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Mankind has always been fascinated by the concept of time. From ancient sundials to the complex timekeeping systems of modern luxury timepieces, we have desperately tried to capture something that is perpetually fleeting. Although time can never be truly conquered, there are a select few timepieces in this world that can capture the essence of time, elevating it to more than just a fashion accessory.

Luxury watches are regarded as the pinnacle of sophistication and artistry in the field of horology. These timepieces represent the highest level of craftsmanship and are a combination of both cutting-edge technology and centuries-old traditions.

Luxury watches are an expression of our preferences, aspirations and lifestyle. The right watch on your wrist makes a perfect statement that narrates your story even to a passer-by at just a glance. The CHAIROS Collection is the finest brand of luxury watches QNET India has to offer, an essential accessory in the modern world.

Discovering the CHAIROS Collection

A stylish watch can go a long way in making a strong first impression and establishing your status quotient in your interactions. The allure of CHAIROS timepieces lies in the expertly crafted luxurious materials – experienced in the feeling you get when you don one of these works of art. Once you strap on a CHAIROS watch to your wrist, you choose to make a timeless style statement that transcends passing fads and fashions. As you go through life, your CHAIROS watch becomes a partner that bears witness to all the milestones and greatness you achieve.

CHAIROS has built a reputation for producing works of art that perfectly balance meticulous craftsmanship and aesthetics. The brand’s dedication to quality, detail and luxury is evident with every timepiece in its range. Each CHAIROS watch has an individual tale to tell and invites you to embark on the world with elegance, charisma, and unapologetic confidence.

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By blending traditional craftsmanship with modern designs, CHAIROS watches are designed to entice. Whether you’re going to a high-profile event or just out on an evening stroll, a CHAIROS watch is sure to draw eyes to you.


1) CHAIROS Sprint – The Last Mile

The CHAIROS Sprint is an excellent companion for people who like to move swiftly through life. Its dynamic design, which features a rubber band and a black dial, alluding to an energised and dynamic lifestyle.

Whether you’re at a meeting, working out, or enjoying the great outdoors, the Sprint is made to keep up with your pace. The Sprint represents your never-say-die attitude and unwavering resolve to keep moving on with its reliable Swiss-made movement and exceptional look.


2) CHAIROS Chrono+ – Break the Limits

The CHAIROS Chrono+ is a tough yet elegant watch designed for adventurers. It has a sporty style with a robust rubber strap that reflects vitality and energy. The Chrono+ is an embodiment of your spirit of exploration and adventure and is more than just a watch – it’s your adventure buddy, anchoring the wanderer in you.

Along with its striking look, the Chrono+ features a chronograph, tachymeter scale, and date display. These characteristics make the watch the ideal travel companion for the contemporary adventurer, enabling them to embrace life’s adventures without forgoing flair.

CHAIROS Crusader

3) CHAIROS Crusader – Awaken the Warrior

Valour and strength are embodied by the CHAIROS Crusader. Its commanding style, with a stunning black dial and stainless-steel bracelet, radiates unwavering confidence and unquestioned authority. The Crusader symbolises an empowered person who doesn’t wait for permission, but seizes the opportunity, with a willingness to face challenges head-on.

The Crusader is a timepiece that won’t disappoint the decisive leader – it is extremely precise and reliable thanks to its Swiss-made movement. The timepiece is a statement of confidence that never needs to be changed – it works well for both formal and casual settings thanks to the dial’s elaborate details, excellent craftsmanship and always-relevant aesthetic.

CHAIROS Bluestone

4) CHAIROS Bluestone – Infinite Opportunities

The CHAIROS Bluestone is the ideal travel companion for those who value the serenity of the sea and the majesty of the sky. Its appealing blue dial and stainless-steel strap gives you a cool sense of serenity and calm refinement.

The Bluestone is more than just a timepiece; it’s a representation of a personality that is creative, fashionable, and unfazed. From the accuracy of Swiss-made movement to the sapphire crystal’s durability against scratches, the meticulous attention to detail resonates with the perfectly put-together person. The skilful fusion of traditional class with sleek contemporary design makes CHAIROS Bluestone a treasured possession.


