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5 Ways to Follow an Active Lifestyle with MyHomePlus HomeGym by QNET

Fitness is a lifestyle choice. Our lifestyle determines the food we eat, the habits we build, and the interactions we have with people. Lifestyle choices can further have a huge impact on what we achieve and the overall quality of life.

Adopting an active lifestyle has become essential in modern times. An active lifestyle incorporates physical activities for keeping us fit and healthy. It can include activities such as jogging, swimming, performing yoga or working out.

Incorporating a workout routine can be integral in starting an active lifestyle. QNET presents five positive ways to follow an active lifestyle with our fitness expert, MyHomePlus HomeGym by QNET.

Before we delve deeper into the realms of an active lifestyle, let’s understand its importance for our well-being.

Why is it important to adopt an active lifestyle? 

An active man jogging outdoors while adopting an active lifestyle

An active lifestyle can play a huge part in our well-being. Here are a few important reasons for an individual to adopt an active lifestyle today.

Being active during work

We spend most of our time working in front of the laptop. Now, that can lead to developing bad postures. Moreover, it can leave us feeling tired and unsettled with the constant demands of a busy schedule.

So, adopting an active lifestyle can help boost our energy levels. It can help us perform better in our work and improve interactions at our workplace. In essence, an active lifestyle would improve our focus on the task at hand and ensure that we do not feel tired or out of energy during the day.

Health and Wellness

An active lifestyle is significant in improving overall health and wellness. It prevents diseases and builds strength and immunity. Perhaps, one of the most obvious benefits of an active lifestyle is that it helps in weight management. But more importantly, it prevents diseases and health conditions that one might incur due to obesity.

Here are a few interesting facts about how an active lifestyle can prevent health conditions –

  • Active lifestyle lowers the risk of depression and dementia by 30%
  • It reduces the risk of coronary heart disease by 35%
  • The risk of developing type 2 diabetes reduces by 50%

(Source: Sport RCT)

Therefore, following an active lifestyle can be highly beneficial for our health.

Better self-esteem

An active lifestyle is generally thought to improve our fitness levels. However, another latent benefit is that it improves our mood and overall self-esteem. Regular workouts often lead to the release of endorphins, in turn, improving the mood. Moreover, it reduces stress and anxiety to promote good mental health.

Now, due to the pandemic, one might have found it challenging to incorporate an active lifestyle. Well, not anymore. QNET presents MyHomePlus HomeGym to help us adopt an active lifestyle and keep us going.

An Active Lifestyle with MyHomePlus HomeGym 

A healthy man working out with MyHomePlus HomeGym by QNET

MyHomePlus HomeGym by QNET is one of the best solutions to help us adopt an active lifestyle. It is a unique home gym equipment that allows us to schedule seamless workout routines, enabling us to perform 15 different exercises from a single machine. The ergonomic design makes it easy to use and suitable for the user’s convenience.

Perform 15 different exercises with MyHomePlus HomeGym

We can perform multiple isometric and compound exercises on MyHomePlus HomeGym for a full-body workout. To engage the chest, we can perform three different variations. The Inclined bench press engages the upper part of the chest, while the Declined bench press puts the emphasis on the lower part of the chest. The Flat chest press engages the medial or the middle part of the chest.

Furthermore, HomeGym gives us the advantage of targeting the shoulder. This includes exercises such as shoulder press and shrugs for the medial head. Frontal raises for the frontal head and lateral raises for the lateral head of the shoulder.

We can further engage the back muscles with the convenient design of HomeGym. Wide grip row, lateral pull-down and bent over row are a few exercises that we can perform for targeting the back muscles.

For building strong arms, we can use the robust handles and add weights to the HomeGym to perform multiple exercises. We can activate the short and long heads of the biceps by performing exercises such as bicep curl and concentration curl. To further enhance the shape of the arms, we can work on the triceps by adjusting the machine to perform triceps press.

