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Costly Gyms? Get the Best Mini HomeGym Equipment by QNET

Today, a lazy lifestyle and work pressure are keeping us glued to our screens for most of the day. A bare minimum of physical movement in their daily lives is causing people to suffer from various lifestyle disorders. As our lives get busier, hitting the gym regularly is just not convenient anymore.

In a survey by Gympik, an online fitness aggregator, approximately 45% of Indians preferred working out at home, while only 33% preferred going to a gym.

What if you get an all-in-one product that helps you exercise at home?

It will save you time and money, right?

QNET introduces Mini HomeGym Set for your basic home workout needs.

Whether you’re a professional or a beginner looking to skip a crowded gym, a busy parent trying to fit in workouts between responsibilities, or just someone who prefers the convenience of a home workout, a Mini HomeGym is the perfect solution.

This guide will cover everything about the Mini HomeGym Set by QNET.

Get ready to transform your space into a fitness sanctuary and achieve your basic fitness goals from the comfort of your home!

But first, let’s understand what a HomeGym is!

What is a HomeGym set?

Much like the name suggests, it is a gym at home!

You can install a HomeGym Set in any spacious room or front yard. It helps you perform various exercises that target different muscle groups in your body.

A Mini HomeGym is a more basic, compact version of a HomeGym.

Regular gym vs. Mini homegym equipment

Cons of joining a gym

  • Costly: Gym memberships can be expensive.
  • Crowded: Gyms are usually crowded, meaning you can’t always use the equipment you want to.
  • Consumes more time: Traveling to and from the gym can be time and energy-consuming.
  • No convenience: Most regular gyms are not available 24/7 and lack necessities.
  • Less Sanitation: Gym Equipment may carry germs, making it risky.
  • The gym environment can get intimidating and suffocating, especially if you are new to fitness or have a body complex.

Pros of a Mini HomeGym Set

  • Cost-effective: It saves you money in the long run, as you don’t have to pay for a gym.
  • Privacy: It lets you work out and use equipment at your leisure in privacy.
  • Saves Time: Helps reduce the total time invested in the activity with the same effective results.
  • Comfort: You don’t get anxious as you have the comfort & privacy of your home.
  • Convenience: It is available 24/7, making it easy to fit workouts into your busy schedule.
  • Personalization: You can add and remove its equipment as per your preference.
  • Sanitation: Your equipment is as hygienic as you keep it.
  • Mini HomeGyms are a smaller and cheaper version of a HomeGym but are just as effective.

In this blog, we will cover all your doubts about the Mini HomeGym by QNET.

To begin with, let’s address a few major questions!

A man thinking about a mini home gym in a dialogue box

Is a Mini HomeGym set enough?

Yes, if it meets your fitness goals and preferences.

For example, a Mini HomeGym is enough if you’re interested in basic bodyweight exercises.

Is Mini HomeGym equipment cheaper than a gym membership?

It costs less than a regular gym membership in the long run. Although, it depends on various factors, including the cost of the HomeGym equipment, its size, as well as the cost and quality of gym memberships in your area.

It can be a significant upfront expense but is cheaper than a normal HomeGym Set and a regular gym membership in the long run.

Who can use a Mini HomeGym?

It is best suited for:

  • Beginner athletes
  • People who want to invest less
  • People who only want to do basic exercises
  • People who have a busy lifestyle and want to save time
  • People who want to exercise at home and want the output to be as effective as a regular gym
  • People who want to customize their exercises as per their wish
  • People who are Hygiene conscious
  • People who want privacy during exercising
  • People who have less space in their home (and cannot fit a regular HomeGym Set)
  • People who want to do basic exercises at home and more intense exercises at the gym
  • People who want to exercise twice a day, but their gyms have tight schedules.

Mini HomeGym by QNET India: An Overview

QNET presents an all-new Mini HomeGym.

It is a more compact version of the HomeGym offered by QNET and comprises a variety of HomeGym equipment that allows users to do a basic workout.

It is ideal for a quick and basic workout for everyone from beginners to bodybuilding professionals.

This Mini HomeGym machine has state-of-the-art gym equipment, is durable and lightweight, and offers 7 effective basic exercises.