5) CHAIROS Desire – Bold Fashion  

For women who want to make a striking fashion statement, the CHAIROS Desire watch is the ultimate choice. Like the essential little black dress, its timeless design captivates with an eye-catching black dial, tastefully adorned with a combination of white and pink indices. Beyond its stunning aesthetics, the CHAIROS Desire is powered by the precision of the Swiss-made Ronda chronograph movement, ensuring accurate timekeeping.

As a true head-turner, the CHAIROS Desire exudes unmatched style and confidence, making it the perfect accessory for women to complement their bold and sophisticated fashion choices.


6) CHAIROS Onyx – Timeless Elegance

The CHAIROS Onyx blends classic sophistication with cutting-edge style, evoking a sense of primal power. This watch is a stunning sight to see with its distinctive pairing of rose gold and black. The Onyx is a versatile accessory that effortlessly switches from formal settings to social events.

The Onyx is a symbol of your ability to handle different areas of life with beauty and grace, yet carry an understated raw power. This watch is an excellent addition to any collection of watch enthusiasts with its flawless craftsmanship, fine detailing and top-quality material.

7) CHAIROS Torque – A New Force

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this watch boasts a stainless-steel case and a well-made leather strap with quick-release spring bars, allowing you to effortlessly change watch straps for that personalised touch. The ridged rotating bezel and beige nylon strap, along with the Swiss-made movement elevate your style quotient with sophistication and class for any occasion.

Being a limited edition adds an exclusive appeal to the masterpiece that is CHAIROS Torque. Whether you seek a timepiece that exudes power and prestige or a watch that complements your outfit with finesse, the Torque surpasses expectations, making it a compelling choice for the discerning watch connoisseur.


We have been through the captivating world of CHAIROS watches, learning about the craftsmanship, elegance, and precision that distinguish each clock. These watches are more than mere timepieces – they serve as reflections of unique individuality and personal style.

Each second counts, and CHAIROS is committed to accuracy as seen by the faultless Swiss-made movements that drive each watch. CHAIROS watches gently accompany you on your path through life, whether that be in the boardroom or the ballroom, on exciting journeys or in peaceful occasions of contemplation.

As we come to a close on this journey through the CHAIROS watch universe, we welcome you to admire the spirit of unflinching confidence and the pursuit of excellence that these timepieces represent. A CHAIROS watch conveys a story of beautiful artistry, timelessness, and the celebration of life’s most important events. When adorned on any wrist, it becomes more than just a high-end accessory.

A CHAIROS watch on your wrist acts as a constant reminder to live each moment of your life with elegance and grandeur. With a touch of beauty that spans time itself, choose CHAIROS and thrive in your world.


  • Are CHAIROS watches water-resistant?

Yes, the majority of CHAIROS watches are water resistant, making them appropriate for daily use and a variety of activities. However, it’s important to confirm each model’s exact water resistance rating.

  • How can I maintain the longevity of my CHAIROS watch?

You must pay attention to some care instructions if you want your CHAIROS watch to maintain its appearance and functionality. Avoid exposing your watch to harsh chemicals, magnetic fields, or temperatures. Frequently wipe off the bracelet and case with a soft, lint-free cloth. To maintain water resistance on water-resistant models, make sure the crown is pressed all the way in.

  • Can I purchase CHAIROS watches online?

Yes, CHAIROS watches can be bought online from QNET India, e-commerce sites and websites. To guarantee the authenticity and warranty coverage of your watches, it is necessary to make sure that you are purchasing from an authorised store.

  • How can I make sure my CHAIROS watch is real?

It is recommended that you purchase your CHAIROS watch from authorised QNET India retailers to be sure that it is an authentic piece. Each authentic CHAIROS watch has a special serial number and other distinguishing features that may be validated with CHAIROS or QNET India to confirm its legitimacy.

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