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Friendship Day 2019 | 5 ways to celebrate with your QNET friends

Remember how important Friendship Day used to be for us as children? Flaunting friendship bracelets we would painstakingly plan the day with our BFFs. Growing up, friends meant the world to us, and with them, besides us, we felt we could conquer anything. Friends would have our back no matter what the situation.

While some of the best friendships are formed during childhood, a few friends also come along in our professional lives — just like the ones you have made in your QNET family. They are the ones who rejoice in your successes and motivate you when the chips are down. They are always there for you, to cheer for you, and help you achieve your goals.

So for this Friendship Day which is on August 4, QNET India shares a few different ways you can celebrate and cherish this deep bond of friendship with your QNET friends. Friendship day celebrations can be anything. Be as whacky as you want or just laze around like a sloth, friends don’t judge.

Here’s a mix of funtivities you can participate in with your buddies this Friendship Day and create unforgettable memories.

Camp out or go for a trek

Two camps outdoors, a great way to spend Friendship Day 2019

Monsoons are a great time to get out your camping boots and hit the roads. Put up a tent, cook-up some delicacies in the outdoors, share memories around a bonfire, break-into an impromptu dance routine, or just stare in the vastness of the clear skies—camping can be the best way to reconnect with your besties. Trekking is another option if you and your friends are thrill-seekers. Or, you can do both—set up a camp at the end of an enjoyable trek.

Bond over a workshop

Friendship Day 2019: Hands of people with paint brushes at a workshop

As direct sellers, you never really stop learning. If you love a dash of creativity, workshops are perfect for you. Pick up a new skill like doodling or try your hand at batik painting. Want to learn something as unique as terrarium making? Who better to try something completely new than your friends? So look for a workshop that you and your friends will not only learn from but also love the most, and go have fun!

Binge-watch movies

Friendship Day 2019: Three girls laughing while watching a movie with 3D glasses at home

If you are a chill-seeker who likes to be curled-up as a burrito and binge-watch shows or movies for hours then this is the perfect non-activity you can do with your friends. Make a list of all the movies you’ve ever wanted to watch but didn’t find the time to, and invite your friend’s home (comedy classics can never go wrong). And, of course, don’t forget the popcorn!

Laugh together

Friendship Day 2019: People gathered and laughing at a show

Nothing is more relaxing than laughing until your sides hurt with your friends. And what better way to do that than at a live stand-up comedy show. We all have favorite stand-up comedians who we watch on YouTube. This Sunday, go out with your QNET friends and watch a stand-up comedian live, bringing the roof down.

Organise a friendly match

Friendship Day 2019: A person catching a ball at a cricket game

Sports can be a great way for you to connect with your friends. Choose one that everyone enjoys and put your game face on. However, remember it’s not about just winning, but also about having a good time. You can also do an after-match celebration to end the day on a high note.

Friends are forever and a life without them would be dull and colourless for sure. Appreciate and support your friends and keep building your friendship by investing time and genuine care.

Happy Friendship Day to all of you.

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