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How to get healthy, glowing skin this winter

It’s the season of high fashion. Winters demand you dig out those bright woollen coats, knitted mufflers, and knee-high boots from the back of your closet. But while you dazzle everyone with your ensemble, make sure a dull and lifeless skin doesn’t ruin your mood.

Winter can be harsh on your skin as it strips your skin of moisture, leaving it dry and lacklustre. But you can avoid the winter blues by taking proper care of your skin.

Here are some essential winter skin care tips for healthy skin this winter.

Make moisturising your daily mantra

In winters, moisturising should become a daily habit. However, there are a few things you should consider:

  • Apply the moisturiser right after a bath to help lock in the hydration
  • Moisturise at least twice a day
  • For drier areas like your face, arms and feet, use a night cream so that you wake up with hydrated and supple skin

Use gentle products

QNET Physio Radiance ReplenishH range of skincare products

Avoid products with harsh chemicals such as alcohol, fragrances, parabens or preservatives that leave your skin drier. Go for gentle products made with natural extracts like QNet’s Physio Radiance ReplenishH– skincare range. It has an exclusive combination of ingredients that promotes natural skin rejuvenation. The cleanser, toner, serum and moisturiser hydrates and limits water loss from the skin. One of the ingredients, Aquaxyl enhances skin’s moisture levels and protects the skin from external elements.

Run towards the oil

Running away from grandparents to escape being smeared with coconut or mustard oil is a childhood memory for most of us. But it seems grandma knew best, after all – an oil massage can spell magic for dry winter skin. At least once a week, apply body oils before your bath to help add extra moisture to your brittle skin. You can either go old school with coconut and mustard oil or choose from a range of alternate oils such as sesame, lavender, sweet almond or jojoba.

Replace hot with warm

Hot water baths are comforting in the winters. But frequent hot showers can strip your skin’s natural oils which form a protective barrier and make your skin dry. Avoid hot water. Instead, use warm water for your body and lukewarm water for your face and hands. Replace harsh soaps and body washes with cream-based moisturizing body cleansers. And, without fail, apply moisturiser immediately after your warm water bath to trap in all the hydration.

Stay Hydrated

We’re all guilty of this — due to lower temperatures we end up consuming less water than the recommended daily intake. It’s essential that we make a conscious effort to stay hydrated. Along with drinking adequate water (there are some great apps that remind you to do that),  try to add food with high water content like apples, oranges, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and carrots.

Use winter special DIY masks

Skincare masks can help restore moisture to your skin – and you don’t have to even step out of your home to make one! Hydrating masks with natural moisturizing ingredients such as honey, aloe vera, almond oil, and olive oil are a hassle-free and pocket-friendly way of keeping your skin moisturized through the winters.

Try a skin care supplement

Nutriplus Skinhealth capsulesGood nutrition is key to maintaining a healthy skin through all seasons. Apart from having a balanced diet, you can also try a skin care supplement to add that healthy glow from within. This winter, try QNet’s Nutriplus Skinhealth capsules. It contains essential phytonutrients like Lycopene that boosts skin health from within and antioxidants like vitamin E and Wheat germ oil for healthy skin.


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