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Surprising Health Benefits of NMR-Tested Nutriplus Monofloral Honey

Honey is used in a variety of food items and recipes. It is cherished worldwide for its sweetness and health-friendly benefits. You’d be amazed to know that countless varieties of honey are available.

The properties of honey, such as smell, colour, and taste, may vary. These properties depend on the type of flowers monofloral honey is made from. Honey is scientifically proven to offer potential health benefits. It plays a significant role in many home remedies and is often used as an alternative medicine treatment.

There are numerous reasons why honey is deemed a top health-friendly food across the globe. Before we learn more about honey’s enormous health benefits, let’s understand what Monofloral honey is and why the NMR test is crucial for the consumer’s well-being.

What is Monofloral Honey?

Monofloral Honey

Monofloral honey is produced by bees that feed predominantly on the nectar of one specific type of plant. This type of honey comes mainly from a single flower source. Every variant of monofloral honey has a unique flavour profile, mouthfeel and aftertaste.

Focusing on specific plants to produce monofloral honey allows us to concentrate on their plethora of natural nutrients and enzymes. The geographical location, season and harvesting play a great role in the production of variants.

Monofloral honey is enriched with higher levels of energy when compared to multi-floral honey. Monofloral honey strengthens our health with high amounts of MGO (Methylglyoxal). The abundant presence of Methylglyoxal in honey makes it multiple times healthier.

QNET has recently introduced a range of Nutriplus Monofloral Honey, acquiring a respectable position amongst the few honey brands that passed the NMR test.

What is the NMR Test?

Monofloral Honey NMR testing

NMR stands for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. The all-around testing parameter of the test helps us determine honey’s quality, adulteration, and authenticity.

The NMR test can assist you in ensuring the purity of honey by analyzing it. Honey profiling is said to be the backbone of NMR testing. The NMR test is universally accepted for the identification of adulteration in honey.

With the help of the NMR test, you can detect conventional, modern and complex sugar syrup adulterants. These adulterants can harm our health.

When unverified honey is tested according to the NMR standards, it must go through nearly 60 markers. These markers make sure that no adulterants can skip the test. In addition, it’d be wise to say that no adulterants can cheat or possibly deceive the NMR test.

Now that we are acquainted with monofloral honey and NMR testing, let’s find out how honey could benefit our health. That being said, now you know why you should choose only the honey brands that passed the NMR test.

Great for Weight Management

Honey for health

Honey is known for enhancing how your body burns fat when you are asleep. Medical experts worldwide recommend consuming one tablespoon of honey before going to bed. It is also advisable to have honey with warm water on an empty stomach every morning. Having honey early morning on an empty stomach may help boost your metabolism. The increased levels of metabolism can help you in reducing weight faster.

Excellent Home Remedy for Cough

You can count on honey as a reliable home remedy for cough. It is clinically proven that consuming honey may help reduce throat irritation. The cough-relieving effects of honey are more significant among kids. It may help them reduce the symptoms of nocturnal cough to promote better sleep.

Boost Your Immune Response

Honey for health

Honey may help you in improving your body’s immune response. Monofloral honey is rich in terms of antioxidants and bacteria-fighting agents. These agents can help you in fighting infection-causing viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Consuming honey regularly could be a healthy addition to your lifestyle. It can help boost and maintain your immune health in the long run. You can make honey a part of your breakfast for a better bodily response against susceptibility to infections and diseases.

Promotes Wound Healing

Honey is packed with numerous antibacterial and antifungal properties. These properties may help you in promoting better healing of the wounds. You can use honey to eliminate bacteria that might infect your skin post injuries immediately. Honey can potentially destroy these bacteria, preventing them from penetrating your skin at the wound site.

Natural Nourishment of Skin  

Monofloral Honey for Skin

Honey may improve your skin care regimen with its moisturizing and nourishing properties. You can use honey as a natural moisturizer, remarkably for dry skin, as it is effortless to apply.

Using honey for skin care may help unclog pores and moisturize parched skin. People also prefer to heal their cracked lips with honey during winter. Masking your skin with honey is also advisable for skin tone correction and treating wounds, bruises, cuts, burns and other infections.

Lastly, honey is incredibly easy to add to your diet! If all these benefits aren’t enough, monofloral honey is a great alternative to sugar. You can continue savouring sweet food items without letting them affect your blood sugar levels. On that note, if you ever wondered which honey brands passed the NMR test for the safe and healthy distribution of honey, Nutriplus Monofloral Honey by QNET is undoubtedly an excellent choice!

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