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CHAIROS Fashion Watches from QNET India

Fashion trends are changing every day! New trends introduce us to new products and accessories to elevate our style. Now, watches have always been the trend-setters. An elegant watch can make an individual look sharp and fashionable.

Every individual wants to look stylish. However, they often get it wrong by incorrectly pairing watches with the wrong outfits. For instance, a formal watch may not be the best choice for active wear. On the other hand, sports watches may not go well with formal clothing.

When it comes to casual settings and social events, fashion watches are the ideal choice. CHAIROS by QNET India has one of the best collections of fashion watches. These watches are crafted with superior craftsmanship and unique designs. In this article, we will explore some of the best watches from the CHAIROS fashion collection to enhance an individual’s style quotient!

CHAIROS fashion watches collection

CHAIROS watches are the representation of an innovative spirit of time. The aesthetic creations embody masterly designs composed of world-class materials and unmatched performance.

A CHAIROS watch bespeaks technical perfection. It exudes elegance and gives individuals the confidence to carry themselves with class. Indeed, these timepieces are the perfect companions for a fashionable lifestyle!

1) CHAIROS Bluestone for men 

CHAIROS Bluestone by QNET India

CHAIROS Bluestone is a limited-edition watch that personifies precision and style. It is powered by the Japanese Miyota automatic movement. Bluestone is crafted with surgical-grade steel. It features a black dial with fine grey indices. To add to its allure, Bluestone has a transparent dial showcasing its marvellous movement.

The dial has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass. The glass has an anti-reflective coating to prevent glare. This stylish fashion watch for men is available in two options. A high-quality metal strap that goes perfectly with most of our outfits, especially button-down shirts. Another option is the black colour genuine leather strap which has an easy-release spring bar with a stylish buckle.

It is the perfect watch to tap into infinite opportunities!

2) CHAIROS Emerald for men  

Emerald men’s watch from the CHAIROS fashion watches collection by QNET India

Experience your precious moment with CHAIROS Emerald for men. The brilliant timepiece is engineered with the Swiss-made Ronda movement. It has an eye-catching two-layer dial with hour, minute and second counters. The green bezel ring augments the overall look of the dial.

This watch has scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass with water resistance up to 50 meters. CHAIROS Emerald is the perfect time partner in all your precious moments!

Our next watch is a class apart. Let’s brace ourselves for CHAIROS Torque!

3) CHAIROS Torque for men and women


A ridged rotating bezel, nylon colour strap with the addition of quick release spring bars! One can never go out of style with CHAIROS Torque. This immaculate watch is the perfect element to establish an individual as a new force to reckon with.

Torque has a stylish black colour dial with seconds, minutes and hour counters. The date counter further adds an additional layer of detail to the watch. It is available for both men and women. CHAIROS Torque is the ideal choice for a casual setting. Its classic features perfectly complement most outfits. Overall, Torque is one of the best watches to make a lasting impression!

4) CHAIROS Lilac for women  

CHAIROS Lilac for women by QNET India

Subtle, elegant and extremely fashionable! CHAIROS Lilac is the go-to watch for women to express their style. Lilac is crafted with a surgical-grade steel body. A stainless-steel strap perfectly complements it.

The dial is elegance personified! It features a bright lustrous design with grey printed rays. The crystal-fitted indices serenade the dial. Lilac beats with the Swiss-made movement. Overall, this watch is the perfect accessory to help an individual make a unique fashion statement!

Speaking of fashion statements, the next watch is the perfect choice for women to look elegant in their favourite outfits!

5) CHAIROS Desire for women

CHAIROS Desire by QNET India

CHAIROS Desire gives every woman the spotlight to make a bold fashion statement! The timeless watch has an eye-catching design. It features a stylish black dial with a combination of white and pink indices. The dial has hour, minutes and second counters along with a date counter window.

Desire throbs with the Swiss-made Ronda chronograph movement. The watch has the protection of a flat sapphire crystal glass which has an anti-reflective coating (AR coating). This ensures that there is no glare while enhancing the overall look.

CHAIROS Desire is a sure head-turner. It is the perfect watch that emanates unmatched style and makes a bold fashion statement!

CHAIROS Fashion Watches from QNET India 

CHAIROS fashion watches by QNET India

CHAIROS is a watch brand that stands for class and excellence. For years, it has been producing some of the best watches with immaculate movements complemented by unique designs. Every watch is designed to augment an individual’s outfit while helping them express their personality.

Fashion watches are elegant accessories. They are specially designed to accentuate your outfit. These watches are the perfect choice to look stylish in casual settings, social gatherings and parties. The fashion watches from CHAIROS are an indispensable collection to showcase your style and make a trending fashion statement!

Look flawless with the CHAIROS fashion collection – Visit the QNET India eStore today!

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