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Father’s Day: Gift ideas to match your dad’s personality

Hero, best friend, teacher, financial advisor — there are so many roles fathers play in our lives. From cracking dad jokes to cheer us up to being the go-to person whenever a crisis hits, fathers are the constant support system in our lives. While we celebrate them every day in our own way, this Father’s Day why not celebrate their unique personality? Who is your dad when he’s not being just a dad – Sports fan? Chef? Tech nerd?

This Father’s Day which is on June 16, look out for a gift that celebrates your dad’s unique personality. Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

1. For the style connoisseur

Father's Day: Stylish accessories for a father.

His sense of style is better than yours. Period. Many a time, you may have picked stuff out of his closet. He can hold conversations on the latest fashion trends with your friends and they look forward to hanging out with him. And, you take pride in that (secretly, of course).

For the man with refined choices, pick a gift that adds gravitas to his style. A pair of classy shoes, a black linen shirt or an elegant, Swiss-made watch can make the perfect gift. You can choose from QNET’s range of exquisite, Swiss-made luxury watches that will make your dad stand out in the crowd.

2. For the health enthusiast

Father's Day: Father and son exercising in the park

He never misses his Yoga classes and has plenty of good advice on healthy living. He is conscious of the food he eats and binges on junk food only once in a while.

For his love for fitness, you could get him a pair of comfortable yoga pants or a fitness band. A natural sweetener like NutriplusTM Natose Stevia will be the perfect gift to add to his healthy lifestyle.

3. For the laid-back pop

Father's Day: Father reading out story to daughter

He’s the one who chooses to hang out at home instead of a long drive on the weekend. He spends most of his free time reading books and watching films with the family. He digs into his memory to narrate stories from his childhood on a Sunday afternoon while sipping on tea.

A range of flavoured teas and a good book or a Netflix subscription could make a perfect gift for him. Check out QNET’s range of Celesteal Exotic Blend tea with herbal infusions available in different flavours that would cheer up any tea lover.

4. For the thrill-seeker

Father's Day: Father and son out on an adventure

Does your Dad get more excited about treks and weekend getaways than you? Your dad’s an adventure-enthusiast who motivates everyone to step out and have fun.

For his adventure-loving soul, why not get him a fun holiday and adventure package? You could also get him a travel bag pack or a new camera to capture his favourite memories.

5. For the culinary expert

Father's Day: Father and son cooking together

Traditional thinking has made us believe that fathers make for disastrous chefs, but that’s far from the truth. Some fathers can create magic in the kitchen!

If your father is known as the family MasterChef, get him enrolled in a cooking workshop where he learns new dishes, or get him a set of different variants of honey along with few other bakery items like pancake mix, chocolate syrups, cookies and let him create a lip-smacking dessert for the family. NutriplusTM Busy Bee has monofloral honey and is available in three delicious variants. You could also get him a nice set of cutlery.

This Father’s Day,  don’t settle for just another gift for dad. Instead, think of something he would truly enjoy. You know he’d do the same for you.

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