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Add Grandeur to your Tea Experience with ORITSU Premium Tableware

The kind of days we look forward to the most involve meeting up with friends and family over memorable dinners and tea parties at home. What could be better than impressing your guests with an enchanting setting for those who like to keep these meetings elegant?

ORITSU by QNET India is the ideal choice to elevate your tea experience. The premium tea sets by QNET India are crafted with the finest materials and outstanding craftsmanship. Let’s find out how ORITSU provides an unforgettable tea experience with its luxurious tableware.

ORITSU Premium Tea Sets by QNET India

The company specializing in premium tableware in Sri Lanka called Donkatuwa manufactures a line of high-end, luxurious dinnerware by ORITSU. The tableware is designed by sharply skilled European designers who follow global manufacturing standards. With 24-carat gold and pure platinum infusions, the best raw materials are used to create these unforgettable designs.

ORITSU elegantly reflects the inner beauty of our desired lifestyles. Let’s look at the marvellous range of gold-infused tea sets by QNET India.

ORITSU Sultan Crown

Featuring ORITSU Sultan Crown tea set by QNET India

ORITSU Sultan Crown is a 17-piece luxury tea set crafted in 24-karat gold with attractive pigment colours. It is ideal for having a high tea on any given day. The tea set is manufactured with the finest raw materials. The scratch-resistant surface and hard chip add to the durability of the Sultan Crown.

The high whiteness of this product is also something to marvel at. Laden with eye-catching lines of 24-karat gold infusions, the tea set by ORITSU offers a luxurious tea experience with its brilliance. Sultan Crown includes 17 pieces that make the tea-set ideal for any occasion and household.

ORITSU Sultan Crown consists of the following:

  • Cups – 6
  • Saucers – 6
  • Tea Pot + Lid – 2
  • Sugar Pot + Lid – 2
  • Creamer – 1

Sultan Crown beautifies your teatime with grace and grandeur! After all, everyone would appreciate a royal high tea every once in a while. The variety of elements in the tea set also allows an individual to experiment with the best arrangement ideas while setting it on the table for their family and friends.

ORITSU Amaryllis

Featuring ORITSU Amaryllis tea set by QNET India

Host your parties with the charms of ORITSU Amaryllis. The luxurious tea set offers you an exotic tea experience. Amaryllis emphasizes the elegance of high tea etiquettes and guest-hosting manners. 

Amaryllis is manufactured with close attention paid to intricate details. Its rich surface is infused with compelling pigment colours and 24-karat gold. This 17-piece premium tea set is ideal for a refreshing and appealing high tea setting.

ORITSU Amaryllis includes the following elements in its set:

Cups – 6

Saucers – 6

Tea Pot + Lid – 2

Sugar Pot + Lid – 2

Creamer – 1


Featuring ORITSU Zinnia tea set by QNET India

The exquisite red Zinnia flower beautifully inspires the ORITSU Zinnia tea set. The elements of this premium tea set are adorned with 24-karat gold infusions to highlight its luxurious appeal further. The good floral pattern instils a sense of peacefulness with every sip.

Zinnia can be the next mesmerizing addition to your collection of premium tableware. It is manufactured with the finest raw materials and is free of lead, cadmium and other harmful substances.

ORITSU Zinnia is ideal for giving your friends and family a tea experience to remember for a lifetime. This premium tea set comprises –

Cups – 6

Saucers – 6

Tea Pot + Lid – 2

Sugar Pot + Lid – 2

Creamer – 1

Overall, ORITSU Zinnia is a perfect fit to elevate the joy of your teatime and set the tone for a refreshing moment.

ORITSU premium tableware by QNET India is ideal for showcasing your choice in premium tableware and elevating the ambience of your kitchen. Also, read – Decorate your Kitchen with ORITSU Premium Porcelain Tableware by QNET India

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