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A Comprehensive Social Media Toolkit for your QNET Business

Social media is one of the best mediums for individuals to grow their businesses. In recent times, it has become pivotal for businesses to go online. During the pandemic, many traditional businesses had to face challenges. Many of them had to shut their shops down due to the lockdown. However, many other businesses seemed to flourish even during the tough times.

Direct selling was one of those businesses that continued growing. One of the main reasons for its continued growth during the economic meltdown was its vast usage of digital and social media. According to studies, close to 4.92 Billion people around the world use social media, that’s 58% of the entire population. Moreover, 97% of consumers generally go online for research and making buying decisions.

Direct sellers can use Social media to grow their businesses. It is the single most powerful tool that can take a business to the next level! So, for all the direct selling folks wondering how to up their social media game, here is the ultimate Social media toolkit for QNET business!

QNET Social media Toolkit

As a QNET distributor, an individual can gain access to a wide range of world-class products. The company further provides a vast amount of marketing collateral for individuals to learn from and use during their presentations. The company also has official Social Media pages. These pages contain posts including, images, videos and copies that are specially designed for the distributors. The distributors can use these posts as inspiration to create their own social media posts.

A vector depicting different Social Media platforms

But before we talk about posting, let’s start right at the beginning and learn about how to create and set up a direct selling social media account –

1) Setting up a Social Media Account

The first step for an individual is to decide which Social Media platforms to use for the business. The most commonly used social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. The key here is to find out which platforms do the Target Audience access. Creating a Social Media account on a popular platform gives the distributor a chance to connect with prospects and buyers.

Now, setting up the account with an appropriate username is the next step. The most common mistake the distributor makes is using QNET in their profile handles. This is against QNET’s Social Media policy. Individuals must use their names without using QNET to ensure that they comply with the policy.

The next thing to decide is if a person wants to use a personal account or a business account. It is up to the distributor to choose the account type. Although, it is advisable for individuals to use the business account due to following reasons –

  • Provides analytics
  • Anyone can find public business accounts
  • One can even advertise on business accounts.

The personal account provides one major benefit of a pre-existing audience. So, one doesn’t have to start from scratch.

2) Creating an account or a page

Facebook Profile page

The most basic step of creating an account is to add a profile image. It boosts the chances of connecting with the Target Audience and makes the profile more credible. The best practice is to use a professional image and ensure that the image is clear with no background distortion.

After uploading the profile image, on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter individuals need to set a cover image. Cover image usually appears on top of the profile page. It appears on the top and is often one of the first things the user notices after visiting one’s page. A good practice while choosing a cover photo is to keep it professional, ideally something related to the business.

The final step for creating a page is adding a good description. This involves a brief introduction, followed by a few lines depicting one’s experience and establishing credentials.

3) Launch the business on Social Media

An image depicting the Social Media launch post

One of the most important steps of taking a business on Social Media is the announcement post. It is the first post that announces to the world about one’s business. It is similar to the first impression and first impressions usually last. Announcement or Launch posts create curiosity, build trust and provide a preview of what to expect.

A few ideas to incorporate into the launch post include –

  • Letting the audience know why they are interested in QNET
  • Their favourite products
  • What do they want to achieve with QNET (Mission statement)
  • Finally, inviting them to follow and share the page/account.

This brings us to the next crucial step –

4) Promote the Social Media Page

‘Invite Friends’ option of Facebook and Instagram

In order to grow on Social Media promotions are necessary. The individuals can start by inviting friends and relatives to follow and like the page. A good idea is to use the ‘Invite friends’ option on Facebook and Instagram business accounts.

When the individual starts posting regularly on the page, a good idea is to promote those posts. An individual post them on Facebook groups. Often targeting niche audiences can help establish presence. However, the individual should note that they must post regularly.

Another great tool that has been used by business owners to increase reach is Hashtags. People often locate different things on Social Media through hashtags. Using popular and niche hashtags can significantly increase one’s reach.

