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Direct Selling Is The New Normal

There is no doubt about it, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live, do our business, and do our shopping. Many countries had removed the restrictions that they had imposed on public gatherings and events, only to go back on the decision and close down once again. This is the new normal, and it is time we all come to terms with it! However, if one industry has managed to weather the storm and bounce back, it is the direct selling network marketing industry. And among these companies, none has been able to adapt and overcome the difficulties like QNET. After all, it has been at the forefront of the digital revolution.

Selling in the post COVID era

People have come to terms with the fact that sales as we know it is no longer possible. Gone are the days of conventional brick and mortar shops and when face-to-face interactions were the only means of making a sale. Even when the days of social distancing and mask-wearing are just a distant memory, you can be sure that people will be hesitant to return to buying norms of the past. As people have turned to direct online sellers and e-commerce retailers, the direct selling industry has also seen a great boost. You just have to look at the increase in the number of direct sellers to see the trend. Achieving success in the new normal will mean taking full utilisation of a hybrid approach to selling in which you incorporate a digital and e-commerce approach alongside face-to-face interactions.   

Challenges facing direct selling in 2021


One of the main advantages of the direct selling business is that even the senior sales executive and higherups happily came out on the field. But now, direct sellers are forced to come up with ways to find success using online facilities like social media, Zoom calls, and customer acquisition tools. Direct selling companies will have to come up with new and unique ways of doing their business or learn from companies who have already managed to do it.

Virtual selling and leveraging technology are the future of sales, especially direct selling. While it has become easier for direct sellers to increase their reach and to try to sell their product to more people, it is important to consider that the customers are also going through tough times. Therefore, it has become more important than ever to be more thoughtful when trying to pitching a product to them.

Steps to improve direct selling in the new normal


Have a full-featured back office: When it comes to a direct selling company, the ability to quickly and easily check in on their customers, product catalog, order status and more. Having a full feature back office allows you to keep track of all your products and orders, centralise everything and collect insight and feedback.

Effectively onboarding new distributor:


Direct selling companies need new distributors to join the company if they wish to have success over the long term. Now that face-to-face interactions and meetings are still restricted, there is a need for a streamlined and centralised hub to share information and training with the newer recruits.

Training existing distributors:


The pandemic has changed the world in more ways than one, and its effects will be visible in the buying habits of the customer. This also means that you have to train your existing distributor. Many of the distributors from the older demographics might have some trouble getting into terms with how the digital market and modern technology works.

Streamline communication:


One of the biggest problems with remote working is that there will be a gap in communication. While the internet and software like Teams and Zoom have helped companies to communicate with their employees in a better way, it is far from streamlined. If your direct selling business has to achieve its maximum potential, it is important that you create channels to streamline the communication between your upline and downlines.

QNET’s part in rebuilding the economy

The direct selling industry has gone through drastic changes in the past few years in India. Direct selling companies like QNET are still the best solution for the country to rebuild its economy and help provide employment to a large number of people. It has also helped in imparting valuable training and personal skills to scores of people. Direct selling companies like QNET have helped to spark the embers of entrepreneurship in the youth of the country, which is something that India dearly needs.

While the others in the industry have been working on digitalising their business model, QNET is already ahead of the curve. It has invested significantly in creating a streamlined process of onboarding, product procurement and distribution- all crucial for sales in the new normal.

Post-COVID future of Direct Selling

The direct selling industry is currently going through a renaissance of sorts as more and more people are joining the business, and the number of reactivated distributors having grown significantly in the last few months. People are looking for ways to supplement and grow their income and have turned to direct selling companies like QNET for the same. Anyone can start a direct selling business without a large investment or having to quit their day job. This makes the direct selling network marketing business one of the best opportunities for anyone wishing to earn an extra paycheck. As the economy opens up and the world returns to normal, the industry is sure to continue its upward trajectory and embracing the digital transformation to achieve new heights.

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