Sunday, October 1, 2023

Blissful Breathing With SHARP-QNET Air Purifiers

It’s 7 in the morning and your alarm wakes you up with that same annoying song that once used to be your favourite. You want to spend more time in bed and not think about work, yet you wake up to a new morning. Up you get and it is a whole new day awaits you. There is breakfast to be made and a shower to be taken. You take care of your morning routine and then jump straight into work. 2020 has been tough for all of us and working from home is not as comfortable as it sounds. After a strenuous day of work and house chores, you just want to kick back and relax. In the hustle and bustle of life, we forget to do one important thing – to breathe. Yes, you need to take a step back and just breathe. Only then can you fully feel free and realise that your life is for living and not just working and paying bills. That is what SHARP-QNET brings you – the freedom to breathe blissfully.

With the pollution in our cities and the coronavirus pandemic being major roadblocks, even breathing has become dangerous. The smell of fresh, country air is something that we city folks have completely forgotten. What can instantly improve this situation is bringing in the best air purifier that your home needs. The SHARP-QNET ZENSational Air Purifier rightly fits the bill, especially with all that is on offer.


Your Indoor Saviour

You would be shocked if you learnt how impure the air in your home is. Right from dust, smoke, cooking fumes, pet hair, pet dander to bacteria and viruses, the air inside your home is way more polluted than you can possibly imagine. Who knew that our everyday activities could create an environment literally toxic? However, the SHARP-QNET ZENSational Air Purifier featuring patented Plasmacluster Ion technology can instantly change things for the better. It not only kills antigens in the air but also removes odour while doubling up as a humidifier.

The SHARP-QNET ZENSational Air Purifier is capable of neutralising up to 29 different pathogens including H1N1, MRSA, E. Coli, Cladosporium and even the recent COVID-19 virus. Yes, you heard it here first and you heard it right. There is finally a way to escape from the ill effects of the dangerous coronavirus. SHARP has mastered the craft of combating the toughest of microscopic opponents that they have faced over the years. To reduce the risk of the coronavirus, you need SHARP’s Plasmacluster Ion technology working its magic for you. They have successfully managed to reduce the threat of viruses and bacteria in the air by more than 90%. Finally, 2020 has some respite.


The Health Benefits of Air Purifiers

People with respiratory illnesses and conditions such as asthma or wheezing will especially find it difficult to breathe in environments where the air quality is poor. Air purifiers help circulate oxygen better so that your room air becomes much easier to breathe in. Antigens in the air can trigger a reaction at any time and it is always in your best interests to be safe rather than sorry. An air purifier can eliminate all such problems because it literally makes the atmosphere around you safe and clean. They also maintain the right room temperature so that you are least likely to be exposed to any viruses and bacteria. The SHARP-QNET ZENSational Air Purifier is a necessity in today’s times and it can make a whole world of difference. Indoor air pollution is a thing that we all take for granted and it is high time we did something about it. With a formidable product like the SHARP-QNET ZENSational Air Purifier, you can rest assured that your home will be in safe hands. Is there anything more important than being to be able to breathe peacefully in your own home? We all know the answer to that question!

The SHARP-QNET Partnership

QNET partnered with SHARP to launch one of the world’s most amazing air purifiers. The SHARP-QNET ZENSational Air Purifier is nothing less than a masterpiece. It has a unique 7 Detection Intelligent Automatic Operation, it can essentially smart enough to filter out dust, PM 2.5, and odour from your rooms and can also sense humidity, temperature, motion & light and work intelligently enough to give you fresh, clean air to breathe in. QNET India is proud to be able to offer such a game-changing product to the world during a time of need. We all deserve clean air to breathe and SHARP QNET is here to offer you exactly that. All you need to do is visit the QNET India eStore to find the solution to your problems. Choose clean air and healthy breathing with QNET India.


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