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Prevent Asthma The Smart Way With SHARP-QNET SmartAir Air Purifier

With the increase in air pollution and allergens these days, it is no wonder that breathing problems like asthma are on the rise. Asthma is a lung condition in which the airways in the lungs narrow and swells up. During an asthma attack, the muscles in the airway tighten up and cause problems with breathing. Other symptoms of asthma include chest tightness, coughing and wheezing. While there are no cures to asthma, there are many ways to manage the symptoms and prevent an asthma attack. And one of the best ways is with the help of a high-quality air purifier like the SHARP-QNET SmartAir air purifier.

What causes asthma?

Asthma inhaler

It is not clear what really causes asthma and why it only affects some part of the population. Studies have shown that asthma can be caused due to genetic as well as environmental reason. Some of the possible asthma attack triggers include allergens like dust mites, mould, cigarette smoke, dander, pollens or even the cold air. Another major cause of asthma attacks in the city is air pollution and other irritants found in indoor air. Asthma can also be caused due to physical exertion, sinusitis, or medication like aspirin, beta-blockers, and NSAIDs. Other possible factors that can cause asthma include dietary deficiency and premature birth or low birth weight.

Asthma triggers

How does SHARP-QNET SmartAir help with asthma?

Your home can be the host of environmental asthma triggers, including dust, smoke, mould, pollen, and pet dander. A high-quality air purifier like the SHARP-QNET SmartAir can remove these triggers from your home and provide you and your family with clean, sanitised air. Studies have found that using an air purifier can be one of the most effective methods to help relieve asthma symptoms, especially in children.

QNET and SHARP have come together to make a revolutionary and one-of-a-kind smart air purifier. The SHARP-QNET SmartAir air purifier can remove the allergen from the air as well as other viruses and microbes, including the novel coronavirus. The patented Plasmacluster Ion technology uses charged plasma particles to remove dust and other allergen particles in the air effectively. In fact, a study by SHARP Japan has shown that the Plasmacluster technology can deactivate 90% of the novel coronavirus in a room within 30 seconds.

SHARP QNET SmartAir Air Purifier filter

The SHARP-QNET SmartAir air purifier also contains a HAZE mode and Clean Ion Shower mode. The HAZE Mode allows the air purifier to remove haze from the room and provide superior air purification with the help of high-density Plasmacluster ions and strong airflow, while Clean Ion Shower mode can quickly and efficiently sanitise the air in the room, all of which are known asthma attack triggers.

Self-care against Asthma Attacks

Having an air purifier is only one of the stops when it comes to preventing asthma attacks. Other steps that one can take include:
Maintaining a healthy weight: being overweight or obese can worsen your chances of having an asthma attack and other health problems.
Try a breathing exercise: Breathing exercises can help you breathe better and prevent the chances of triggering asthma attacks.
Regular exercise: While heavy physical exertion can trigger asthma attacks, light, regular exercise can help you to improve your breathing and respiratory health. Consult your doctor on what you may and may not do.
Avoid weather trigger: Cold and windy climate can trigger asthma in some people. Cover your nose and mouth in such conditions to prevent an asthma attack.
Avoid stress: Stress can also trigger asthma in some people. Knowing how to effectively handle stress can go a long way in preventing asthma attacks.

Additionally, cleaning your room to remove dust and mould and grooming your pets regularly can help reduce asthma attack triggers around your room.

What makes SHARP-QNET SmartAir better than most other air purifiers?

There are more than a few air purifier models available in the market. While having any kind of air purifier to remove allergens and viruses can make a lot of difference and could prevent an asthma attack, SHARP-QNET SmartAir could possibly be one of the best and most advanced ones out there.
SHARP-QNET SmartAir uses patented PlasmaCluster technology to remove all the allergens, viruses, bacteria and dust in the room. Combined with the pre-filter and HEPA filter, SHARP-QNET SmartAir can remove as much as 99.7% of allergens, including smoke, dust, pet dander and pollen. Even microscopic allergens as small as 0.3 microns are easily removed by the air purifier.
One of the features that make SHARP-QNET SmartAir unique is its IoT functionality and the ability to connect with the Wi-Fi. This allows the user to activate and monitor the air purifier from anywhere with the SHARP Air app as long as it is connected to the internet. The app also allows you to check the life of the filter and comes with a wide range of sensors that monitor, display and control the temperature, humidity, dust levels, among other things.

In a world where the air quality is going down every day, asthma is a growing cause of concern. Add to it that the coronavirus also attacks the respiratory system and even leads to fatal consequences; air purifiers have quickly become a necessity. The SHARP-QNET SmartAir air purifier is one of the best models available in the market and can help you to prevent asthma, the coronavirus, allergies, among other diseases and disorders. So head to the QNETIndia eStore and buy the SHARP-QNET SmartAir air purifier to give yourself and your loved ones the gift of forest fresh air.

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