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The Best CHAIROS Watches Loved by QNET India Customers| Swiss Watches by CHAIROS

If you’re a QNET India customer with a penchant for watches or simply a watch lover, then this article will help you choose from the best watches in India. Now, it’s easy to be lost with the number of options available in the market when it comes to watches.

However, if you’ve wondered about the best CHAIROS watches in India, then you have come to the right place. Let us start by telling you why CHAIROS produces some of the most loved Swiss watches and Japanese movement watches in India for men and women.

Why is CHAIROS one of the best watch brands?

A collection of CHAIROS watches with a bottle green background 

CHAIROS is the most loved watch brand amongst men and women in India. So let us examine the master strokes used in some of our favourite Swiss watches and Japanese timepieces.

The Artistry of Swiss Movement and the Efficiency of Japanese movement in CHAIROS watches

You’ve probably heard about Swiss chocolates before. But what if we were to tell you that the Swiss were also excellent watchmakers? Indeed. They create watches that tick as smooth as a bar of Swiss chocolate. Finely crafted with precision and finesse – CHAIROS watches produce unmatched quality standards assembled and certified by the Swiss.

Swiss watches are powered by Swiss mechanical movements that feature a mechanical world of complex spiraling springs and moving gears. These complex spirals fuel the movement of the watch hands with elegant accuracy. The rotations and oscillations of the minute working parts resemble nothing short of a fine piece of art.

Another special feature of Swiss watches is the automatic movement, often referred to as “self-winding” watches. Automatic movements harness energy through the natural motion of the wearer’s wrist.

The Automatic movements are very popular because the wearer doesn’t have to worry about winding the watch daily to ensure constant operation. As long as the watch is worn regularly, it will maintain power without requiring winding.

Click here if you’re interested in learning more about the Swiss watch movement.

On the other hand, Japanese movement watch uses a battery as the primary source of power. It generates an electric current through the quartz crystal to power its movement. This mechanism makes it a very accurate and low maintenance watch.

However, due to the fine craftsmanship and artistry, Swiss movements are the preferred choice of most luxury watches.

Rock Solid Sapphire Crystal

Now that we know about its interiors, let’s talk about the Sapphire Crystal glass. Experts suggest that it is one of the hardest materials in nature. It is made from crystalline aluminium oxides when treated to very high temperatures.

As a result, Sapphire Crystals are very hard and they are considered completely scratch resistant. So, you don’t have worry about your favourite CHAIROS watch succumbing to any random scratch marks while wearing them- These spectacular watches are moulded to last the test of time.

Resilient water resistance

That’s not all. It has up to 5ATM or 50 meters of water resistance that allows it to withstand any internal damages that are caused due to aquatic exposure.

So, the next time you forget to remove your watch in the rain or accidentally dip your watch in water, you don’t need to be worried about it stopping or retaining any water in the watch.

It is also worth mentioning that all CHAIROS watch bracelets are made of high-quality 316L surgical grade stainless steel, known for its strength and corrosion resistance. And if you were to opt for a leather strap, then each watch strap is made of premium quality genuine leather to give you the best possible look and feel.

So, now that you know what makes these watches so special, are you ready to make a big impression?

If your answer is “Yes,” then let’s get on a ride. We are going to check out some of the most loved CHAIROS watches by QNET India customers.

The best CHAIROS Watches loved by QNET India Customers

1. CHAIROS Crusader – Awaken the warrior in you

CHAIROS Crusader watch with a black colour background.

At the forefront of this list is CHAIROS Crusader – The watch designed for an ancient warrior. This amazing timepiece is an absolute customer favourite. It is powered by an automatic Japanese movement, designed and assembled with discipline, precision, and superior craftsmanship.

This functional and aesthetically pleasing timepiece features a nifty brown genuine soft leather strap, a classy stainless-steel dual-toned strap, and a rose gold-ridged bezel.

So, if you’re looking to create a lasting impression in a meeting or an interview, then you are equipped with the best possible style statement with this classic watch in your arsenal.

The perfect watch to awaken the warrior within you – Bringing class, culture, and confidence into your everyday life.

2. CHAIROS Latitude

Two CHAIROS Latitude Swiss watches with a brown-blue colour background.

Up next is a watch made for the man who works hard and plays harder. CHAIROS Latitudes genuine leather strap and rich black stainless-steel case make this timepiece suitable for formal occasions. Furthermore, it is also built to survive everyday use.

These classy Swiss watches have a unique retrograde pointer to indicate the day of the week and an easy-to-read ‘Big Date’ display on the dial.

To add to the style, CHAIROS latitude also comes with an appealing and durable stainless-steel. The steel is furnished with a dual-tone rose-gold and black-plated strap, giving you the audacity to make a big impression.

Our next Swiss watch is made for the perfect couple!

3. CHAIROS Amore – For the perfect couple

Two CHAIROS Amore watches with a couple embracing each other in the background.

 The CHAIROS Amore couples watches are designed for a couple to treasure their time together. The essence of love is contained in these two beautiful watches.

The Amore Swiss watches range features a silver-blue dial with a steel index of Roman numerals. It is completed with the Ronda 1069/1064 moment – forming the heart of the watch that keeps it ticking.

