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Why direct selling has stood the test of time | QNET Knowledge Series

The world of work is changing, and so are people’s expectations of how to use their time. Flexible working hours, supplemental income, and entrepreneurial opportunities are a few of the critical aspects of the ideal job for today’s younger generation. The direct selling industry has become the perfect choice for this demographic, but this is no recent development.

As one of the ancient and most organic forms of trade, direct selling is as old as civilisation itself. From hunter-gatherers bartering and trading stone tools, agricultural products, and raw materials, to street hawkers and traders who sold wares directly to the public, every era in human history has had a version of direct selling. The modern version of direct selling, however, is about two centuries old. As a $192 billion global enterprise with a presence in more than 170 countries, it continues to enjoy success to this day.

The reasons for this longevity stem from the fact that besides a robust infrastructure, high-quality goods and services, and a wide range of products, the direct selling industry also offers several unique features:

1. Entrepreneurial opportunity

This industry offers people from all walks of life a low investment opportunity for entrepreneurship. Diligence and skill matter more than certifications and labels for success in this business. This focus on merit means that absolutely anyone can become a direct seller, just as long as they’re willing to stay curious and put in the effort. It is no wonder that there are over 118 million direct selling entrepreneurs employed in this sector across the globe.

2. Flexible work hours

QNET India Direct Selling Advantage

Direct selling had offered flexible hours long before they became a trend. People can choose the amount of time they work based on their income targets and use direct selling either as a primary or supplementary source of income. The freedom and control over time that accompanies direct selling have helped its popularity as a vocation of choice.

3. Personalised selling experience

As social creatures, humans are naturally programmed to respond to emotions, trust, and relationships. Direct selling sees sellers interact directly with customers, and this makes for an intimate and personalised buying experience. Good direct sellers also understand their customers’ needs well and can recommend new products to serve them.

4. Access to infrastructure

Unlike other retail startups, this industry doesn’t require existing infrastructure or access to inventory. There can also be opportunities for learning (often free of charge), networking, and growth. The combination of independence and guidance has made the segment an attractive option for aspiring entrepreneurs.

5. Product diversification

A diverse product portfolio is a robust long-term growth strategy. Over the years, businesses in this sector created many new products and services and ventured into various markets, including cosmetics, nutritional supplements, travel, energy, financial planning, and telecommunications.

6. Innovative products

QNET India Direct Selling Innovative Products

Companies in this line of business often invest millions of dollars into research and development to create unique products that, in most cases, cannot be found in any retail stores. It’s common for people to become representatives of a direct selling enterprise for the sole reason of having access to their one-of-a-kind product line.

Adaptability has been another significant factor in direct selling’s timeless appeal. Over the years, leading companies in the space have has leveraged technology, employed the latest marketing techniques, forayed into e-commerce, and also made significant contributions to the communities where they operate. Direct selling is showing no signs of slowing down as it’s expected to generate a revenue of INR 64 crore by 2025 and employ 1.45 million people across India by 2025.

If you are looking for a direct selling opportunity that helps you achieve financial independence and learn from a community of like-minded people, join the QNET family. Learn more about QNET India and its approach to direct selling here.


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