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Generate a Disinfectant Solution at Home with MyHomePlus DSG by QNET India

Do you get worried every time you step outside to buy grocery? Is the fear of virus and bacteria bothering you? Well, we understand you. The need for sanitation and ensuring the safety of your family is important. With increasing awareness and a need for disinfectants, QNET India has introduced a disinfectant generator. MyHomePlus Disinfectant Solution Generator (DSG) is our solution to all sanitation needs.

But, what is MyHomePlus DSG? And how does it generate a disinfectant solution?

How to generate your own disinfectant with MyHomePlus Disinfectant Solution Generator (DSG) by QNET India?

A young Indian woman standing in her home hands folded with MyHomePlus DSG in the frame

MyHomePlus Disinfectant Solution Generator is India’s first disinfectant generator that eliminates 99.7% of virus and bacteria within seconds. Another great feature of DSG is its ability to remove stubborn mold and mildew using Hypochlorous acid (HOCL).

Germs tend to be quirky in protecting themselves with a cell membrane. But, they do not go unnoticed by the DSG. When the germs come in contact with the HOCL infused water, they are quickly deactivated and destroyed within the cell membrane.

Our body naturally produces this process of eliminating germs, and it is called Phagocytosis. The HOCL acid solution recreates the whole process when it is sprayed on germs and bacteria.

But the speciality of MyHomePlus DSG is that it turns tap water into HOCL in just 3 minutes. Here is how you generate your own disinfectant. All you need to do is fill the DSG bottle with tap water and press the power button to charge the water.

And within minutes, you would have created your disinfectant solution. So, now you can create your own disinfectant and experience a safe and secure environment.

Let’s explore some of the benefits of MyHomePlus DSG.

The benefits of MyHomePlus DSG

MyHomePlus DSG has multiple benefits, and it is used to disinfect your home to eliminate germs and bacteria. Here are a few significant benefits of DSG.

1. DSG can be used to sanitise your hands

A young woman sitting in her home showing her hands with MyHomePlus DSG in the frame

Indeed. DSG is an excellent solution that can be used to sanitise your hands. It is water-based, which makes it naturally produced and absolutely safe.

While alcohol-based sanitisers are efficient in eliminating germs, they are also prone to causing harmful skin diseases. A few mild symptoms of using alcohol-based sanitisers include dryness, irritation, itching, and even cracking and bleeding. And, this can lead to more severe skin problems like dermatitis and symptoms of anaphylaxis.

But fortunately, DSG does not use any form of alcohol or other skin allergens. So, you can use the solution produced by DSG without any fear.

2. MyHomePlus DSG can be used on all home appliances and other devices

A young Indian woman cleaning her tablet with a white cloth with MyHomePlus DSG in the frame

Now, a major concern amongst many Indian households is when they bring home an item from outside or when they receive an item delivered to them.

What do we do? Keep it outside in the sun so that the virus gets naturally eliminated? Or do we use those alcohol-based disinfectants to sanitise them?

Well, with DSG by your side, you no longer need to worry. Just a few sprays on them, and all virus and bacteria are eliminated. So, you no longer need to keep your essential items in the sun when they are delivered.

Furthermore, it can be used to disinfect any item in your home. From your shavers, cleaners, and furniture to windows, fridge, tables and even vases.

But what about those stubborn stains in your bathroom?

3. MyHomePlus DSG eliminates stains on your walls caused by mold and mildew

Mold and mildew being eliminated with MyHomePlus DSG disinfectant solution spray by QNET India

Mold and mildew are a major concern, especially if you notice cracked walls or black or green remains in the corner of your rooms and bathrooms. Fortunately, DSG is an expert when it comes to removing mold and mildew.

Mildew is considered to be a type of mold that doesn’t usually cause health problems. However, they can cause severe cosmetic damages to your home if they are not taken seriously.

On the other hand, mold is a type of fungi that grows on walls, corners and sometimes, even floats through the air in the form of spores. They are considered major health hazards, especially if you are prone to allergies and hay fever. They are even known to trigger asthma and respiratory anxiety.

It is, therefore, vital for you to get rid of mold and mildew immediately. DSG takes care of that for you. Along with a clean scrub, you can get rid of all the mold and mildew. While spraying DSG in your rooms can significantly reduce the floating spores.

4. DSG is the perfect disinfectant in your kitchen

A clean bowl of fruits and vegetables in the kitchen with MyHomePlus DSG in the frame

Another major challenge associated with mold is that it manifests on food items. Fruits, vegetables, bread and dairy products are usually the common victims.

To ensure that they don’t catch mold, it becomes important to sanitise these foods. But with DSG in your kitchen, you have nothing to worry about.

It is vigilant in disinfecting all fruits and vegetables. Besides, you would also be saving money on other fruits and vegetable cleaners that may not be the healthiest option. DSG disinfectant solution is water-based, so you don’t have to worry about it being safe. It is completely natural and safe.

Finally, it can also be used on all your kitchen utensils and your favourite kitchenware. All you need to do is keep them on a tray and pour your DSG disinfectant solution on the required utensils. And within a minute, you will have them sanitised, cleaned and ready to use.

MyHomePlus DSG on a clean table in the kitchen

They say, prevention is better than cure. And we agree. It is the need of the hour to ensure your safety and the safety of your family. What better way to ensure just that than to use a world-class disinfectant that you can create anytime and anywhere?

MyHomePlus is your all-purpose safety partner, ready to fight all germs and bacteria with just a click of a button. So, bring home your own MyHomePlus Disinfectant Solution Generator today – it is ready to order on the QNET India eStore.

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