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Best Home Care Products From QNET India

Nothing is safe until one makes it safe. The pandemic made our society realize this reality the hard way. But does this rule apply to our houses? We often consider our home to be the safest space in the entire universe. Unfortunately, we were forced to change this idea in light of this recent pandemic. Just like any other place on earth, houses are also invaded by millions of pathogens.

The four walls of a house may protect one from the harsh world. But these walls fail to guard us against the attack of pollutants and pathogens. Therefore, it is essential to arm oneself with the right home care products to make your house safe. The unique and powerful home care products from QNET India make this an easy task.

Making home a safe space with Home care products from QNET

The home care product range from QNET India can effortlessly make one’s home safe. Pollutants and pathogens exist all over the world. Our home is no exception. Contrary to the popular notion, a home’s interior environment is often more dangerous than the outside world. Each breath of air and each sip of water one consumes at home can make one sick. 

Hence, one has to take effective steps to destroy or remove these pathogens and pollutants from our immediate surroundings, especially our homes. Creating a pathogen-free home is not something humans can do on their own. One will have to rely on the magic of expert home care products to achieve this goal. So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the best home care products created by QNET India that will make your home a safe space.

Best Home care products from QNET India

An array of home care products from QNET

Since homes are typically confined spaces with limited airflow, pathogens and pollutants are trapped in the indoor air. As a result, the air inside one’s home is likely to be more concentrated with pathogens and pollutants than the air outside. That makes interior air twice or even five times more polluted and dangerous.

Don’t worry, with the help of QNET home care products, one can easily solve this issue. But for starters, indoor air quality can be controlled by following these simple steps:

  • Maintain proper ventilation- Proper ventilation will help remove or dilute the airborne pollutants in our interiors.
  • Install a trustworthy air purifier- Installing an air purifier is the most effective solution to improve indoor air.

An air purifier can maintain healthy indoor air quality by effectively destroying the pathogens and pollutants trapped inside. But not all purifiers can achieve that. Certain air purifiers will produce ozone while purifying your indoor air. This could probably make one sick instead of improving air quality. Hence, it is very important to be careful while choosing home care products like air purifiers.

HomePure Zayn: Clean air and beyond

HomePure Zayn is an excellent home care product that can improve indoor air quality effortlessly. This incredible home care product can eliminate almost 99.8% of airborne particulates, allergens, bacteria, viruses, fungi, moulds, bad odour and even volatile organic compounds from our home.

Volatile organic compounds, or VOC, are gases emitted into our surroundings from various products and processes. These gases, by themselves or after combining with the other gases in the atmosphere, become extremely harmful. So, a home care product like HomePure Zayn must be a part of your home if you want to maintain your health.

What makes HomePure Zayn one of the best home care products from QNET?

Image of HomePure Zayn.

HomePure Zayn is not only a stylish, lightweight and minimalistic air purifier – it is so much more than that. Developed in Switzerland, manufactured in South Korea and certified by ECARF, HomePure Zayn is the first and only product of its kind that comes along with an Amezcua card.

The Amezcua card in HomePure Zayn plays two distinct roles.

  • Removes harmful e-smog from indoor spaces
  • Energize the clean air passing through the purifier

Therefore, this powerful home care product from QNET has the combined power of HPP+, UV light, Electrostatic, and Ultra Plasma Ion Filter Technology that can make the home a safe space.

What makes HomePure Zayn more efficient?

The detailed and thorough 5-stage purification system and Amezcua card aren’t the only features that make this smart air purifier special. This minimalistic product comes with several unique features, which makes it one of a kind.

  • This smart home care product from QNET has a precise built-in Air Quality Sensor. Through this sensor, the purifier automatically adjusts the speed level of the purifier from one to three.
  • The excellent air purifier with a range of 36 square meters comes with an Air quality indicator. The indicator’s colour goes from green to orange based on the air quality in your home.
  • HomePure Zayn has a night mode. It automatically adjusts the purifier’s settings to ensure that it won’t disturb anyone’s sleep.

Furthermore, one doesn’t have to stress about the longevity of this product. Some of the incredible features offered by this product include:

  • Touch-screen indicator
  • Child-lock function
  • HPP+ filter cartridge change indicator

These features can help individuals monitor the condition of HomePure Zayn, one of the best home care products from QNET India.

