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Direct Selling Tips You Can Learn From Your Mother

Our mothers are our first and most important teachers. They give us some of the best knowledge and information that will guide us for the rest of our lives. So it is only understandable that in an industry like direct selling, where the recipe for success is to connect with people, their advice can be of huge help. Here are some tips and tricks that I have learned from my mother that has helped me in my journey as a successful QNET direct seller.


If there is one skill that is crucial for achieving success in any industry or business, it is patience. Success comes to those who wait and continuously work towards it. Unfortunately, one of the biggest hurdles that keep more people from becoming successful in the direct selling business is that they give up too early. Meanwhile, QNET distributors who bide their time and grow their network become more successful as time goes.

Grab the opportunities

Opportunities are everywhere, but most of us let them slip through our fingers if not blatantly miss them. Mothers teach us to look for opportunities to improve ourselves and to help others. They also teach us that the most important thing is to try to make the most of every opportunity, whether you succeed or not.

Be creative in solving problems

Creativity is one of the traits that pay you back dividends if implemented properly. Mothers are experts when it comes to problem-solving as well as coming up with unique solutions for difficult tasks. As a QNET direct seller, you will be faced with a number of problems, and your success is heavily dependent on your ability to solve these problems. Not only is this a skill that will help you as a direct seller, but in other spheres of your life as well.

Balancing family and work

Balancing personal and professional life in direct selling

One of the biggest problems that people face when they start working or run a business is that they are unable to balance their professional and personal lives. This is especially true in the case of a home-based business like a QNET direct selling company. Mothers are experts when it comes to balancing their professional and personal lives. Even if they are not employed in the conventional sense of the word, mothers are responsible for running the family and have to work harder than anyone else in it. Even then, they are always able to be there for their husband and children.

Never give up

If there is only one thing that you can learn from your mother, then it is to never give up. Direct selling is a hard business that is filled with rejections. If you wish to succeed as a QNET distributor, you have to learn to overcome these rejections and not be demotivated.

Picking up on small cues

Communication is more than just verbal. A large part of communication is non-verbal and through subtle body movement and expressions. Growing up, most of us will be familiar with the fact that they could never hide anything from their mothers. Even if they were to lie about something, mothers have an innate ability to pick up on our expressions to find out the truth. The same is true for when we try to hide our emotions from them.

Helping others

Direct selling is more than just making a quick buck and running a business. It is about helping people to live a happy and better life. QNET has a number of products that are aimed at improving the lifestyle and health of its customers. But if you really want to succeed as a QNET distributor, it is important that you have the drive to help people around you. This also means that you share the opportunity with others to build their own business.

QNET Direct Selling and women empowerment

Direct selling entrepreneur and mother

Even though there has been a lot of positive changes, India still has to go a long distance when it comes to women empowerment. And one of the biggest problems that women face in India is employment, and that they are forced to choose between working and running a family, with the latter being thrust upon them by society. But this is where leading direct selling companies like QNET are bringing changes. In 2018-2019, direct selling companies provided employment to over 5.7 million Indians, with 2.1 million of them being women. There are many reasons why direct selling companies are a great option for women who want to be financially free and build a business of their own. Anyone who is of 21 years of age or above can register as a QNET distributor and start their business with a product purchase. It also does not require any previous experience in this field. But arguably, the most important factor that makes direct selling companies like QNET attractive to women is the flexibility that it allows its distributors. As a QNET distributor, you will be able to choose the amount of time that you spend in the business, allowing you to achieve a balance between your professional and personal life.

With QNET, anyone who has a dream and the drive to succeed can become a successful business owner. QNET has helped millions of mothers around the world to achieve independence and to secure a better future. You and your loved one can be among them too!

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