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Discover Limitless Love with a Mugnier Watch | QNET India

On the 14th of February every year, the world celebrates Valentine’s Day. It is a special day for people around the world to express their affection for their valentine. Valentine’s Day is often synonymous with expressing love and buying presents for our beloved.

Let’s celebrate this Valentine’s Day with self-love and self-care. A moment to celebrate and nourish ourselves with our favourite gifts. Speaking of gifts, one of the most common gifts bought on Valentine’s Day is a watch. Now, it isn’t just about buying a watch but the brand and the quality of the watch that matters. 

Well, on this Valentine’s Day, QNET has one of the best gifts that we can offer ourselves. A watch collector’s dream. A royal and magnanimous collection of watches presented by Mugnier, a brand with class and a well-established legacy! 

One of the best ways to experience self-love, especially for someone who loves watches, is to experience the allure of a Mugnier watch. It is a true marvel for anyone who has heard of this amazing collection. Let’s mark this Valentine’s Day with a special present. Here’s to indulging in self-love with Mugnier and exploring some of the most stylish watches from the brand to celebrate our time!

Experience Self-Love with a Mugnier Watch

Self-love is all about being in tune with what makes us happy. Most often, it is considered to be self-centred gratification. Self-love is more than just serving one’s interest. It is a basic human necessity that allows us to nourish ourselves and, in some cases, even facilitate growth. So, there is no guilt when it comes to showering ourselves with love. This includes being able to buy ourselves our favourite products.

Speaking of favourite products, customers have always been drawn to the resplendent timepieces from Mugnier. A Mugnier watch is timeless in its design and has some of the world’s best watch matchmakers incorporating immaculate movement. The classic timepieces are a testament to the legacy of watchmakers and their finest work of art.

The History of Mugnier 

Movement and mechanics of a Mugnier watch

Mugnier started producing watches in the late 18th century with the creations of Etienne Mugnier. The 18th-century master craftsman had graced the courts of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. The Mugnier timepieces earned him the grand label of the watchmaker to the court.

The history extends back to 1786 with the House of Mugniers that produced some of the finest watches. They had etched their name in the highest echelons of society. Some of these watches are even placed in prestigious museums and collectors’ vaults.

The history adds prestige to the brand and establishes it as one of the finest watchmakers from centuries. The same tradition has been carried over the years to produce vintage designs with superior craftsmanship and technology. 

Mugnier is a symbol of status and royalty. It is the perfect way to mark a special occasion like Valentine’s Day and cherish it with a sense of luxury, pride and class!

Marvellous Watches from Mugnier   

Celebrate your time with some of the finest watches in the world. Mugnier watches are for those who dare to change their time and make a difference. Here are some exquisite designs to get our heart’s racing!

1) Semper Collection

Semper is one of the finest collections from Mugnier. The watches are crafted with a unique aura to bring precision and royalty to life. The collection represents an amalgamation of the tranquillity of the English countryside and the crisp beauty of the Swiss Alps. The designs exude a sense of style and confidence that would make heads turn.

Mugnier Semper Collection – Lumiere and Nemarose watches from QNET

Semper Lumiere 

The Semper Lumiere for men is one of those brilliant watches that give them the charisma to showcase their personality. The remarkable gold plated body complements a unique design. The dial is made with a lustrous silver plate and black indices. The circular seconds counter and date counter add an additional layer of detail to the dial. It is protected by sapphire crystal glass with an anti-reflective coating.

The case and crown are made with stainless steel 316L. The crown is crafted with fine detail to exude a sense of royalty. At the heart of the watch is the Swiss Made Quartz Ronda movement. Overall, the watch is a true mark of the Mugnier legacy.

Semper Nemarosa Ladies

The woman’s watch Semper Nemarosa Ladies is a world-class watch for women. The gold casing exemplifies elegance. The watch is crafted with one of the most sophisticated dials. A silver pattern dial is complemented with gold indices and eight diamonds (total 0.03 carats). It further has a second counter to add definition to the dial. The watch is powered by Swiss Made Quartz Ronda 1004 movement and protected by a resilient sapphire crystal glass.

The bright gold casing and crown further add to the glamour of the watch. The watch is completed with a gold plated strap and clasp. Nemarosa is a stylish watch that sub-communicates silent confidence with great definition and class.

If this collection has left us wanting to explore more, the next set of watches will surely amaze us! Here comes Mugnier’s Mode Collection.

2) Mode Collection by Mugnier 

Mugnier has one of the finest collections of watches inspired by cultures, traditions and styles from various cities. Mugnier’s Mode collection is a contemporary line of watches crafted with stylish designs to bring together fashion, style, glamour and various elements of modern-day luxury. The bold collection makes us look and feel special at parties and express ourselves without fear in any modern-day setting!

