Tuesday, June 6, 2023

When Mr.India Anil Kapoor Surprised QNET in Malaysia

If you were at V-Malaysia 2016, you are probably still reeling from the surprise appearance by Bollywood superstar and acting legend Anil Kapoor. Yes, Mr.India himself was on the #VCON16 stage to surprise the 15000+ game changers from all over the world.

The crowd went nuts as Kapoor walked up to the stage and jiggied to 1-2 ka 4, 4-2 ka 1, My name is Lakhan!

Teams from India spread throughout the stadium could be seen waving the tricolour high and dancing along with the star, proud to have the global star in their midst in a foreign land.

It’s not often that a star of his stature can claim to be blown away by a welcome, but all you QNET entrepreneurs at V-Malaysia topped anything he had ever seen and he was so overwhelmed by the energy and passion of the crowd he bowed down on the stage in a traditional Sashtang Namaskar, to express his gratitude and appreciation!

anil kapoor at qnet convention

Not only is he a talented actor, but a phenomenal speaker who wowed the participants with the heartfelt story of his journey to success. Speaking to the crowd, Anil Kapoor said it was a privilege to be at V-Malaysia 2016, and that he came there not as a character in a movie but as a human, as a person, as a brother, and as a friend. His speech touched upon the key pillars of the Prove Them Wrong’ theme that has been the foundation of this year’s VCON.

He spoke about how success means different things to different people but that true success should be viewed in 360 degrees.

He said his idea of success constituted of three things – being financially stable, being a good husband, father and human being, and being famous. “While it’s important to steadfastly chase success, it’s important not to do it at the cost of others”, he advised.

Anil Kapoor’s Advise to QNET IRs based on his own life experience, as they pursue their journey to success:

  1. Trust yourself as that’s the only way you can make your mark.
  2. Think out of the box.
  3. Be ready to fail. You lose out on great opportunities because of your fear of failure.
  4. Don’t forget to thank your family and friends for their relentless support of you.

anil kapoor at qnet convention

He spoke about the importance of never giving up on your dreams, and to embrace failure as it is a bridge that leads you to your goals. He said that failure was such a small part of life that the worst that could happen is that you are made fun of, but if you put your ego aside and keep trying, you will accomplish all you want in life.

anil kapoor at qnet convention

Parting words of wisdom from Anil KapoorSurround yourself with positive people and open yourself up to healthy criticism, but do not let negativity bring you down.

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  1. I am lukiest one ..proud to be part of the ammazz zzing family Qnet Family….Qnet is a one nd only path given by an angel Datto to become a successful…nd change ur nd urs near nd dear life….Dreamzzzzzz…yes one day i’ll stuck when my all dreamzz come true becouse of Qnet…..

  2. Thank you so much QNet and Vcon to make such a big event successfully. Thanks Mr India Anil Kapoor. Namaste !!

  3. It’s really amazing & magical moment to see Anil kapoor at V Malaysia 2016.
    Vcon has given velocity to achieve dreams.

  4. It was awesome watching Anil kapur.i am proud of qnet. This company is genuine and build with very kind heart.its has touch my heart.thank you qnet for changing so many’s life for good.

  5. I have never imagined he will win my heart this way… The life story of a true legend…
    A phenomenal speech directly from heart of Mr. India. My Key takeaway….
    1 . Trust your self- Story of his first breakthrough and how he win heart of Mr. Dileep kumar while shooting Mashal has realy enabled me to trust self always.
    2. Think out of box – break the rule not law, Sharing from movie Mr. India was realy breakthrough.

    3. Be ready to fail – How Slum dog millionaire was challenging to him, has realy made me realize to imbrace the chalanges .

    4. Don’t be with negative ppl – surround yourself with positive energy, don’t listen to the negative world.

    Unbelievable life changing thoughts from the Man himself…
    Thanks alot to The – V for all the help to change our life. ??

  6. It was amazing event….this is my 1st vcon nd in this vcon one of my dream has been completed just becoz of qnet. I m proud to say that I m not part of qnet. Qnet is part of me…qnet is my family nd I can not live without my family……..I learned alot from v-Malaysia 2016……luv u chef nd dato……

  7. I was witness to this mega event and very truly said by Mr India be with successful and positive people….I love Qnet

  8. It was surprising visit by legend actor mr Anil kapoor, the success story shared by him inspired me, I’m proud to b part of Qnet which had change my life, now I’m living my dream, thank u chief & Dato for making such a great successful Vcon, Love u..

  9. I was surprised, when Mr India on VCon 2016. My belief increased over the business. Decided to grow the business vertical n horizontal across the Globe.

  10. Not only Anil Kapoor is a talented actor, but a phenomenal speaker who wowed the participants with the heartfelt story of his journey to success. The audience were mesmerised.


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