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QNET India’s ultimate guide to luxury gifts for couples

Finding a gift for a couple can be quite a task, but finding one that spells luxury can be another challenge altogether. We all have that one couple who love everything luxurious. They redefine luxury and if it is difficult to shop for them, don’t worry. Along with QNET Chairos watches, we bring some more luxury gifting options for couples who like the finer things in life.

Tick talk

Chairos Opus part of Chairos watches

There is no bigger gift than the gift of time, and matching luxe watches can be a great gift. Classy and elegant, QNET watches are the perfect accessories for your stylish friends who love to express their love for each other. QNET’s stunning Chairos Opus couple watches symbolise eternal love, making them perfect for couples.

Adventure ahoy

 Chairos watches: a happy Indian couple enjoying outside

Who doesn’t like heading off to new destinations as a quick getaway from the humdrum of everyday life? For couples, taking holidays together can be a great way to not only reignite old memories but also create new ones. Gift your friends the adventure of a lifetime. Buy them a 3-day vacation at a swanky holiday retreat or book tickets for a luxury cruise.

Food for thought

Chairos watches: a beautifully arranged table at an expensive restaurant

A good meal is a sure-shot way of getting people into a great mood. Many luxury hotels and restaurant chains offer gift cards for a great fine dining experience. Be a good friend and book a 7-course meal for your favourite couple at a restaurant on their wishlist. You can also gift them vouchers with special discounts. Your foodie friends will love this.

Gift an experience

Chairos watches: a colorful hot air balloon ride

Experiences are for a lifetime. A memorable experience will live on forever, especially when it is spent with someone special. So why not give your couple friend a luxury experience that they will cherish forever. Gift them an evening of watching the sunset onboard a luxury yacht or riding a hot air balloon in Rajasthan or spending a night in a houseboat in the backwaters. If they are thrill-seekers, you can book them a once-in-a-lifetime experience of skydiving. Let them enjoy the thrills of free falling.

Heavenly scent

Chairos watches: A pretty pink bottle of perfume

It may seem like a lazy option, but perfumes are timeless. You can never go wrong with perfumes as they exude luxury in every spray. If the couple in question is the kind that keeps buying the same perfume every time, you have a chance to delight them with an exciting new option. If you know their personalities well, you can customise perfumes. Gift them fragrances that will complement their personalities. Since you will create these perfumes especially for the couple, they will hold a special place in their hearts.

The next time you need to find the gift for your luxury-loving couple friends, stand-out from the rest by following these points. Choose from the range of Chairos watches or pick an unforgettable experience and make your couple friends remember your gift forever.

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