Mugnier Mode Collection – Pardus and Cinetique watches from QNET

Mode Pardus

Mode Pardus for men is a unique timepiece designed to express individuality and character. The bold design exudes confidence and reflects courage. Self-love often comes with its fair share of scepticism. This watch answers those critics with its flawless design and exemplary features.

Pardus is engineered with Swiss Made Quartz Ronda 3540.D movement. It is encased in a perfectly designed rose-gold and black plated body. The dial is perhaps one of its best elements, with a unique definition embossed over classic black. Rose-gold indices perfectly complement the casing. The definition kicks it up a notch with a sophisticated layout of the hour, minute, chronograph and date counters.

The single curved sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating adds a layer of protection to the dial. Perhaps one of the best things about the watch is its water resistance. The Pardus has a water resistance of 10 ATM (100 metres/330 feet).

Mode Pardus captures a man’s sense of individuality with style and precision. Up next is the female counterpart that is sure to make a mark with its exceptional design!

Mode Cinetique Ladies

Mode Cinetique Ladies is, just as the name suggests, a special watch for women. The majestic timepiece redefines charm and tenacity with the brilliance of its stylish design. Indeed, the dial has an aesthetic pattern with pink mother of pearl serenaded with silver indices. Hour, minute, chronograph and date are uniquely arranged on the dial to further add to its stylish appearance.

The watch ticks with Swiss Made Quartz Ronda 5021.D movement. The case is adorned with stainless steel 316L with 30 cubic circonia stones on the bezel. The strap is also furnished with 30 cubic circonia stones and further completed with a folding clasp buckle. It forms the perfect combination of class and precision.

Cinetique exudes glamour and style, and it is the perfect symbol of self-love and care!

3) Invictus Collection by Mugnier

Mugnier Invictus Collection – Mavros and Bleue watches from QNET

Mugnier Invictus presents an indispensable collection of watches to give us the power to look dashing and conquer situations. This special collection is inspired by modern sailing. Watches are specially designed with an ocean theme conveying its vastness and mystique. The watches for men and women are made with panache and skill to produce a refreshing appearance complemented by a superior class.

Invictus Mavros 

Invictus Mavros is a special watch for men which captures the masculine edge with its black and rose-gold casing. The sheer brilliance of the watch is portrayed by the design that expresses a sense of mystery reminiscent of the inky depths of the ocean.

The dial is crafted in a black colour pattern with rose gold designs. The combination of rose-gold and luminous white hands creates a unique contrast. Hour, minute, chronograph and date counters add definition to the marvellous watch. The case of the watch is also made of a combination of rose-gold and black to perfectly complement the dial.

Mavros is powered by the Swiss Made Quartz Ronda 8040.B movement. It further has a Sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective and 10 ATM water resistance. Overall, Mavros establishes a man’s status and does it with resolute style.

Invictus Bleue Ladies 

Speaking of style, the women’s watch from the Invictus collection is a unique watch specially made for women who make bold fashion statements. Invictus Bleue ladies is an exquisite design inspired by the oceanic theme to present a scintillating watch. The contrast of blue and rose-gold appeals to the eye and leaves a deep impression.

Bleue Ladies watch from the Invictus collection has a lustrous dial. It is uniquely crafted with Blue Mother of pearl and completed by rose-gold indices. Furthermore, rose-gold with a combination of luminous white hands make the dial look special.

The case and crown of the Bleue ladies watch are made of rose-gold plated stainless steel. The strap is made of blue rubber with rose gold plating on the folding clasp buckle. Bleue beats with Swiss Made Quartz Ronda 5040.B. The watch is a culmination of history with the fresh trends of modern times. It is one of the best watches to flaunt our new style on Valentine’s Day.

We’ve just explored the brilliance of some of the best watches from Mugnier. All these watches can certainly make you look your best on Valentine’s Day. What’s more, owning one of these watches provides a great sense of pride!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Mugnier Watches from QNET

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for experiencing self-love. Now, what’s a better way to experience self-love than to give yourself the gift of one of the best watches in the world? Mugnier provides an opportunity to experience limitless love with a unique collection of watches that will steal your heart away!

What’s more, in corroboration with the Make in India initiative, Mugnier is producing its timepieces in India for the first time. The legendary watch brand will be produced in India and labelled to applicable regulations. This is a great way to break borders and make one of the finest watches in the world accessible for the customers in India. 

A Collection of Mugnier watches from QNET to celebrate self-love on Valentine’s Day

Let this Valentine’s Day be your way, not just to celebrate your time but to change your time with Mugnier! All your favourite Mugnier watches are available from the QNET India eStore.

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