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Dress like a Celebrity with CHAIROS Watches for Women by QNET India

Celebrities are the epitome of class and style. We admire them for their work in their respective fields and follow them for their fashion trends. If you’ve ever wished to dress like a celebrity, then you have arrived at the right place. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the best tips to help you dress like a celebrity, along with CHAIROS watches for women by QNET India.

But first, let’s understand what celebrities do to look so good!

How to look like a celebrity with QNET India?

Celebrities generally tend to look flawless in their outfits and makeup. Admittedly, there are many factors that add to their looks. One of them is the bliss of perfect skin. A proper skincare routine with a planned diet does indeed go a long way in helping you achieve that flawless skin. Consequently, your skin requires attention in the form of regular cleansing, moisturising, and maintaining its natural PH.

QNET India’s range of skincare products specialises in providing you with that ideal skincare routine. Further, helping you achieve that perfect skin just like your favourite celebrity.

Next on the list is clothes!

How to dress like a celebrity with QNET India?

A young woman smiling in a golden dress in front of a red wall with ‘How to dress like a celebrity?’ in the frame

We spend many hours trying to match the perfect top with the jewellery and picking the best outfit for the occasion. Therefore, for every occasion, there are tonnes of options for you to choose from. However, we will not delve into specific clothing options. Instead, we’ll look at the basics that could potentially help you dress like a celebrity.

A good place to start is to pay attention to the latest trends. They are constantly changing and providing you with options. The good news is that you don’t have to try every trend out there. Your favourite celebrities do that for you, giving you a taste of the trending styles.

While you’re sifting through trends and choosing from your favourite brands, it is also noteworthy to keep comfort in your mind. The ultimate goal of any clothing piece is to make you feel better in them. As a result, wearing clothes that complement your body in terms of comfort should be high on your list. In the end, it is also important to showcase your personality with comfort and style.

Speaking of style, fashion accessories can be generally overlooked. A simple element like a bracelet or a watch can alter your style and fashion quotient. Whether you’re walking into a meeting or going out with your friends, a style element like a watch can help you stand out.

More importantly, when implemented well, it can help you emulate your favourite celebrities. To help you dress like your favourite celebrity, here are some of the best collections from CHAIROS Watches for women by QNET India.

CHAIROS Watches for Women to help you dress like a celebrity

CHAIROS Watches for women unveiled on the stage with red curtains

Watches are an important element in style, and CHAIROS brings you uniquely crafted watches that exude elegance and class. Presenting the best CHAIROS watches for women, designed with panache to help you dress like a celebrity.

1. CHAIROS Lilac

CHAIROS Lilac watch with a creative background

The CHAIROS Lilac is an ideal veritable fashion accessory to help you dress like a celebrity. The beauty of the watch lies in its design. Lustrous grey rays embellish the white dial. A round lustrous crystal is fitted in square bullets applied indices. At the heart of the watch is the Swiss Ronda movement, one of the finest watchmakers in the world.

The purple coloured genuine leather strap adds the stroke of finesse to go perfectly with your purple or white outfit. Alternatively, you could opt for the metal strap made from stainless steel and style it with the outfit of your choice. The class of the Lilac by CHAIROS watches for women is sure to help you dress like a celebrity.

If you like unique colourful designs, then the next watch is made for you!

2. CHAIROS Florette

CHAIROS Florette watch with a floral background

CHAIROS Florette is the first ladies watch with a floral 3D printed dial. It exudes a burst of fresh fashion with a slim leather band. A perfect watch, in our opinion, to help you dress like a celebrity.

This CHAIROS timepiece is a special watch designed vibrance of colours and Mother of Pearl dial. The watch is available in two stylish designs, gold-plated and stainless-steel cases to enhances its elegance and make heads turns.

Florette is a definite attention grabber and could potentially give you the elegance to perfect your celebrity look. It’s your time to blossom with the CHAIROS Florette.

The next watch will leave you Moonstruck!

3. CHAIROS Twilight

CHAIROS Twilight watch with a rocky mountain background

If you have ever been star-struck by a celebrity, then this watch by CHAIROS is here to remind you that you are the real star. The speciality of CHAIROS Twilight is that it is an innovative moon phase function watch. The timepiece relays the 29.5-day lunar cycle by exhibiting the current moon phase in an aperture on the dial.

The bezel presents the sheer beauty of the watch with a rope design. The Mother of Pearl dial and rose gold metal square indices are a few more state-of-the-art features making it the perfect accessory. The Twilight CHAIROS watches for women are available in two options, a pure dual-tone IP dark blue stainless-steel strap and the stylish dark blue genuine leather strap.

The Twilight watch is exactly the style element you need to dress like your favourite celebrity. However, if you want to kick it up a notch, the next watch will take your breath away!

4. CHAIROS Sprint for Ladies

CHAIROS Sprint watch with a race track background

When you attempt to dress like a celebrity, CHAIROS Sprint for ladies is the ideal watch to complement your style. A luxury timepiece created with a two-layer designer dial pattern and state-of-the-art Swiss movement. The stylish leather straps with quick release spring bars allow you to change your favourite colour straps easily. The Sprint allows you to go with different straps and match them to the outfit of your choice. The perfect accessory if you like to change your style every day.

We’re going all the way to make sure that you dress like a celebrity and feel amazing! We’ve got one more watch to go.


CHAIROS Diva watch with a floral background

CHAIROS Diva is a statement of beauty and grace to help you emulate your favourite celebrity. In order to look like a celebrity, you’ve got to emulate the diva. She dons her style and expresses it with elegance. As a consequence, CHAIROS Diva celebrates the spirit of the diva.

The dazzling timepiece is designed with IPG yellow gold plating encased by a black-grey dial to enhance beauty and grace. A watch designed for the perfect diva and help you dress like a celebrity.

One of the best ways to express your style is to embrace your natural beauty. CHAIROS Watches for women are specially made for you to express your style naturally and dress like a celebrity. But don’t stop here. Create your own style statement with some of your favourite CHAIROS watches. All your favourite designs are specially created for you to feel empowered and conquer the world with style and elegance.

Visit the QNET India eStore and make them all yours!

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