A woman working out on the mini Home Gym by QNET

Product Specifications & Dimensions:

Here are the necessary product specifications & dimensions:

  • Size:                      135x114x102 (LxBxH) cms
  • Packing:               2 Boxes
  • Contains:             7 different exercises
  • Weight:               90 Kg
  • Made in:              India

16 Key Features of the Mini HomeGym Set by QNET India:

  • Multiple Basic Exercise Options: Offers 7+ basic exercises for a complete workout.
  • Unmatched quality: It has the best quality Mini HomeGym equipment made in India.
  • Better Design & Ergonomic: It is ergonomic and doesn’t consume much space.
  • Safety: A standard footplate increases its rigidity while in use and at rest.
  • Fully Adjustable Bench Design: New bench design is more stable. It helps adjust the setting area and backrest pads at different settings with its unique ball-bearing driven carriage.
  • Build Your Workbench with Accessories: An access tube and knob-lock pin have been added to the lever, adding new workbench machine accessories to the gym.
  • Frame Design: The frame design is compact & user-friendly, allowing better utilization of floor space. A 2ft 2″ main frame of 2.75 mm thick MS steel tubing ensures maximum strength, functionality, durability, and stability.
  • Adjustments, Pull Pins and Locks: All adjustments and handles operate smoothly. Spring-loaded pull pins make movement easy. Stabilization locks eliminate seat wobble.
  • Upholstery: High-density, fire-retardant foam covered with perspire-resistant vinyl.
  • Best Finish: This Mini HomeGym machine comes with metal frames electrostatic powder coating finish making it durable, scratch and chip resistant.
  • Hand Grips: It has special closed-cell foam handle grips. These grips are extremely comfortable and virtually wear-proof. They provide comfort and enhance the user’s grip.
  • Sealed Roller Bearings: These allow low friction and long-lasting smooth lifts.
  • Made in India: It is manufactured in India with the best quality material.
  • Heavy rubber mountings are attached so the equipment remains stable on the floor.
  • 10 Kg plates are provided with the machine.
  • Is very easy to install and use

Get your Mini HomeGym equipment online from QNET!

Pre-workout tips:

Here are some tips that you must follow before or while starting your exercise:

  • You need to be 18+ years of age to use this HomeGym machine by QNET.
  • Follow necessary medical advice (if needed) before using a Mini HomeGym or consult a doctor in case of any pre-existing health conditions.
  • Make a smart fitness plan. Create personal fitness goals you can stick to and get desired results.
  • Have a diet plan for the best results before using the Mini HomeGym machine.
  • Don’t forget to wear appropriate clothing and footwear while exercising.
  • Please avoid heavy meals or fast food before exercising. Check out the worst food to eat or drink before a workout.
  • Always start with a warm-up and finish with a cool-down and stretch. Check out these warm-up exercises that you can do to prevent injury later.
  • Build up your routine eventually and avoid increasing weight abruptly.
  • Consulting a certified fitness trainer can help you in many ways. You can hire a certified fitness trainer or a nutritionist who can personalize the workout routine and prepare diet and protein plans for you.
  • Remember, you cannot reach your fitness goals with exercise alone, and there are other health aspects too that need to be maintained.

Get your Mini HomeGym equipment online from QNET!

7 basic exercises covered by Mini HomeGym:

Check out the basic exercises that you can do in this video.

  • Flat Bench Press: This targets chest muscles.
  • How to do: Lie on the flat bench of the Mini HomeGym facing upwards and push the handles upwards while contracting your chest muscles and then downwards while expanding your chest muscles. While exercising, focus on your chest to establish a mind-muscle connection for a better output.
  • Inclined Bench Press: This targets upper chest muscles.
  • How to do: Lie on an inclined bench facing upwards and perform a similar motion to the flat bench press. While exercising, focus on your upper chest to establish a mind-muscle connection for a better result.
  • Decline Bench Press: This targets lower chest muscles.
  • How to do: Lie on a declined bench and perform a similar motion to the flat bench press. While exercising, focus on your lower chest to establish a mind-muscle connection for a better result.
  • Shoulder Press: This targets frontal and medial shoulder muscles (deltoids).
  • How to do: Sit on the bench, lift the handles over your head, and bring them down until your elbow reaches ear level.
  • Bent over row: This targets the upper and middle parts of the back.
  • How to do: Bend forward, pull its handles towards your abdomen, and complete the motion.
  • Shrugs: This targets trapezius muscles or the shoulder blades.
  • How to do: Hold the handles while standing and move only the shoulders in slight shrugs while looking slightly up.
  • Abs Crunch: This targets your abs.
  • How to do: Crunch forward while taking a position on your knees with the help of the cable/ chain available at the back of the machine.

The Mini HomeGym by QNET is highly effective for performing basic workouts, especially the upper half body workouts.


The Mini HomeGym offered by QNET allows you to do a quick workout whenever you want in the convenience of your home. It offers 7+ basic exercises that target major muscles. It can help you achieve your basic fitness goals at your convenience in your home.

Mini HomeGym by QNET is the best investment for people on all levels of their fitness journey.

Get your Mini HomeGym equipment online from QNET!

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