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Conducting Business with a QNET Independent Representative

QNET has been promoting healthy, wholesome Absolute Living through our range of fantastic products over the years. Our products help enhance your lifestyle, promote better health, and give you an opportunity to be rewarded for sharing their benefits with others. Sounds great so far?

But be careful. A lack of awareness, poor salesmanship, and unethical practices could get between you, and a rewarding opportunity. At QNET we strive to give you a delightful experience from start to finish. We take every care to make sure that your purchase experience with us will make you a customer for life.

To build a mutually beneficial relationship, we need your help to make sure that you follow these guidelines when buying a product from QNET or enrolling with a QNET Independent Representative.

Please follow these five key steps.

1- Complete the Transaction Online

When you buy a QNET product, you make the payment to QNET (or our legal franchise Vihaan Direct Selling) directly. Please do not leave your hard earned money with anyone else and make sure that your transaction is successfully completed online. QNET does not accept cash payments.

As is common in direct selling, your referrer would typically help you enrol on the QNET website and help you purchase the product from our e-commerce portal. Please make sure that all transactions are conducted in front of you. Alternatively, you can simply use the referrer’s ID and provide it when prompted by our system and complete the enrollment and transaction yourself.

2- Get the Receipt Number

As an e-commerce business, we provide you with a digital receipt at the end of your transaction. The receipt number is displayed on the screen when your order is successfully completed in the e-store. This number is your confirmation that the transaction is finished. Please make sure to note the receipt number or save it safely on your computer.

3- Read the terms and conditions

When you buy products online from any retailer, you would usually check their terms and conditions to make sure they have a return policy or the grace period provided to cancel your order if you change your mind. Similarly, when you are buying a product from QNET, please make sure to read the terms and conditions. QNET has a generous 30-day return policy for all product purchases.

If you are enrolling as an Independent Representative (IR), please read the Policies and Procedures in full. This document provides important information about becoming a QNET IR, some of which the person who referred you may not have mentioned. If something is not clear, please ask your referrer to explain it to you or write it to our customer support centre.

4- Understand all the Steps

At the time of making your purchase, please make sure that you understand all the steps of the process relating to your product. Some products require additional steps after completing your transaction. For example, our online education products typically require activation before you can start enjoying them.

5- Know what you are buying

While this may sound obvious, it is surprising how many people don’t really understand what they have bought. It’s no fun buying a product simply to avail of the opportunity to become an Independent Representative. That is not what QNET is about. We do not encourage such practices.

We have put in years of research and development into developing products that will make your life better. Buy something that will benefit you, and enhance your life. If you choose to pursue a future as an Independent Representative with QNET, this experience will only benefit you in finding success. As we say in direct selling – Be a product of the product!

QNET’s Policies and Procedures and Code of Ethics prohibit unethical behaviour and require all Independent Representatives behave truthfully and fairly. At the same time, we encourage you, our customers and prospective Independent Representatives to be naturally vigilant consumers.

Welcome to QNET. You are now on your journey towards absolute living!

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