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Why is CHAIROS, QNET India Customer’s Favourite Luxury Watch Brand?

An artwork depicting a collection of watches with a banner “CHAIROS – QNET India customer’s favourite luxury watch brand” in the centre

Class, style and elegance. Some of the attributes that you would associate with a luxury watch. Qualities that are pertinent in every CHAIROS watch. QNET presents CHAIROS masterpieces that are one of QNET India customers’ favourite luxury watch brand.

Now, in this article, we will understand why CHAIROS is a marvel among QNET customers and look at some of the best luxury watches currently in the QNET India eStore.

The Class of CHAIROS luxury watch made with world-class elements

CHAIROS is the ultimate luxury watch brand. The creators of the watch engineer immaculate timepieces with the finest components. Here is a closer look at each part that adds to the class of the CHAIROS watches.

The splendour of the Dial 

One of the most eye-catching parts of the CHAIROS luxury watch is the dial. It is a finely crafted metal base with certain indications such as the hours, minutes and seconds. The dial may also contain the date, second and chronograph counters embossed on the metal base.

A close-up shot of the CHAIROS watch dial

A Sapphire crystal glass protects the dial designed to last the test of time. It is scratch-resistant and made from one of the hardest materials in the world. It is further noted that CHAIROS watches can withstand a range of 5ATM – 10 ATM of water resistance.

The elegance of Case and Bezel  

The body of the CHAIROS luxury watch is encased in 316 surgical grade stainless steel. It is a powerful container that protects the watch movement. The fine cases are available in many shapes and designs, such as round, square, oval, and rectangular.

A close-up shot of the CHAIROS watch case with bezel

The bezel is a ring around the top portion of the watch that holds the crystal glass in place. Moreover, it accentuates the features of the watch.

The finesse of the Crown and Pusher – 

A close-up shot of the CHAIROS watch crown with pushers

The crown is an important element of the watch. It is present on the side of the watch in the form of a button. It is used to set the time, date or day. Furthermore, in mechanical watches (automatic), the crown is used to wind the mainspring.

The Pusher is a button that complements the crown. It is located on the outer periphery of the case that controls specific functions of the watch. Some of the unique functions of the pusher may include setting day-date counter and chronograph functions. The pushers are common among watches with a chronograph, a remarkable feature in any luxury watch brand.

The sophistication of Straps 

A close-up shot of the CHAIROS watch straps

A watch brand with the sophistication of CHAIROS is furnished with some of the finest straps. The CHAIROS luxury watch is available in two options. Some of them are bracelets made of high-quality 316L surgical grade stainless steel. It is known for its strength and corrosion resistance.

As an alternative to style and uniqueness, some watches are also available in premium quality genuine leather. The designs add to the style of the CHAIROS luxury watch to give you some of the most stylish options.

But there’s one element that is missing from the list. It is the Movement – A mechanism at the heart of every watch.

At the Heart of the CHAIROS luxury Watch

A close-up shot of the CHAIROS watch movement

The Movement is a special mechanism that makes the watch tick. At the heart of the CHAIROS luxury watch is some of the finest and the best movements in the world.

A luxury watch brand like CHAIROS may deploy the quality of the Swiss movement. The Swiss watchmakers are known for their artistry and legacy for producing one of the best mechanisms. Most importantly, it is considered a Swiss watch only if the movement has been aesthetically assembled in Switzerland.

Swiss watches are handcrafted with intricate spirals and definitions. Some of these watches are also automatic that allows them to work with the movement of the wrist. Indeed, they turn a watch into a fine piece of art.

Equally impressive is the Japanese movement. A battery usually powers the Japanese watch movements. It is efficient and modern in its functionality. Furthermore, precision and accuracy are the hallmarks of this movement.

Now that we’ve understood some of the finest elements of the CHAIROS watch brand, let’s explore some of the best luxury watches currently trending on the QNET India eStore!

CHAIROS: The best luxury watch brand for QNET India customers

QNET is proud of its luxury watch brand, CHAIROS, for producing some of the best designs in the world. It is specially crafted to help you conquer the world. Each luxury watch is special in its function and adds class and style to your life.

So, here are some of the best CHAIROS luxury watches for men and women.

Be a Leader with CHAIROS ALPHA

CHAIROS Alpha watch with boxers in the background

CHAIROS Alpha is a watch designed to awaken the leader in you. Characterised by luxury styling and technical precision, the watch bespeaks class of the highest standards.

The Alpha by CHAIROS is furnished with a double-layered dial and a top layer showcasing attractive ‘eye rings’. It is contained within a durable and scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass. The Swiss Ronda movement adds quality to its style. The unique design is currently available in the premium quality genuine leather strap.

A luxury watch for the confident and decisive man – CHAIROS Alpha is born to lead!

Be a New Force with CHAIROS TORQUE 

CHAIROS Torque luxury watch with a young couple sitting in the park in the background

Torque luxury watch by CHAIROS for men and women makes them a new force to be reckoned with. It has some of the most remarkable features.

Where do we start? The watch has all the elements to make it one of the most unique watches in the world. The ridged rotating bezel, beige colour nylon strap, and a sublime dial. It is made for trendsetters.

At its heart is the Swiss-made movement to add class to the persona. Furthermore, the quick release spring bars in CHAIROS Torque helps the users change the watch straps easily. Inevitably, Torque is bound to stand out from the rest with its unique design and functionality.

A watch made for men and women to be the new force in their life!

The next watch will definitely add to your latitude.

Make a Big Impression with CHAIROS LATITUDE 

CHAIROS Latitude watch with a creative background

The CHAIROS Latitude is made for the man who works hard and plays harder. The watch is created with the functional brilliance of a unique retrograde pointer to indicate the day of the week. It also has an easy-to-read Date display on the dial.

