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Direct Sellers Lead The Way | The QNET Opportunity

The world we live in is where everything changes periodically. Things come and go, trends are set and then replaced, night follows day and then comes night again. The proverbial nothing lasts forever rhetoric comes to mind. Trends are often cyclical but ideas, some genuinely good ideas are immortal and indestructible. They live on for years. There is a reason why something as simple as sliced bread is deemed to be the best thing that has happened to the world. Denim jeans will be an exception in the fashion world because nobody is ever going to give up their denim jeans, only the styles will change, cyclically. In a similar sense, businesses will survive and thrive, but the methods will change. What will stand out is a revolutionary idea that changes the way business is done and direct selling is precisely that. Direct sellers, over the last decade, have made extraordinary strides in making them a force to be reckoned with.

QNET Direct Sellers

Why Direct Sellers Stand Out

The direct selling model of business operates with entrepreneurship as its mainstay. Direct selling is not a mere 9 to 5 job, it is essentially like running a business. The pros of being a direct seller far outweigh the cons. The biggest advantage is the low cost of starting up and almost nil overhead. For people who want to get the ground running, they need capital; but in direct sales, you need only but a small investment on your part. This works seamlessly because as a direct seller, you can market and sell the products of a brand without having to deal with the risks of ownership. Plus, branding and marketing of said products are done by the company itself. So, to call direct selling a revolutionary idea is not an oversell by any means. Despite facing a pandemic, India rose up to the challenge and direct sellers were able to carve a niche for themselves. We can only assume that things will get much, much better in a post-pandemic world. It has truly redefined how business is being done, especially in India.

What the Future of Direct Selling Looks Like

India is a huge market for investors and the population of our country is strength in numbers. In fact, India has been contributing hugely to the direct selling market as well, case in point a 12.1% year-on-year increase this past year. India enjoyed a great showing according to the WFDSA reports on Global Direct Selling and Global Sales for 2019. Direct sellers have the opportunity of their lifetime to create a viable business model for themselves and to be their own boss. An innovative and instrumental mode of doing business is surely here to stay. The Indian market, though a competitive one, is also going to be a fruitful one for the ones who persist. To bring about a radical change and help revive our country’s fallen economy, direct sellers can step up and make a real difference. When direct sellers unite in their pursuit of success, India succeeds, too. Where better to start your journey into the world of direct selling than QNET? Becoming a direct seller can change your life and bring the necessary adjustments that India needs. The flexibility of choosing your own working hours, only a one-time product purchase and loads of dedication can make direct selling a grand success for you.

Direct Selling Success

QNET India Surging Ahead

QNET India has been leading the race in the direct selling market in India for a better part of the decade. With its sizable range of products ranging from luxury brands such as CHAIROS, ORITSU and Kinnari to familiar household names such as SHARP-QNET and KENT-QNET. QNET India has its own range of health and wellness products under the Nutriplus name. CHAIROS watches for men and women are huge fan favourites with their popular designs and state-of-the-art tech. The ORITSU premium tableware is a varied range of classy porcelain dinnerware available exclusively on the QNET India eStore. The premium design and unique technology used to manufacture ORITSU Tableware are unparalleled. QNET India’s latest offering is the Kinnari range of jewellery for Indian women. The 5 elegant designs are crafted for the woman of today.

QNET India has made business and selling much more attractive to the common man and has served its customers with quality products all around. By forging partnerships with hundreds of thousands direct sellers, QNET India has created much-needed self-employment opportunities at a time when the Indian economy is seeing a downward trend. With its health, wellness and lifestyle products, it has created a new way of living for us Indians. With more and more people looking to break out of the rat race, they have the ideal way forward with QNET at their disposal. Becoming a direct seller is without a doubt the best decision you can make for your future, and in turn, India’s future. The ball is in your court and the time is exactly right to strike!

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