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Chairos Men’s Watches to Swear By

Watches have been considered an essential tool by almost everybody back in the day. But it was as prevalent as it was because that used to be the only way to know time. People did not use their phones to check the time like they can do now. Wearing a watch became crucial in maintaining an uninterrupted flow of life. In those days, watches were treated as a tool. Today people wear a watch for different reasons than when people first started wearing it. For the vast majority of people who wear watches these days, they do it because not to check time, but because watches act as an accessory, a piece of jewellery that enhances style and appearance.

What often remains undermined, is the level of craftsmanship that goes into creating a watch. Developing an advanced timepiece that has the precision and reliability is often a very hard job. From stunning dials, superior movements to perfectly designed bracelets and cases – the art of watching making is intriguing to say the least.

The CHAIROS men’s watches series is an extravagant collection by QNET that hosts creativity, intricacy and beauty. Let’s take a look at them –

1. CHAIROS Alpine Neo

CHAIROS Alpine Neo

The Alpine Neo is a leader, in every sense. Once you get taken by this magnificent watch, there is no going back. Choosing Alpine Neo is a revolution in itself – it is all about taking chances and the leap of life. Stylishly subtle, it boasts of an exclusive design that celebrates versatility, just like your personality. With the grand Swiss Alps as an inspiration, the Alpine Neo chronograph watch is built for the adventures you are seeking. The signature scratch-proof sapphire crystal provides water resistance up to 50 metres. Available both with leather strap and metal bracelets, this watch is set to take you places.

2. CHAIROS Vector


Think smart and sporty, and you instantly think of CHAIROS Vector. Made with reliable Swiss quartz movement, this watch is a classic hit. Found in two variants – stainless steel and silicone, the durable and scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass provides water resistance up to 50 metres. The stainless-steel bracelet is with dual tone and the silicone strap offers improved flexibility, and is waterproof, lightweight and very comfortable. Where is yours?

3. CHAIROS Aquatica

CHAIROS Aquatica

The ocean is dark and deep, just like the fabulous CHAIROS Aquatica that is well-equipped to match your active lifestyle. The dual-tone blue and rose gold plated body with an embellished dial consisting of three unique contrasting eyes is a feast for all watch lovers. And it does not end there. All set with chronograph functionality, 50 m water resistance and a scratch-proof sapphire crystal, the CHAIROS Aquatica is a bold and progressive fashion choice that is sure to turn heads.

4. CHAIROS Crusader

CHAIROS Crusader

The CHAIROS Crusader will awaken the warrior in you. Powered by automatic Japanese movement, this superior, edgy watch is designed and assembled with precision and superior craftsmanship. The rose gold ridged bezel gives the watch its class and gives you the confidence to flaunt it. The durable and scratch proof Sapphire Crystal Glass is water-resistant up to 50 metres. It comes with the choice of a stainless steel and genuine leather strap. Wear it, own it.

5. CHAIROS Latitude

CHAIROS Latitude

The CHAIROS Latitude is for the man who knows to do it all – work hard and play harder. Its luxurious black stainless-steel case is ideal for formal wear, which also works in magic in everyday life. It is at once beautiful, strong and highly functional, powered by Swiss quartz movement with chronograph function. Equipped with Big Date feature and Retrograde Day movement functions, CHAIROS Latitude looks the part and plays the part too. Available in leather strap and metal bracelet.

6. CHAIROS Wizard


If you are looking for a watch that you can be smitten with, the CHAIROS Wizard fits the bill. It is an incredible watch with beautiful design patterns featuring a black dial with applied index in Roman characters. Built to last, Wizard’s sturdy construction includes a stainless-steel case and a stainless-steel bracelet, that give it an unmatched feel of royalty. Also available with premium-quality, genuine leather strap, its durable and scratch proof sapphire crystal glass gives it a water-resistant cover up to 50 meters.

7. CHAIROS Silver Mist

CHAIROS Silver Mist Men

CHAIROS Silver Mist is an instant attention-grabber. Made for the man who is motivated, the watch is a powerhouse of efficiency and beauty – a subtle steel case and attractive blue-tone accents elevate the watch to the next level. All set with the date function and chronograph dials, this dynamic timepiece is versatile and is suitable for all occasions. It provides a water resistance up to 50 metres with the help of its durable and scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass.

Enjoy the versatility of CHAIROS men’s watches which are timeless and classic and rev up your style quotient with their unparalleled charm.

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