The Latitude is a luxury watch powered by Swiss-made quartz movement with a chronograph function. It is contained in scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass, complemented by a rich black stainless-steel case. The timepiece is currently available in the stainless-steel metal strap.

If you’ve ever wanted to make a big impression in your meetings, look no further than the CHAIROS Latitude!

On to the next watch, from Latitude to Purple Rain.

Experience Purple Rain with CHAIROS LILAC

CHAIROS Lilac watch with a creative backgroundThe stunning CHAIROS Lilac will cast a spotlight on your style and fashion!

Made for the elegant woman, this luxury watch by CHAIROS has lustrous grey printing rays on a white dial. It is further serenaded by a round diamond fitted in square bullet applied indices. The Lilac throbs with a Swiss-made movement, and the sapphire crystal glass protects it.

The stylish luxury watch is available in two fashionable options. A beautiful purple leather strap and a stainless-steel bracelet elevate your style. So, experience the amazing purple rain with the CHAIROS Lilac.

If the Lilac is capable of showering self-love, then the next CHAIROS luxury watches are perfect for celebrating the everlasting bond of a couple.

Treasure your time together with CHAIROS AMORE couples watches

CHAIROS Amore couples watches with a couple holding hands in the background

The luxury of time is contained in the essence of these beautiful luxury watches for every couple. The watches boast a silver dial with a lustrous steel index of Roman numerals. In addition, the dial contains a second counter at the 6H position, and a resilient sapphire crystal glass protects it. Furthermore, it provides 50 meters of water resistance.

Both the watches have the Swiss-made Ronda 1069/1064 movement, which keeps them ticking. The dark blue genuine leather strap binds all these elements together. So, experience the special bond with luxury watches for couples – The CHAIROS Amore made for the special couple to treasure their time together.

Awaken the ancient warrior in you with CHAIROS CRUSADER

CHAIROS Crusader watch with a creative background

Discipline, precision, and superior craftsmanship.

The CHAIROS Crusader is a timeless watch that brings the warrior in you to life. It is powered by efficient and automatic Japanese movement. Furthermore, its silver dial is aesthetically designed and contained by a classic tachymeter.

To further add to its style, the Crusader has a transparent back for us to marvel at the inner mechanism of the watch. Finally, rose-gold ridged bezel oversees the unique arrangement with the amalgamation of class and culture.

The QNET customer-favourite watch is available in a brown genuine soft leather strap and a classy stainless-steel dual-toned strap. So, conquer your world by awakening the warrior in you with the CHAIROS Crusader.

Rediscover the magic in you with CHAIROS WIZARD

CHAIROS Wizard watch with a creative backgroundThe CHAIROS Wizard is a testament to the man who believes in his passion and ability. Crafted with a sleek design, the Wizard is powered by the finesse of the Japanese movement.

The brilliance of this luxury watch is highlighted with an incredible design pattern. The nifty chronograph watch features a black dial decorated with an applied index in Roman characters. The dial is covered by durable sapphire crystal glass with a water resistance of up to 50 meters.

The luxury watch is encased within a stainless-steel case, and it is furnished in two stylish options. A 316 surgical grade steel bracelet to complement the steel body. Alternately, it is available in gold plating with an immaculate leather strap for a classic look. Either way, you cannot go wrong with this special watch.

The CHAIROS Wizard was made to reinstall and rediscover the magic in your life!

On to the last watch on the list, and it’s indeed one of the best ones in the QNET India eStore.

CHAIROS STARLET, crafted for the rising star

CHAIROS Starlet watch with a creative background of fading night lights

CHAIROS Starlet shines the spotlight on the rising star. A sublime timepiece for women, this luxury watch is adorned with a circular white dial with an embossing of a gold design. A small window showcases the date. Furthermore, the unique design is polished by a golden colour bezel and crown.

A marvellous watch for an elegant woman, the CHAIROS Starlet ticks with the precision of the Japanese movement. The timepiece is further protected by a durable and scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass for up to 50 metres of water resistance.

The stylish luxury watch is available in a durable white genuine leather strap with an additional set of leather straps. The CHAIROS Starlet is the perfect watch to showcase the style of a rising star!

CHAIROS – A luxury watch brand for class and elegance for QNET customers

CHAIROS Sniper and CHAIROS Lilac watches in the frame with spotlights falling on them

CHAIROS is a luxury watch brand that stands as a hallmark of class. The watches are specially designed to give you a feeling of power and establishment. It’s not just about wearing a simple strap around your wrist; the watch defines personality. It gives you the confidence to conquer situations and open a world of new opportunities.

CHAIROS watches leave the best possible impression on any person you meet in a world that judges you on first impressions. The unique designs incorporated by the CHAIROS luxury watch brand is a definite head-turner. The CHAIROS watch establishes you as somebody to be reckoned with.

Indeed. CHAIROS is a luxury watch brand loved by QNET India customers. Its exceptional craftsmanship, complemented by the finest components, makes it a class apart.

So, we’ve looked at some of the best watches in the market, and some of them are absolutely breathtaking! A luxury watch from CHAIROS is the best choice for QNET India customers.

Whether you’re starting your journey and new to the brand or somebody familiar with the class of CHAIROS watches, having them in your arsenal is the ultimate style statement.

So, if you’re in the market for a new watch, the CHAIROS luxury watch brand provides you with designs for every style and occasion. All the amazing designs are available right now on the QNET India eStore.

Now, the time is yours – Step forth and conquer your word with CHAIROS watches!

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