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Common osteoporosis myths debunked | QNET Knowledge Series

“Finish that glass of milk!”

“Why don’t you step out and spend some time in the sun?”

“It’s time to get an exercise routine in place.”

Do these words – from parents, siblings, and friends – sound familiar? It was all solid advice to get healthy bones even though you might have shrugged it off at the time.

Osteoporosis: Infographic on various stages of osteoporosis

As we grow older, our bones become susceptible to diseases. One of the most common bone diseases is osteoporosis, which affects millions of people around the world. Due to osteoporosis, the bones in our body become brittle, increasing the risk of fractures. While older women, past menopause, are at most risk, it can affect the young too. Osteoporosis treatment includes medication and lifestyle changes.

There are some common myths around this disease. We separate fact from fiction.

Myth: Only women are susceptible to osteoporosis

While women make up for a bulk of osteoporosis patients, men too suffer from this disease. In fact, one in four men around the age of 50, are likely to go through a fracture caused due to osteoporosis, according to Harvard Medical School. Sometimes it occurs due to ‘male-only’ conditions like an abnormal drop in testosterone.

Myth: Osteoporosis only afflicts older people

Even though osteoporosis is common in old age, children and teens can suffer from a condition known as juvenile osteoporosis. We build almost 90% of our bone mass by our early 20s. Losing bone density during the development stage can put children at a higher risk of medical conditions and fractures. So building strong and healthy bones during childhood and adolescence can reduce the risk of osteoporosis in a later stage.

Myth: Too late to prevent osteoporosis

It is never too late to slow down or stop the process of bone thinning. If you pay attention to your bones and detect any signs of low density like receding gums and brittle nails, visit a doctor now. Medication and certain lifestyle changes can help further degeneration of your condition, and also help strengthen your bones. It is never too late!

Myth: You can feel bones getting weaker

This is one of the most common misconceptions. Osteoporosis is aptly called a silent disease as a patient is unable to see or feel the thinning of the bone mass. A patient may not know they have it until a fracture happens or through a bone density test.

While these facts will help you make more informed decisions, try to incorporate certain lifestyle changes that can help strengthen your bones and keep osteoporosis at bay.

Food rich in calcium and vitamin D

Calcium and vitamin D are two essential nutrients for bone health. Calcium helps in building strong bones and maintaining bone health. But calcium alone is not enough as it needs Vitamin D to be effectively absorbed in the body. So make sure your diet has a healthy mix of both calcium and vitamin D rich foods.


Weight-bearing physical activities include exercises that require you to carry your body weight on your legs like running, playing sports, hiking, dancing, etc. These exercises help form new bone tissues and strengthen the bones.

Quit smoking

Studies suggest that there is a direct relationship between tobacco consumption and low bone density. Women who smoke are at a higher risk of developing osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis: QNET BoneHealth

Along with these changes, have you considered adding a health supplement to your diet? Nutriplus BoneHealth is filled with essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium, zinc and Vitamin C and D that will not only help build strong bones but also improve your bone density.

This information will help you take proper preventive measures to protect and strengthen your bones. If you are experiencing any symptoms or have further queries related to osteoporosis, please visit your doctor.

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