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What Is The Future Of Direct Selling In India?

Direct selling in India is a forerunner for self-employment and definite value addition to the Indian economy. Considering the impact of the novel Coronavirus on the global economy, the requirement for independent entrepreneurship possibilities has increased. With millennials digitally agile, brands need to continuously innovate to gain a competitive edge. Even during challenging times such as the COVID19 pandemic, the gig economy has witnessed a phenomenal rise. Direct selling brands are now capitalising on working with a distributed workforce for external expertise and experience.

QNET, a direct selling powerhouse, has a global presence and relies on a diverse product portfolio. With products relating to health & wellbeing, jewellery, watches, dinnerware, advanced skincare and home & living, QNET offers a diverse range to choose from. In addition to various products, QNET provides empowering platforms for people to register as independent representatives. This helps people be their boss and redefine career possibilities.

Success in Direct Selling
Success in Direct Selling.

Empowerment & Accountability in Direct Selling

Investing in personal growth is an integral part of success in direct selling. With limited personal interactions because of the Coronavirus, direct sellers representing brands must focus on alternatives. A Business Standard report proves that around 53% of entrepreneurs in the direct selling industry are women. This goes to show that a career as a direct seller is self-empowering. Women can now work from the comfort of their homes and strike a perfect work-life balance. Accountability is yet another pivotal part that facilitates direct selling growth, especially in a challenging environment.

As per a report by FICCI-KPMG, the direct selling sector is set to employ around 20 million individuals by 2025. This is a testament to the belief that offering flexible employment prospects are the need of the hour. The QNET registration process is reliable, accessible and convenient at the same time. Independent representatives are provided with the leverage to choose between options and stay accountable for independent business decisions. It is all about moving up the ladder while helping people in your network to grow. At QNET, with a flexible compensation structure, direct sellers can trust in their ability to network and challenge their potential. Also, with a strong work ethic, representatives can establish personalised connections and create innovative networking strategies.

Impact of Conscious Consumerism on Direct Selling

Consumers are more aware and conscious of their purchase decisions. As a non-store retail format, the direct selling sector has witnessed a significant rise and employs people seeking independent career opportunities. Conscious consumerism has enhanced the way direct selling brands perceive consumer buying perspectives. Reports say that by 2025, India’s direct selling industry can touch the Rs. 64,500 Crore mark. With changes in the regulatory framework and socio-economic structures, direct selling in India is set to take off to new heights.

Let us now have a look at the benefits of pursuing an entrepreneurial opportunity through direct selling.

Women QNET direct selling entrepreneur
Women QNET Entrepreneur

The impact of professionalism, irrespective of the type of career we choose to pursue, is extremely important. The direct selling industry is vast, involving several players in the market. To strike a competitive edge, brands should capitalise on agile business networks, which eventually paves the way for professionalism at the highest level. For example, QNET has always emphasised the importance of ethical business conduct. By registering as a QNET representative, aspiring direct sellers can access business guidelines, product presentation tools and compensation structures. This keeps them updated at all times and allows distributors to devise independent business strategies.

Research, Collaborate and Engage

Direct selling success depends entirely on alternatives. Although customised customer experiences can make a difference, it is equally important to explore different business avenues. The COVID19 pandemic has affected the way businesses functions. Therefore, by focusing on alternatives, direct sellers can rely on other research and product development sources. QNET business operations are diverse and have a global presence. Via their eStore, consumers can browse through QNET products and make constructive purchase decisions. Also, participating in online discussion forums help distributors address customer grievances and convert leads into potential clients.

Networking Possibilities in Direct Selling

As direct selling success depends on inter-personal interactions/skills, it is vital that brands and independent representative work on networking. Unlike offline networking, which involves physically meeting potential leads, virtual networking can help direct sellers target multiple product variants and focus on diverse target audiences. There are various benefits to investing time in networking in any direct selling business. For example, working with a network of direct sellers can help distributors earn commission based on product sales and offer a platform to exchange business ideas and client referrals.

The V-Convention Connect 2020 brought together business leaders and thousands of networkers at a global stage. Representatives were allowed to participate in seminars, conferences and establish strong business connections. Also, exclusive product launches can facilitate peer growth and promote brand credibility and create necessary social awareness.

Automation and impact of technology in Direct Selling
Automation and impact of technology in Direct Selling

Impact of Technology and Automation on Direct Selling Success

Direct selling involves huge amounts of data that should be analysed for maximum on-field impact. Manual interpretation of market trends and customer data can be prone to inaccuracy. Technological advancements in today’s era are a must, irrespective of the business endeavour. Incorporating automation essentials can help brands monitor productivity and estimate key performance indicators in real-time.

Automation can also help brands devise a ranking system for incentives or recognition rewards. Setting realistic targets in terms of sales can motivate representatives to move up the ladder and earn rewards. As a QNET representative, sellers are self-driven and empowered to access resources that pave the way for new entrepreneurial possibilities.

To conclude, considering the impact of the gig economy and growth in the direct selling industry, especially during a pandemic, investing in a career as a direct seller is viable and has a foreseeable future in India.


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