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Celesteal Herbal Green Tea Infusions by QNET India

Monsoon is here! The gloomy weather and a constant downpour are confining us to our homes and workspaces. It is natural for us to crave a hot beverage that would relax our minds and provide warmth amidst the cold weather. A change in weather further leads to illness. We may also find ourselves experiencing cough and cold while combating the cold winds.

Herbal green tea is an ideal choice for a healthy beverage. It has multiple health benefits and can also improve our immunity. It is the perfect beverage to keep us warm during this monsoon. Let’s learn more about herbal green tea. We will also look at QNET India’s range of uplifting herbal green tea – Nutriplus Celesteal Herbal Infusions!

Benefits of Herbal Green Tea

A piping cup of herbal green tea with spices and ingredients

Herbal green tea is derived from a variety of dried flowers, spices, herbs and fruits. They are a natural selection for individuals looking to improve their health and those looking for an alternative to coffee and tea. It provides no calories, and we can consume it without sugar. It naturally reduces our intake of sugar and caffeine.

Herbal green tea provides multiple health benefits. It improves bodily functions and is good for our digestion. Herbal brews reduce the effects of pain and soreness. It is the perfect solution to help relax and unwind after a long day’s work.

A piping glass of herbal tea is all one needs to feel rejuvenated during this monsoon. The tea is effective in relieving cough and cold. It also provides a necessary boost to our immunity.

Nutriplus from QNET India has the perfect blend of herbal tea infusions. The exotic green tea blends are some of the best herbal tea that one can relish during this season. It is sure to keep us warm and healthy during this monsoon!

Nutriplus Celesteal Herbal Green Tea Infusions from QNET India  

Celesteal Exotic Blend from Nutriplus contains exquisite natural ingredients to provide a soothing experience of aromatic sips. It is a blend of carefully chosen tea leaves with select natural ingredients. The tea gardens of Darjeeling provide tea leaves, while Germany is the source of fruits and flowers. The spices are sourced from South India. Overall, all elements intertwine in perfect harmony to give us an uplifting aroma and a delightful taste!

The Exotic Blend is available in three nourishing variants – Rose Tea, Apple Cinnamon Tea, and Kahwa Tea.

1. Rose Tea 

Nutriplus Celesteal Rose Tea by QNET India

Rose Tea is a blend of exotic German rose petals and leaves from the tea gardens of Darjeeling. A unique floral tea blend, Rose Tea has an aromatic rose fragrance and a mild flavour that provides a soothing experience. Rose tea is one of the oldest flavoured teas and is a favourite of many tea enthusiasts.

Celesteal Rose Tea provides multiple health benefits. It is rich in vitamin C, malic acid, pectin and citric acid. Rose tea also has powerful antioxidants rich in bioflavonoids and alkaloids. It further helps detoxify and cleanse the body.

Rose tea is a great solution for helping us fight insomnia due to its calming properties. In addition, it is known to counter ageing effects, provide relief during cold and helps build immunity. Overall, the floral-herbal tea is an excellent choice to experience warmth and build immunity during monsoon.

2. Apple Cinnamon Tea 

Nutriplus Celesteal Apple Cinnamon Tea by QNET India

Apple Cinnamon Tea is a great choice of beverage for those who want to experience a strong and rich tea. It contains a blend of German apples, tea leaves from Darjeeling and cinnamon. The delightful infusion provides a soft, mildly sweet and aromatic beverage.

The Apple Cinnamon Tea has vast health benefits. It instantly increases alertness and provides warmth. This tea variant is also known for improving digestion. It has anti-inflammatory properties, boosts immunity and induces a sense of well-being.

Celesteal Apple Cinnamon Tea is more than just a drink. It is an experience that soothes our mind and body. The combination of apple and cinnamon calms our interiors and elevates the mood. On the whole, it is a great choice during this season.

3. Kahwa Tea 

Nutriplus Celesteal Kahwa Tea by QNET India

Celesteal Herbal Infusion Kahwa is a traditional tea which takes inspiration from the Kashmiri Kahwa. The aromatic brew contains the perfect combination of handpicked elements, including green cardamom, cinnamon, rose petals, and bay leaves with natural green tea.

Celesteal Kahwa tea provides a delightful aroma and taste with multiple health benefits. Kahwa tea infuses a sense of warmth into the body. It relieves stress and relaxes the mind. The herbal infusion is a great solution for improving digestion. What’s more, Kahwa tea lowers the risk of consuming high calories from food. It prevents the deposition of cholesterol in blood vessels and thus reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Nutriplus Celesteal Kahwa tea is the ideal choice to give your immunity a boost while consuming a warm brew during this season. Now that we have learnt about the assorted range of Nutriplus Celesteal Herbal Infusions, let’s take a look at the sourcing and blending process –

Sourcing and blending of Celesteal Herbal Green Tea Infusions 

Nutriplus Celesteal Herbal Infusions is a blend of exotic elements that provides some of the best flavours. The sourcing of fruits and flowers is from Germany. The tea leaves are procured from the North Bengal region (Darjeeling), and the spices are from South India. Every batch of these raw materials goes through a sensory test to ensure taste, fragrance and aroma of the highest quality.

The blending begins with only one or two ingredients at a time. Each ingredient goes through the test separately. This sensory gauge helps identify if the ingredient will work in a blend. Ingredients of similar density and size are used to avoid re-blending. The makers choose individual petals or small buds over whole or dried flowers. They chop dried fruits of the same size, and while blending spices, they crush ingredients and mix them with the choice of tea.

Finally, the unique blend of aromatic infusions is available in tea bags with a fresh and uplifting aroma!

Relish Nutriplus Celesteal Herbal Green Tea Infusions  

Nutriplus Celesteal Herbal Green Tea Infusions from QNET India

The monsoon has brought a change in our daily routines. Most of us would find ourselves with a need for frequent refreshments and our favourite warm beverages. We must also be conscious about not consuming unhealthy food and unwanted calories. While tea and coffee might seem like the best choice, consuming them in excess may have a harmful effect on our health.

Tea and coffee contain high amounts of caffeine that causes digestive issues, heartburn and sleep problems. On top of that, it also increases the amount of sugar consumption that leads to obesity, diabetes and other comorbidities.

Nutriplus Celesteal Herbal Infusions is an ideal choice of beverage. It has vast health benefits for improving digestion, sleep and fighting cough and cold. What’s more, it provides zero calories and helps in weight management. Overall, it is an excellent choice to boost immunity and stay healthy!

Switch to a healthy beverage this monsoon with Nutriplus Celesteal Herbal Tea Infusions. Your favourite herbal green tea variants are available in the QNET India eStore!

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