Apart from air, drinking water is another common way by which pathogens enter your body. Drinking water at home is considered to be safe. But, sadly, that is not always true.

Due to excessive pollution, drinking water sources like pipe water, chemically treated municipal water, and well water are not free from pollutants. Hence, without a water purifier, one will not be able to ensure the quality of their drinking water.

MyHomePlus DELIGHT: Alkaline Nano water purifier

Image of MyHomePlus DELIGHT

Nowadays, even underground water sources are heavily polluted. Surface-level pollution has effectively polluted all the open water bodies too. Therefore, installing a water purifier is the only way to ensure the quality of your drinking water. But can any water filter provide one with quality drinking water? No.

Most water filters available in the market can remove germs and pathogens from drinking water. But that alone doesn’t improve the quality of water. These filters remove several naturally present healthy minerals from water along with the pathogens, thereby reducing their quality. Furthermore, the process of removing minerals alters the pH value of water, making it acidic. Are you aware of the harmful effects of acidic water? Consuming water with an acidic pH will:

  • Cause damage to your teeth as it reduces calcium retention
  • Promote the growth of pathogens since an acidic environment is ideal for their growth and survival
  • Cause dehydration
  • Leach essential minerals from our body
  • Expose your body to heavy metals.

Along with these health issues, most water purifiers waste a large amount of water during purification. Almost three litres of water is wasted by a common purifier while producing one litre of drinking water. That is exactly why one should invest in MyHomePlus DELIGHT. It is one of the best home care products from QNET that can not only purify but also increase drinking water quality with zero wastage.

The features of MyHomePlus DELIGHT Alkaline Nano water purifier

The MyHomePlus DELIGHT Alkaline Nano Filter is one of the best home care products released by QNET. This smart water purifier works with the patented Nano-positive filtration process. In the Nanofiltration process, each drop of water undergoes five distinct filtration stages. This elaborate process single-handedly ensures the safety and quality of drinking water. The five filters used in the Nanofiltration process are:

  • Sediment filter: Removes physical impurities like rust, deposits, particles and sand
  • Pre-carbon filter: Absorbs organic substances, odour and colours. It also removes volatile organic compounds like free chlorine and compounds like Trihalomethane from the water.
  • Nano positive plus filter: Filters harmful pathogens like E.Coli, heavy metals like Iron and other harmful substances like algae and fungi from the water.
  • Alkali Mineralizer filter: Uses chemical absorption technique to remove other pollutants from water. It also enhances the taste of water by adding essential minerals like Soidum, Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium to the water. Through this addition, the pH of drinking water becomes mild alkaline in nature, which is extremely beneficial for individual health.
  • In and out sterilization: Sterilizes the water to ensure its purity and quality.

In short, each drop of water purified by MyHomePlus DELIGHT will be extremely safe and beneficial for your health.

What makes DELIGHT one of the best home care products from QNET?

MyHomePlus DELIGHT water purifier stands out among all the other water purifiers because of many reasons. Some of those unique features are,

  • Zero water wastage

When most water purifiers waste almost 3 litres of water to produce one litre of drinking water, that too of low quality, DELIGHT saves every drop of water that goes through it.

  • Mineral-rich alkaline water

Most purifiers remove all minerals from drinking water and make it acidic. MyHomePlus DELIGHT not only maintains the minerals in your water but also adds minerals to it with the help of the Alkali mineralizer filter. As a result, MyHomePlus DELIGHT creates mildly alkaline drinking water that is extremely beneficial for your body.

  • In and out sterilization

MyHomePlus DELIGHT Alkaline Nano water purifier is the world’s first purifier to utilize the patented in-and-out sterilization technology. It ensures the purity of drinking water and makes it extra safe.

 HomePure Zayn and MyHomePlus Delight

So, in short, this easily installable water purifier is not a luxury but a necessity. In a world engulfed by pollution, one has to take necessary actions to make their home safe. Don’t compromise the health of your loved ones any longer. Bring these excellent home care products from QNET and create a personal safe space for you and your family. Visit the QNET India e-store to learn more about these incredible home care products.

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