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Get Set Glow With the BeYouTé Advanced Skincare Range

QNET BeYouTé - The Complete Range

Sophistication, it’s said, is the art of appreciating the finer details. Whether it’s setting up your living room for modern interiors or getting ready for a dinner party at a chic club, a keen understanding of subtle details separate the suave from the rudimentary. Taking care of your skin is no different. With each product designed to play a specific role, there’s only one way of using the BeYouTé range – the sophisticated way!


Easy & Effective Day and Night Regimes

The 6-step BeYouTé regime


To make the most of the BeYouTé range, it’s necessary to have two separate sessions every day – morning and night.  Both the sessions involve a 6-step skin care regime specially designed to maximise the effect of each of the product. Each step prepares your skin for the next product in the process. What’s more, depending on whether it’s  day or the night regime, it ends accordingly with day or night cream so your skin gets exactly what it needs – either to protect your skin throughout the day or repair and regenerate the skin during the natural restoration hours.

BeYouTé Deep Cleansing & Purifying Gel

BeYouTé Deep Cleansing and Purifying Gel

 This deep cleansing and purifying gel is ideal for removing make-up and traces of dirt that accumulates over the day. The active ingredient CM – Glucan, a patented biomolecule, has advanced regeneration properties, perfect for reducing the effects of premature aging such as wrinkles and dull skin.

Expert’s Usage Tip: Apply on damp skin and gently work up the lather. Stay clear of the eye area. Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a towel.

BeYouTé Micellar Water — Soothing & Hydrating Cleanser

Micellar Water — Soothing & Hydrating Cleanser


A perfect combination of deep hydrating and cleansing agents, the Micellar Water contains miniscule oily particles, Micelles. This active ingredient acts like a magnet as dirt, make-up, and other harmful particles stick to it. The Micellar Water is gentle and soothing on your skin causing absolutely zero irritation. It leaves you with a clean and hydrated face in one simple step.

Expert’s Usage Tip: Soak a ball of cotton in the Micellar water and gently rub the face and neck areas. Avoid contact with eyes. Close your eyes and press the cotton ball on eye lids and the under-eye areas.

BeYouTé Fortifying & Rejuvenation Toning Lotion

Fortifying & Rejuvenation Toning Lotion

A unique formulation of lactic acid for exfoliation, shea butter for conditioning, and hyaluronic acid for maintaining the tone and suppleness, makes this toning lotion an ideal base for follow-up skin care with other BeYouTé products. It achieves the dual action of fortifying and toning while removing the final traces of make-up, dirt, and other harmful particles from deep pores.

Expert’s Usage Tip: Pour few drops on a cotton ball and gently rub over the neck and face areas in circular motion. Exercise caution around the eye. Allow it to dry before continuing with your skin care regime.

BeYouTé Revitalizing & Radiant Face Serum

Revitalizing & Radiant Face Serum

This face serum is specially designed to instantly revitalise your fatigued skin to give that refreshed and radiant look. Got a dinner party to attend after a tiring day’s work? Or a business meeting with a jetlag nagging you? This face serum is all you need.

Expert’s Usage Tip: Gently pat the serum evenly on your neck and face after a deep pore cleansing. Avoid contact with eyes.

BeYouTé Lifting & Firming Eye Zone Gel

Lifting & Firming Eye Zone Gel

Designed for one of the most delicate areas of skin that’s prone to dullness and fine lines, this gel oozes all the goodness to gently sooth and lift the skin. Aging, fatigue, or whatever the reason, this is your go-to gel for a bright and refreshed look.

Expert’s Usage Tip: Gently massage the gel along the contour of the eye area and let the skin fully absorb the gel.

BeYouTé Protective & Age Defence Day Cream (SPF 12)

Protective & Age Defence Day Cream (SPF 12)

This day cream with SPF 12 is designed for everyday use and gives a natural makeup-free look. It locks in the moisture and protects the skin from harmful UV rays, free radicals and other environmental aggressors. The cream is designed to be completely non-sticky and its light weight formulation allows the skin to breathe as you go about your daily routine.

Expert’s Usage Tip: Gently apply the cream in circular motion on cleansed and toned skin. Start with the neck area and gradually move upwards avoiding the eye area.

BeYouTé Restoring & Nourishing Night Cream

Restoring & Nourishing Night Cream

Formulated for a complete restoration of the skin in the face and neck regions, this night cream does wonders in more ways than one.  Its active ingredients – CM Glucan and bio-nymph peptide, promote collagen synthesis and stimulate DNA repair, all this while you are asleep and your skin is at its responsive best.

Expert’s Usage Tip: Gently rub a generous lump of night cream in circular motion, starting from your neck and gradually moving upwards. Stay clear of the delicate under eye area and continue to massage till the cream is completely absorbed. Works best when used along with the Eye Zone Gel.

Other Skincare and Beauty Products From the QNET Stable

In addition to BeYouTé, you can also get Argan Care that has 90% Argan oil, an exotic product of Morocco. It’s ideal for both hair and skin care. The best part about it is you can use like a skin cream or hair serum. Just apply it to leave your hair and skin get that extra radiance while it works on cell repair and protection.

BioSilver 22 Gel is another wonder product from the QNET stable that’s hard to miss, especially these days. Its patented SilverSol technology offers excellent cleansing and sanitisation without causing skin dryness unlike the off-the-shelf sanitisers.

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