It’s the perfect present for a couple, especially if you’d like to give a present to a newlywed couple.  Amore CHAIROS watches are also perfect for an experienced couple like your parents, who are celebrating their anniversary. The Amore couple’s watch set is a reminder of all their classic moments.

Onto the next Swiss watch – Are you looking for a stylish black watch with an immaculate round dial?

Then the next luxury watch is style on point!

4. CHAIROS Snipe – The definition of power and precision embodied in Swiss watches

CHAIROS Sniper watch with a precision pen in the background.

Sharp. Stylish. And marvellous!

A watch that personifies precision and power with its certified Swiss-made Ronda movement encased within a lustrous body. CHAIROS Sniper is a smashing timepiece that combines the ruggedness of black and the sheen of rose gold.

The Sniper is further powered with ridged rotating bezel and rose gold plated case. This classy Swiss watch is designed to make heads turn and give you the power.

You might want to brace yourself because our next watch might blow your breath away!

5. CHAIROS Twilight

Two CHAIROS Twilight watches with a white light effect and a starry background.

CHAIROS Twilight watches are innovative moon phase function watches – The Twilight timepieces relay 29.5-day lunar cycle by exhibiting the current moon phase in an aperture on the dial.

This CHAIROS Swiss watch has a stylish bezel with rope design, embellished with the Mother of Pearl dial and Rose gold metal square indices.

The stylish watch is presented in two spectacular options. The dark blue genuine leather strap and a stainless steel 316L dual-tone IP dark blue plated strap. The steel bracelet is furnished with a butterfly folding clasp along with a push-button.

Every part of this watch has state-of-the-art features making it the perfect accessory for your style.

While we admire that combination of the pearl dial and rose gold indices, why don’t you check out the next timepiece for your QNET customer?

6. CHAIROS Voyager

CHAIROS Voyager on a background of a map.

Hiking on the mountains or spelunking inside caves, this timepiece is your most reliable partner.

CHAIROS Voyager is your perfect travel mate. It is equipped with an amazing dual time zone feature that allows you to set a ‘home’ time zone for quick reference.

In addition, it has an immaculate rose gold-plated case wrapped by a crimson Croco pattern leather strap to enhance your fashion quotient. The perfect watch to keep you on the go!

On we go to our next brilliant range of CHAIROS watches.

7. CHAIROS Emerald – Swiss watches to cherish your precious moments

CHAIROS Emerald watch with an emerald stone above and a couple in the background.

CHAIROS Emerald is a special watch created to house your precious moments . Whether it’s the first day at your job or a journey into a new city, Emerald is your perfect timekeeper.

The CHAIROS Emerald is specially crafted with a two-layer dial display, a scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass and an immaculate Swiss movement.

Although, the true beauty lies  in the classic leaf green leather strap which is reminiscent of the emerald stone. Timeless and precious. CHAIROS Emerald Swiss watches are designed to be your perfect partner in time.

Speaking of the perfect partner, our next CHAIROS watches are designed for a special kind of person…

8. CHAIROS Alpha – For the born leader in you

CHAIROS Alpha leather strap and steel strap watches with a lion in the background.

Alpha by CHAIROS is an immaculate timepiece for born leaders. It is designed with durable and scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass and enhanced by a high-quality genuine leather strap.

Alternately, you could also opt for a high-quality, corrosion-resistant surgical grade stainless steel bracelet to add to your charisma.

The CHAIROS Alpha is further furnished with a double-layered dial, with the top layer showcasing attractive eye-rings. At the heart of the watch is the Swiss-made Ronda movement, making it a class apart.

Well, to say the least – this Swiss watch has all the recipes to bring the leader in you to the limelight.

Shifting the limelight onto our next watch.

9. CHAIROS Lilac

CHAIROS Lilac with a multi-colour background.

The CHAIROS Lilac is a limited-edition veritable fashion accessory. It is designed with grey printed rays on the white dial, round crystal fitted in square bullets applied indices. To add to its grace, CHAIROS Lilac pulses with the Swiss Ronda movement.

In addition to the brilliant Swiss watch movement, the high-quality genuine leather strap provides the perfect stroke of finesse to your style. You can further add to your style with the polished stainless steel bracelet.

Well, we’ve almost reached the finishing line. And this last design is inspired to take you through the last mile!

10. CHAIROS Sprint – Race past the last mile with CHAIROS watches

CHAIROS Sprint with a young woman sprinting on a road in the background.

Ready. Set. Go!

CHAIROS Sprint is a luxury timepiece created with a two-layer designer dial pattern and state-of-the-art Swiss movement. Furthermore, It is furnished with a stylish olive green leather strap. In additon, Sprint has quick release spring bars allowing you to change your favourite colour straps with ease.

The CHAIROS Sprint is your perfect companion to add to your success in life.

Take a breath!

We’re blown away by all these stylish timepieces too. That is the specialty of CHAIROS watches that appeals to every person who has ever heard of the brand. Swiss watches and Japanese timepieces produced for men and women with class, precision and the quality to make a lasting impression.

Now, that you know about all these amazing watches that the QNET India customers love, don’t forget to check out more timepieces from CHAIROS to add to your collection of awesomeness!

Moreover, al our amazing Swiss watches along with Japanese movement watches are available today on the QNET India eStore – go grab your favourite CHAIROS watches and make a big impression.

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