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‘ANANTA’ – V Partner Kavita Sugandh’s RYTHM Initiative

Achieving financial success is just the beginning of the journey, certainly not the end. Real success is measured by how much you give back to the community. Becoming rich does not automatically mean happiness for the rest of our lives. Happiness comes from emotional fulfilment, not wealth. Serving those in need brings humility in life, and happiness is found by making others happy. These are the thoughts of V Partner Kavita Sugandh, who has become an inspiration in her community. Her philanthropic endeavours under the name ANANTA bring about real and sustainable change as she also brings hope for a better and brighter tomorrow.

V Partner Kavita Sugandh has illustrated what real success means with how she chooses to use it for the greater good.  From an early age, Kavita displayed all the traits of an entrepreneur, starting small businesses even while she was in her teens. She has never shied away from hard work and believes firmly that there can be no real, lasting success without it. It’s no surprise that today she is a successful entrepreneur and a role model for thousands of women who look up to her for inspiration. Kavita takes that responsibility seriously and uses it to bring about real change in the community.

Her social impact movement ‘ANANTA’ is a testament to that commitment.

‘ANANTA’ – Making a Difference


Inspired by Kavita’s leadership and example, many young and dynamic individuals have come together to make a positive change in society. Around 600 young aspiring and successful entrepreneurs in India are carrying forward her mission by driving change and making a real and tangible difference with ANANTA. They focus on feeding hungry children and helping them dream of a better future. Kavita reasons that when a child is hungry, it does not care about anything other than food. She believes that if ANANTA can help address this basic need, they will only get a chance to think about bigger dreams. Providing children with food and basic amenities and then getting them to explore further opportunities in life is what ANANTA’s mission is all about. The word ‘ANANTA’ means infinite in Sanskrit – a concept that is timeless and age-old. It is believed that the universe is infinite and cyclical. There is no beginning, and there is no end.

What ANANTA Does

The team at ANANTA has undertaken many social projects to work on. These projects’ entire focus is to bring about positive change and uplift the needy and the underprivileged. The culture of ANANTA is to place service above self, a concept inspired by RYTHM. Some of  ANANTA’s projects are as follows:

1. Food Bank – Roti Ghar

ANANTA Food Drive

Roti Ghar, which literally translates to ‘Food House’, is an initiative formed to cook and feed malnourished kids’ meals. In collaboration with Khushiyaan Foundation in late 2018, the ANANTA team started feeding 400 kids in Mumbai slums. The number has increased to more than 800 per day now. They have added Bangalore and Hyderabad as new locations, with 150 and 200 kids fed every day.

2. Education Support


ANANTA has built the Aarna English High School in Thane for children from low-income families who do not have a proper education. Around 350 kids are currently enrolled in the education programme, most of whom are children of minimum-wage labourers.

3. Welfare for Animals

ANANTA Animal Welfare

Another initiative in collaboration with Khushiyaan Foundation has seen Kavita Sugandh take it upon herself and her team at ANANTA to provide food, water, and medical care for stray animals in Mumbai and Thane. Since early 2019, team ANANTA is dedicated to feeding stray animals that have currently reached 400 daily. These include dogs, cats, birds, cows, and more. Several bird feeders and water bowls have also been installed all across Mumbai. The next step for team ANANTA is to rescue and shelter old, abandoned animals. Recently, Ananta started an animal shelter ‘Home for paws’ in Thane, Mumbai. Right now, there are 50 animals in the shelter.

4. Empowerment of Women

ANANTA girl child

Yet another project with Khushiyaan Foundation saw team ANANTA foray into meeting the female child’s needs in particular. It is no secret that menstruation is still a taboo subject in many households in India. In low-income and disadvantaged communities, the lack of awareness and access to information is even more troubling. Team ANANTA provides eco-friendly sanitary napkins to more than 2000 underprivileged young women each month in Mumbai. Additionally, they have also set up the ‘Nari Pathshala’, an initiative to provide basic education and skills training to these women to find gainful employment.

5. Beach Cleaning


Beach Cleaning

Mr Chinu Kwatra founded the NGO ‘Beach Warriors’ to begin the clean-up of India’s beaches. The Arabian shoreline in the city of Mumbai washed up close to 9 metric tons of garbage just last year. So, ANANTA joined hands with Beach Warriors, and together they have been regularly removing the plastic and other forms of trash and cleaning up Dadar beach every month. Curbing plastic pollution and preserving marine life is part of their vision to make the Earth a greener place.

6. Tree Plantation

Planting Trees

In 2019, after the devastation caused by the Fani Cyclone in Odisha, team ANANTA launched a drive to plant and adopt 5,000 trees there. A similar greening project saw them plant and adopt 10,000 trees in Thane, Mumbai, and Delhi. ANANTA’s team of 250 volunteers have set a world record of planting 10,000 trees in less than 5 hours.

Kavita Sugandh’s Journey

Kavita Sugandh started her journey with QNET in 2008. Initially, a sceptic, she soon realised the direct selling business’s power to provide financial freedom and help others transform their lives. A born entrepreneur, she had dabbled in several businesses right from her teens, but it was when she discovered QNET that she realised she had found her home. Her journey as a successful entrepreneur is nothing short of remarkable.

According to Kavita, in her own words, “There is no substitute for hard work.” This is the mantra that got her through the countless challenges and numerous rejections that she faced when she had just started. She knew that the direct selling business was no get-rich-quick scheme, and just like any demanding business, there would be challenges.  Her perseverance and hard work paid off.


“It’s the person’s character that decides if they will run away, or stand tall and not move from their decision,” VP Kavita shares her experience with facing challenges in this business. “I am not a quitter. I wanted to prove myself. I wanted to prove to the world that my decision to do this is right. If I didn’t see rejections and failures, I would not be here today.”

With her grit and determination, Kavita leads by example. She is also a true embodiment of the principles of RYTHM. Truly an inspiration for young, aspiring entrepreneurs across the globe.

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