly the kind of exposure that can help you build your own business. At QNET, you have the freedom to work your business using your independent methods. Building a team, expanding across a region and promoting direct selling are the objectives. So, Global Entrepreneurship Month is the right platform to get your network together and replan, rebuild and refocus.

QNET Celebrates You

Here are some of the steps you can take to further your growth:

1. Plan an Online Entrepreneurship Retreat

2020 brings us many social and travel limitations but don’t let that get you down. You and your team at QNET can still get together using online streaming and video platforms such as Zoom and Skype. Getting your team together in one place to discuss ideas and plans for the upcoming months would be a great start. Brainstorming new ideas and exchanging your thought processes can really bring some innovative options on the table. Your team has so much to offer you and vice versa, so take the initiative to pick your team’s brains and get the most out of it.

2. Do Team Building Activities

Your QNET family is your strength. Your team’s performance is directly affected by the mood you set and the kind of leadership you display. So, having fun and healthy team building activities can boost the mood in your camp. A team cannot function without regular meetings or with limited communication. Interactive and informative games, pop quizzes, educational team play are all great ways of making your QNET team feel at ease and at the same time drive up their confidence. With better confidence, you can be assured of much better performance.

QNET Entrepreneurs

3. Take Inspiration from the Best

There are thousands of successful entrepreneurs in the world. They have different market strategies and their business acumen is highly sought after. As an entrepreneur, you might have your own heroes. Global Entrepreneurship Month is the best time to remind your team why you worship your idol. Sharing TED talks about business or sales related scenarios, showcasing how the world’s best businessmen operate and bringing forward the notion of determination and persistence are great ways of marking this event. Not only is this beneficial for your team but it can also be a great throwback for you.

4. Go the Extra Mile

Give your team at QNET a personal touch. They are, in fact, your family. Leading a team is not just about being the boss and giving orders. Sharing heartfelt stories about your personal life and listening to your team’s ups and downs can work wonders for you and your team. Remind your team how much they mean to you. Verbal acknowledgement and appreciation for a job well done is underrated. Go the extra mile and tell your team how proud they made you. That is what makes an entrepreneur worth his salt.

QNET has, over the years, become a force to be reckoned with in the direct selling industry. We are proud of what we have achieved over the last few years and our products have become popular and highly sought after. We are grateful to have a family of distributors, who are entrepreneurs in their own right, who have made QNET a highly successful direct selling company. Our success lies in the hard work and competitive spirit of our QNET distributors. So, we take this occasion to thank you wholeheartedly and hope we keep doing what we have been doing, but only better. QNET can reach greater heights and we believe that is only possible if we all continue to stay focussed and never take our eyes off our goals. This Global Entrepreneurship Month, let us all vow to give it our best and remind ourselves that work is worship.


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