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Diabetes – All You Need to Know I QNET Knowledge Series

We, at an early stage should take necessary measures to combat life-threatening diseases. With changing lifestyles, we tend to take our diets for granted. This can be detrimental in the future if not monitored from time to time. Diabetes is one such phenomena, which has affected people adversely from around the world. The main reason for diabetes is the increase in your blood sugar/glucose levels. Insulin, a hormone generated by the pancreas, lets glucose pass from the blood stream to individual cells that generates energy. The inefficiency to generate sufficient insulin eventually leads to high glucose levels. If left unattended, increase in glucose/blood sugar can lead to failure of critical organs. Now, one would be curious about the signs that may lead to diabetes at the initial stage. Frequent urination, tiredness, vision deterioration, dark skin patches and increased amounts of thirst are some of the symptoms to look out for. If not treated in a timely manner, diabetes can get serious to a level where one can get a cardiac arrest, kidney failure or critical nerve damage.

What are the different types of Diabetes?

There are 3 types of Diabetes namely Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational.

Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is not necessarily an age-related disease and can happen to children as well. Most often than not, Type 1 diabetes occurs mainly in children and teenagers. This type of diabetes creates minimal amounts of insulin and requires everyday insulin injections. Based on recent research, there is no cure for Type 1 diabetes currently. Necessary treatment constantly focuses on changing the current lifestyle, healthy diet and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Common symptoms of Type 1 diabetes involve unexpected weight loss, increased state of hunger, mood changes and lethargy. As these are insulin-dependent, parents should keep a track of their child’s insulin levels and monitor their diet on a daily basis.

Type 2 Diabetes

Victims of Type 2 diabetes are mostly adults and accounts for 80- 90% of cases reported. The body, during such cases cannot make the most of the insulin generated. Common remedies for Type 2 Diabetes are maintaining a healthy lifestyle, physical exercises, yoga and a sensible diet. Adults diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes would need insulin injections to maintain healthy glucose levels.

Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes is often found during pregnancy. This affects women during their pregnancy and has a significant effect on the child as well. Post pregnancy, Gestational Diabetes isn’t prevalent. However, there are high possibilities that women and their children might be affected in the future.

How do we prepare for diabetes?

Adopting a healthy lifestyle from the get go can help you prepare for unforeseen circumstances that could impact your health. Having a standard diet packed with nutrients can reduce the risk of diabetes in the long-term. With the impact of urbanization, the tendency to transition to a new lifestyle is easy. However, ignoring key aspects for a healthier life shouldn’t be ignored as it lays the foundation for a secured future. Similarly, physical activity on a daily basis becomes more than important. If one dedicates about 45 minutes of physical activities, 3-5 days a week, the risk of diabetes is significantly reduced.

QNET’s Nutriplus DiabaHealth

QNET Nutriplus Diaba Health

Nutriplus DiabaHealth by QNET is a natural supplement that mimics natural insulin and caters to individual remedies for different types of Diabetes. With the combination of herbs and plant extracts using novel Bioplantex technology, Nutriplus DiabaHealth capsules are the most natural and the most efficient way to manage blood sugar levels naturally.

Key ingredients that make Nutriplus DiabaHealth stand out

  1. Kino: Kino is an essential ingredient, which contains “Epicathechin” that stimulates insulin and reduces overall sugar levels.
  2. Karela: Also, an ingredient that effectively absorbs the sugar from the blood stream and into individual cells in order to generate energy.
  3. Gurmari: Enhances the production of insulin, minimizes the urge to consume sweets and manages healthy blood cholesterol levels.
  4. Tulsi: Healthy secretion of insulin for heightened immunity.

Nutriplus DiabaHealth capsules are 100% vegetarian with no side effects.

In conclusion, the order of the day is to live healthy and create impacting awareness about diabetes and all its corresponding effects. Sail into a diabetic-free life with QNET’s Nutriplus DiabaHealth today!

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