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Avengers Endgame: 6 lessons for QNet networkers (Spoiler Alert)

Avengers Endgame, the most-anticipated film of 2019, has become a global phenomenon. If you are an Avengers fan we are guessing you have not only watched it but also memorised all the theories and discovered the Easter eggs. However, if you haven’t seen it yet but planning to – proceed with caution because there are spoilers ahead.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Avengers, they are a superhero collective in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Avengers Endgame is the last film in the series.

In India, Avengers Endgame has created history by becoming the highest grossing Hollywood film ever. It also earned the distinction of receiving the biggest opening as a Hollywood film at the Indian box office.

Apart from the intriguing plotline, epic final battle, and final reunion of the Avengers (at least the original ones), the film also presents some valuable lessons that can help you get better at your QNet India business. Didn’t think you could learn from a superhero movie? Well, think again. These lessons will make you love your QNet business 3,000.

Lesson 1 – Never say never

At the outset, Tony Stark dismisses the idea of time travel even though it could undo the wave of destruction Thanos had unleashed on the universe. He didn’t believe the plan would work and found ways to point to its pitfalls. However, this is Tony Stark we’re talking about and a curious mind wasn’t about to be suppressed. A few tests later, he figured it out… and it worked!

Keeping an open-mind is equally essential in network marketing. As a QNet India distributor, don’t jump to conclusions if your leader presents ideas and tasks that may sound impossible or risky. Evaluate the possibilities and not the problems. This positive approach to situations will not only help you build a broader perspective but also encourage your team members to be more open-minded. Never give up without trying first. Who knows?  You might end up saving the world.

Lesson 2 – Failure is part of the process – respect the journey

Failure is a reality even for superheroes. Avengers failed to stop Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and that wiped out half the Earth’s population, but it didn’t stop them. In Avengers Endgame they accepted the failure and decided to do ‘whatever it takes’ to win.

Similarly, as a networker, you will face several rejections in your direct selling journey. You might be mocked, laughed at or even unfriended on social media (the horror!), but hang in there. Think about your ‘why’, keep going, trust your leaders, follow their guidance, and never give up.

Lesson 3 – It’s all about teamwork

Avengers Endgame Miniature action figures of Avengers

The final battle of Endgame is the perfect example of how working together can raise your chances of winning. When Thanos unleashes his army on Earth, Doctor Strange opens a portal to summon all the Avengers. They work together and have each other’s back. You can’t do it alone.

The QNet business relies on teamwork too. Helping others succeed is your key to success. Train your team well and equip your peers with as much knowledge and skills as possible. Attend as many training sessions as you can together. Work together, motivate each other, and succeed together.

Lesson 4- Persist in the face of constant change

At the end of Avengers: Infinity War, half of Earth’s population vanishes at the snap of a finger and everything changes in an instant. However, in Endgame we see the remaining Avengers adjusting to this new reality. Black Widow has settled into the role of overseeing Earth’s security, Captain America runs a support group, and Tony Stark has discovered the joys of fatherhood.

The fast-paced world of direct selling is in constant flux. Your network marketing business may face changes that are not under your control. As a QNet India distributor, you need to be prepared to face unforeseen challenges, be flexible to change, and adapt to new situations.

Lesson 5 – Sometimes delusional optimism is needed for success

Avengers Endgame Captain America's suit

Always try to be the person who says “this is going to work, everything is going to be fine, and together we can make it happen.” Remember that moment when Captain America said, “This is the fight of our lives and we’re gonna win” – others thought he was delusional, but hey, it worked out in the end.

There is no point going into a battle already expecting to lose. Believe that you’re going to win, and you’re halfway there.

Lesson 6 – Even a superhero needs to take good care of themselves

On a lighter note… who would have thought that the almighty Thor – the super fit and muscular Thor could end up overweight?

You are the product of the product. You can’t sell wellness products if you don’t live by them and Absolute Living is more essential to our wellbeing now more than ever before. Be a living testament to the effectiveness of your products. No matter how busy you are, keep yourself healthy and fit. Don’t worry about having a perfect program. Stick with a program and you will see results. Remember, the opposite is also true. And, if even Thor can be out of shape, what hope do us mortals have? Maintain a balanced diet, schedule workout sessions, and take care of yourself. That’s going to change the way you run your business too!

If there’s something else you learned from Avengers: Endgame, please let us know in the comment section below.  We’d love to hear from you too.

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