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CHAIROS Sports Watches for Men and Women from QNET India

CHAIROS produces some of the best watches in the world. All timepieces are crafted with aesthetic designs to elevate an individual’s style. High precision Swiss and Japanese movements complement the watch with class and excellence.

In recent times, athleisure or sportswear have become a popular trend. The trend features wearing sportswear not just in the gym or a field but also in casual settings. An element that would make an individual look sharp and enhance their athleisure outfit is a sports watch.

Sports watches are specially designed to go along with our activewear or sportswear. CHAIROS has world-class sports watches to make us look stylish in our sportswear. Further, these watches can play an important role in helping us stay ahead and conquer our time. Let’s look at the amazing collection of sports watches for men and women from CHAIROS by QNET India. 

Sports watches for men and women from CHAIROS by QNET India 

When we talk about sports and sportswear, digital watches with a rubber strap is the most common accessory that comes to mind. However, over the past few years, people have enhanced their style. They sport new and trendy analogue designs with their sports attire. But these watches need to be well-built and engineered to complement the sport. 

Fortunately, CHAIROS watches are crafted with the best quality components to give us the best possible options to look great and feel confident in every situation. Here is the flamboyant collection of CHAIROS sports watches for men!

CHAIROS Sports watches for men

Men have always loved wearing a watch with a fashionable tachymeter and comfortable straps. Whether it’s going on a long run or working out in the gym, or playing their favourite sport, a sports watch can instantly accentuate a man’s style. Let’s explore some amazing sports-inspired designs for men – 

1) CHAIROS Voyager 

CHAIROS Voyager by QNET India

Voyager by CHAIROS is a special timekeeper. It has a unique dual time zone feature that allows us to set a ‘home’ time zone for quick reference. The dial also features a blue index and a ring with different cities’ names which can be rotated and used as a reference. This is the perfect watch when we are away in a different city or when we’re on a hiking mission. The watch is our travel mate to keep us in charge of our time. 

CHAIROS Voyager has a rose-gold dial and case which complement each other to create an exquisite appeal. A Croco pattern leather strap makes us look fashionable in our favourite active and casual wear. The watch is further powered with the Swiss-made Ronda movement and protected by a sapphire crystal glass to give us the perfect sports-inspired watch!

2) CHAIROS Chrono+

CHAIROS Chrono+ by QNET India

CHAIROS Chrono+ is a trendy sports watch from QNET India. The vibrant timepiece features a Swiss-made chronograph movement for ultimate precision and class. The design exudes a sports vibe with a multi-step press pattern dial. The dial further has 3 Chrono Eyes at 6, 9 and 12 O’clock. Furthermore, the dial is embellished with lustrous indices. 

A single curve sapphire crystal with an anti-reflecting (AR) coating protects Chrono+. The watch is available in two eye-catching colours, including blue and yellow dials. A dotted-style genuine leather strap further complements the dial. The blue strap completes the blue dial, while the yellow strap goes hand-in-hand with the yellow dial. Overall, this watch is extremely stylish and goes well with all our sports outfits. 

Go ahead and break your limits with CHAIROS Chrono+

3) CHAIROS Aquatica 

CHAIROS Aquatica by QNET India

CHAIROS Aquatica is a marvellous watch designed to keep us ahead of the wave! The unique timepiece helps in keeping track of our lifestyle with an immaculate chronograph dial embellished with three unique contrasting eyes. The watch is crafted with a stainless steel body made of dual-tone blue and rose gold. 

Aquatica is inspired by the ocean theme to evoke a soothing aquatic vibe. The watch ticks with Swiss-made Ronda movement, and it is protected by sapphire crystal glass that provides 50m of water resistance. The royal blue strap complements the case with precision. Overall, the watch is perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle and gives us the ideal option to look dashing in sports outfits. 

Embrace ultimate performance and precision with the CHAIROS Aquatica by QNET. The next watch from QNET takes us past the last mile!

4) CHAIROS Sprint 

CHAIROS Sprint by QNET India

CHAIROS Sprint is the perfect watch to give us the power to achieve our goals in style. The one-of-a-kind timepiece has a lustrous white dial equipped with a two-layer designer pattern. The dial is further furnished with chronograph hour, minute and second counters. 

The watch also features a dazzling olive leather strap with quick release spring bars allowing us to change the straps easily. The watch runs with the world-class Swiss movement at its heart. A sapphire crystal glass further protects it and has a water resistance of 50 meters.

On the whole, Sprint is a stunning timepiece that looks perfect to go along with activewear. It is robustly built to keep us ahead of the game. It’s time to travel the last mile with CHAIROS Sprint by QNET.

Sports watch from CHAIROS for women

Women have often relied on casual and dress watches to look good in their outfits. However, CHAIROS watches present an amazing timepiece for women to look fashionable in sportswear. 

CHAIROS Sprint Ladies

CHAIROS Sprint Ladies by QNET India

CHAIROS Sprint Ladies is the female counterpart of the CHAIROS Sprint watch. The watch is equally stylish and precisely crafted to enhance a woman’s style quotient. Furthermore, it adds another layer of definition with its robust design. Sprint ladies watch represents an amalgamation of grace and high performance. Like the men’s watch, this watch for ladies is powered by the Swiss-made movement.

CHAIROS Sprint is the perfect watch that looks fabulous with sportswear. The watch also features quick release spring bars with a stylish olive leather strap. The state-of-the-art design has a lustrous dial with a two-layer designer pattern. It further features three chronograph counters to add additional detail. The dial is serenaded by white indices to complement the design. 

Sprint Ladies is the watch to make a woman feel confident while giving her the zest to achieve her goals! 

CHAIROS Sports Watches from QNET India

CHAIROS has made world-class watches that complement different occasions with their unique designs. The best quality craftsmanship has been applied in the sports collection. Each watch comprises the finest components in the world to bring us a collection that stands as the epitome of class and precision. The sports and activewear segment has the perfect accessory to complement their style with the CHAIROS sports collection.

A young couple wearing activewear and jogging with CHAIROS Watches for men and women in the frame

CHAIROS sports watches for men and women comprise some of the best designs in the world. These amazing timepieces give you the confidence to perform at your highest level. CHAIROS watches are your best time partners with an aura of excellence and style!

Conquer your world with CHAIROS Sports watches – All the trending designs are available in the QNET India eStore

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