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Common Questions about Green Coffee Answered

Most of us just can’t start our day, let alone function, without our morning cuppa coffee. Humanity’s love affair with this drink has spanned centuries and continues to this day, fueling an industry worth over $100 billion worldwide. Coffee has always been a subject of debate and experimentation. The age-old questions of black or milky, sweet or unsweetened, and hot or cold have taken a back seat. The conversation around coffee now seems to revolve around the trends that continue to pop up every year. The list includes spiced and flavoured seasonal coffees (pumpkin spice latte anyone?), buttered coffee with coconut oil, nitro brewed coffee, and even coffee cocktails.

In recent years, however, there’s been a new contender brewing up a storm in the coffee world—green coffee. Unlike most coffee trends, green coffee is here to stay, thanks to its many health benefits. If this is the first time you’ve heard of it or if it’s something you’ve been curious to explore, then read on.

What is green coffee?

Green coffee is simply coffee made from green coffee beans. “And what are green coffee beans?” you may ask. Well, they’re regular coffee beans that haven’t been roasted. They contain high amounts of chlorogenic acid, a potent antioxidant responsible for coffee’s bitter taste. It is the main compound that makes green coffee so healthy. In fact, many of the health benefits of regular coffee are due to this compound. However, when green coffee beans are roasted, they lose most of their chlorogenic acid content and healing properties.

Why is green coffee becoming so popular?

benefits of green coffee

The bunch of medical benefits green coffee offers are what make it one of the most popular supplements in the market, particularly for losing weight. Weight loss aside, green coffee can help manage blood glucose levels, increase metabolism, regulate blood pressure, and even boost your mood, among many other benefits.

Is there anything I should know while buying?

When it comes to picking the best green coffees in the market, there are a couple of things to check. First, green coffee beans are prone to mould formation during storage, creating harmful compounds called mycotoxins. So, you need to pick reputable sellers who use hygienic storage practices. The second thing to consider is the chlorogenic acid content since it’s the real superstar in green coffee. Not all green coffee products in the market contain the same concentrations of chlorogenic acid. If weight loss is primarily what you’re after, then you need to pick a product that has at least a 30 to 50% concentration.

Where can I buy green coffee?

Kudos to you for wanting to make the switch to green coffee! Green coffee products can be easily found on most e-commerce platforms. Keep in mind, however, that green coffee contains significantly lower amounts of caffeine, so don’t expect the same kick you get from the regular version. If you’re looking for a high-quality green coffee product that gives you a health boost and that beautiful caffeine fix you’re after, then QNET has you covered.

QNET’s Nutriplus Qafé is the perfect blend of 100% natural, unroasted green coffee bean extract, freeze-dried coffee, and instant coffee. It contains 53% chlorogenic acid and is fortified with Nutriose®, a scientifically proven prebiotic soluble fibre from France. Nutriose provides sustained energy release, promotes good gut health and gives you a feeling of satiety, complementing green coffee’s weight loss properties. With QNET’s Nutriplus Qafé, getting your daily dose of coffee has never been healthier.

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