The leg muscles are another important muscle group. We can disconnect the bench from the equipment for exercises such as squats. This provides a wide space with the lever and additional gripping. The individual can further engage the hamstrings and the lower back with stiff leg deadlift.

Now, one might not associate home gym equipment with abs workouts. However, the special design of MyHomePlus HomeGym allows effective abs workouts, where we can perform exercises such as abs crunch.

These are the 15 different exercises that we can perform with a single machine. Here are 5 ways to adopt an active lifestyle with the help of MyHomePlus HomeGym.

5 ways to adopt an active lifestyle with MyHomePlus HomeGym by QNET

MyHomePlus HomeGym can be beneficial for helping individuals change their routines and leading them towards an active lifestyle.

1) Working out in the morning

The most important benefit of working out in the morning is that it removes all distractions that one might encounter during the day. So, no more excuses for not being able to focus.

Cortisol is the hormone responsible for keeping us alert during the day, and it is at its peak in the morning. Working out in the morning helps regulate cortisol levels and gets us charged for the day ahead.

Moreover, working out early morning on an empty stomach is beneficial in helping us manage weight. So, early morning workouts could help us take that important step towards weight management with an active lifestyle.

A healthy woman working out on MyHomePlus HomeGym in the morning

2) Creating a workout routine

Most people who buy home gym equipment do not use it or do not have a planned routine. One of the most important things that we must consider when starting regular workouts is to follow a routine. It could be instrumental in helping us fast track our fitness goals.

Over time, we can create our own workout routines with HomeGym. One of the best benefits of HomeGym is that it allows us to experiment and customise routines with its easy-to-adjust levers and cables. Whether a beginner or pro, the innovative fitness machine is ideal for all fitness levels.

3) Being consistent with the routine

Another important aspect that most people tend to ignore is working out regularly. Consistency is the key to ensure success in almost any endeavour. The same applies to our efforts towards an active lifestyle. It is important to understand that we must dedicate time and effort.

Luckily, HomeGym brings the gym to our home so that we don’t have to go anywhere. The home gym equipment makes home workouts convenient, despite a busy work schedule. Now, we can schedule our workouts at any time and be consistent with our routines.

So, there are no more excuses for us to take charge and proceed towards an active lifestyle.

4) Following a diet plan

Now, it is not enough for us to just buy the HomeGym or any home gym workout machine. We must complement it with a proper diet plan. This may include giving up our favourite delicacies, but in the end, it is beneficial as it can put us on track towards a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy diet plan must include a balanced diet low on sugar and other processed food. Another benefit of working out regularly, as some studies suggest, is that it reduces the need to consume unhealthy food and promotes an individual to include healthy food items.

Therefore, a healthy diet is crucial for us to develop an active lifestyle.

A plate of healthy food items

5) Getting adequate rest

Individuals who follow an active routine often tend to ignore rest or do not understand its importance. In turn, this leads to fatigue and burnout. So, while working out regularly, it is important to ensure that we get adequate rest to allow the muscles to recover.

It is further important to note that following an active lifestyle is not just about working out regularly, but it means planning and allowing the body to follow and adapt to an active routine.

So, these are some of the best ways to adopt an active lifestyle with your fitness partner, MyHomePlus HomeGym.

Enhance your lifestyle with MyHomePlus HomeGym by QNET

A happy couple working out at home with MyhomePlus HomeGym in the frame

Adopting an active lifestyle has become crucial in the current times, especially during the pandemic when people have become accustomed to staying at home with a hindrance to their mobility.

One of the best ways to begin our journey towards an active lifestyle is to start working out regularly. MyHomePlus HomeGym is the perfect solution to help us adopt an active lifestyle by bringing the effectiveness of the gym to our home. Moreover, we can use the innovative design to suit our needs and create routines to facilitate a healthy and active lifestyle.

In essence, QNET’s MyHomePlus HomeGym is the ultimate fitness equipment to stay fit and active every day. Make an active lifestyle a priority with MyHomePlus HomeGym – Available today on the QNET India eStore.

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