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Bring Home the Richness of Good Health This Christmas | Nutriplus

The festive season is here! This Christmas, prioritize the well-being of your loved ones and give them the gift of wellness. Whether you’re shopping for a family member, a best friend, or even yourself, QNET brings you a unique range of healthcare supplements.

Let’s find out more about the exclusive QNET products that offer great nutrition and aim to elevate your well-being every day.

Natose Stevia – Good Health with Great Taste

Featuring Natose Stevia for good health

Celebrations are incomplete without your favourite sweet items. While you may be concerned about consuming sweets, you don’t have to go the entire festive season without them.

Even though white sugar is one of the most commonly used ingredients in Indian households, it increases the risk of people developing life-long health complications. Refined sugar can affect the way your body responds to insulin. This puts any individual at a higher risk of Type 2 diabetes.

Research suggests that when we consume refined sugar excessively or without restriction, there are chances that it may harm our hearts in several ways too.

What could be better than replacing sugar with a perfect supplement that sweetens your food without elevating your blood sugar levels?

QNET India offers Nutriplus Natose liquid stevia drops, a great alternative to white sugar and safe for regular consumption. Your favourite foods and drinks can be quickly sweetened by adding a few drops of Nutriplus Natose! Additionally, Nutriplus Natose has a Glycemic Index (GI) of 0, which means it doesn’t affect your blood sugar levels.

Celesteal Exotic Blend Green Tea

Featuring Celesteal Exotic Blend

Sipping on a cup of our favourite green tea supports a healthy lifestyle while also being a delicious way to hydrate and detoxify our bodies. Regular consumption of green tea strengthens the body’s natural defences and enhances one’s digestive system too.

The benefits of drinking green tea go beyond the spectrum of immunity, extending also to support heart health and promoting relaxation throughout the day.

QNET India brings you a carefully chosen blend of the most refreshing herbal infusions. Enriched with healthy natural ingredients, Nutriplus Celesteal Exotic Blend gives you an unforgettable experience of aromatic sips with its herbal brews.

Nutriplus Virgin Cooking Oil (VCO)

Featuring Nutriplus VCO

Deep-fried food items are delicious, but they take a toll on our health. High trans-fat intake has been linked to all kinds of chronic diseases, including heart disease, obesity, cancer, and diabetes. This festive season, switch to a healthier cooking oil: Nutriplus Virgin Cooking Oil (VCO).

Nutriplus VCO is unrefined, 100% natural and cold-pressed coconut oil. It doesn’t undergo any heating, bleaching or deodorizing process, offering you a distinct flavour and aroma. This cooking oil is packed with vitamins, antioxidants and healthy medium-chain fatty acids. Made with coconuts sourced from Kerala, Nutriplus VCO can be your gift of wellness to your loved ones.

Nutriplus Qafe Green Coffee

Featuring Nutriplus Qafe

We often rely on a strong cup of coffee to energize us. Regular consumption of green coffee offers you a plethora of health benefits along with a fresh start in the morning. The chlorogenic acid in green coffee is believed to have health benefits. It can have a positive effect on your blood vessels, helping you slightly elevate your blood pressure. Green coffee is also known for helping people regulate their blood sugar levels and metabolism.

Nutriplus Qafe by QNET India is a natural blend of green coffee. Along with revitalizing your body and mind, it also acts as a great health supplement. Qafe is enriched with health-friendly properties that promote better digestion and enhance the absorption of carbohydrates in our body.

Nutriplus Monofloral Honey

Featuring Nutriplus Monofloral Honey

Make Nutriplus Monofloral Honey a part of your family’s diet, or use its healing properties for skin care and other health benefits. Regular consumption of honey is closely linked with receiving protection against inflammation, relief of autoimmune diseases, improved cholesterol levels and more.

With its delicious taste and mesmerizing texture, Nutriplus Monofloral Honey can be your key to leading a healthier life. Nutriplus Monofloral honey is available in five delicious variants – Mustard, Karanj, Moringa, Coriander and Sheesham!  

Delight in the unique flavours and soothing textures of Nutriplus Monofloral Honey this festive season!

Nutriplus DailyHealth

Featuring Nutriplus DailyHealth

Making health-conscious choices every day is the key to leading a longer, fulfilling life. Multiple active elements in Nutriplus DailyHealth by QNET contribute to greater health and stamina. These elements include naturally occurring phytonutrients, vital amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and plant pigments.

Nutriplus DailyHealth is a great solution for making a healthy choice. It helps an individual in reducing oxidative stress and neutralises free radicals to prevent tissue damage. DailyHealth is essentially a necessary dietary supplement that keeps us energized and healthy despite our hectic schedules.

Visit your QNET India e-Store today and celebrate the joy of health and wellness with your loved ones.

QNET India wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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