Sunday, March 26, 2023

Biosilver Gel — Your Handbag Hero

If you ask us what’s the one QNET product we won’t leave home without, the answer without hesitation is our favourite Biosilver Gel. It’s our go-to product for everything from minor cuts and scrapes to quickly sanitising hands on a road trip.

Today, we give you four compelling reasons why the Biosilver Gel is our Handbag Hero.

1.Fight the Plague Of Dirty Devices

clean your phone with biosilver

In today’s digital age, touch screen devices are everywhere. We are constantly on our personal smartphones, tablets, or computers. We carry portable electronic devices everywhere we go (from the bathroom to the train or bus on our commute).

British researchers provide some stomach-churning data: Mobile phones harbor 18 times more bacteria than a flush handle in a typical men’s restroom. Other similar research has shown that the filthiest things we encounter on a regular basis are computer keyboards and our mobile phones. Your TV or AC remote control is also a hotbed for contagious germs.

That’s where Biosilver Gel comes in handy. Squeeze a berry sized amount of the Gel onto a tissue paper or cloth and wipe over your computer mouse, laptop keyboard, mobile phone and tablet, and your various remotes. Not only does this clean away smudges and residual oil from your fingers, it also disinfects. Believe us, your device needs it.

2. Germ Protection In Public Spaces

bilsilver germ killerMany grocery stores nowadays are equipped with sanitising wipes or hand sanitizer gels. But they can leave your hands feeling dry and cracked due to the high alcohol content. An alternative is to whip out your Biosilver Gel to wipe over your trolley handle.

When you are out at a café or a restaurant, think about how many people frequent these places leaving behind food traces and grubby fingerprints. A quick wipe down with the Biosilver gel on a tissue paper will remove ghastly germs, from the table you are set to eat/drink from.

Public bathrooms are equally cringe-worthy, but it’s even worse when there are no toilet seat covers in the stall. Our remedy? Squirt a drop of Biosilver Gel onto a sheet of toilet paper and give the seat a good wipe down. After allowing the Gel to dry, you can relax and attend to your business with a clean peace-of-mind.

3.Vanquish Germs in Your Travels

When you need to go on a long haul journey, either by train or by germy airplanes plane, you will come in contact with different types of surfaces that have been touched by millions of people before you. Long journeys usually involve snacking and eating meals. While you can wash your hands in the restroom available in your mode of transport, you are still going to be touching surfaces in those restrooms after you have washed – the tap, the door handle, your seat, the bag from which you take out our stored snacks…

A quick squirt of the Biosilver Gel on your hands before you eat will ensure you can eat safely without transporting any germs. The good news – a tube of BioSilver Gel complies with the 100ml regulation for liquid and gels in your cabin baggage for air travel.

4.Cleanup Unwanted Grease

clean grease with biosilverIf you are like the rest of us, our glasses never seem to stay clean. Grubby finger prints, make-up and natural oils from the skin leave the lenses constantly smudged. Rather than wasting money on ‘special’ glass cleaning products, just rub a small amount of your trusty Biosilver Gel onto your glasses with your finger and wipe it away with a soft cloth.

Should we nominate Biosilver Gel for the 2017 Best Ever Product of the Year – we think YES! Pick one up NOW in your eStore.

Tell us what other uses you have found for our Biosilver Gel!

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