5) Inspire, Engage and Connect

We have already emphasised the importance of posting regularly. Although one must also ensure regular updates on their Social Media channels. Here are some of the best social media practices –

A young QNET distributor working along with a teammate on computer
  • Creating a schedule – It is vastly known to help businesses post regularly. Subsequently, individuals can use automated scheduling tools and software to ensure they post frequently. Another great option is to create a Social Media calendar. This often provides an overview and plan for the month. Moreover, it ensures that the individual is posting as frequently as their preference.
  • Using attractive visuals – It is the key when it comes to increasing engagement. This is especially true for platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Individuals must ensure that they take good photos and edit them with an editing software to render the best images. We will understand more about photography in the following sections.
  • Getting creative – It is often the key to creating viral content. One must always be proactive in leveraging different kinds of trends on Social Media. Creating Instagram reels using trending music is one of the best ways to increase engagement in 2022.
  • Engaging audiences – Engaging regularly is pivotal for the ones who aspire to grow on Social Media. It creates trust with the users. So, a good practice is to start conversations, reply and like every message on the page.
  • Brand building – Finally, build a brand! Give the audience something to connect with, something they can look forward to on their social media feeds. Association is the key to social media success.

6) Connect with other direct sellers

There are thousands of entrepreneurs trying grow their businesses on Social Media. A great way to establish presence is to connect with them. Like and comment on their posts, engage with them through discussions and follow them back. Individuals can also follow their mentors and QNET leaders on their respective social media pages. Giving followers a Shoutout can also help in connecting with them better.

Individuals can also share their learnings and QNET stories on Social Media. This would allow other direct sellers to connect with the individual better. Although, the individual must be honest, sincere, positive and humble while sharing their experiences with QNET.

Overall, the goal is to inspire, engage and grow through Social Media channels. Here are a few ideas of different types of posts that individuals can use on their Social Media pages –

Types of Social Media Posts

Different types of platforms would have different types of posts. Furthermore, different types of posts would receive varied engagement. For instance, a reel in the current times is most likely to receive more engagement as compared to a regular video on Instagram. Another example is Twitter, the platform was always meant for sharing short quick texts. So, using videos might not receive great engagement.

It is also important to note that different platforms have different types of audiences. So, the individual must factor in all these things before creating posts for their business page.

1) Unboxing posts

QNET products Unboxing post

One of the best posts for individuals who have just their started business on Social Media is to create an unboxing post. Individuals could unbox their favourite products, assemble them and even use them on camera. They can highlight key features and benefits of the product. Moreover, they can also create subsequent review posts.

This is quite informative to the target audiences as they would look forward to more unboxing videos, if the post is made well.

2) Recipes

Nutriplus recipe post

QNET has an amazing range of Health and Wellness products under the Nutriplus brand. It contains great food supplements. Individuals can consume it for improving health. Distributors can create great innovative recipes and beverages with these food supplements. For instance, they can combine Nutriplus Monofloral honey with their favourite milkshakes or Natose with home-baked items.

The goal is to provide delicious eateries along with healthy elements. So, creating recipes will educate audiences about the great combinations they can prepare with their favourite Nutriplus products.

3) Before and after posts

Image of a young woman working out

Before and After posts have been very common on social media. However, if an individual uses products and showcases their own results to the audience, it naturally builds trust. People would perceive the individual to be more authentic. This also brings testimonials to the picture. They serve as proof of concept!

Watches and Jewellery provide great post ideas for an individual’s Social Media page. Individuals can style their outfits with watches and jewellery to show how they elevate their elegance quotient.

These are just a few ideas that individuals can experiment and create their calendar based on what works best for them! Although, one thing that every direct seller must keep in mind is to take good photos. Let’s take a quick look at a few essentials for ensuring great photography for social media.

Social media photography practices

A young man taking a picture on his DSLR

Good photography is an absolute must for engagement. Individuals are more likely to perceive a person as an expert in one’s field with good photos. Poor photos show haste and unprofessionalism that often drives certain audiences away. So, to ensure that an individual is posting great photos, here are common practices –

1) Lighting is the Key

Individuals must always ensure that there is good lighting available while taking photos. Natural lighting is the best option for product photography and Selfies. Ideally, one can do it close to the window. It is important to reduce any glare or harsh lighting. Individuals can also diffuse the lighting by using thin curtains.

2) Using Different angles and adding props

Individuals can get creative by using different angles and positions. Often adding elements to the product can also improve the quality of the image. Props can instantly add more detail to enhance the overall image. Individuals do not need to invest heavily for props. A few simple items around the house can provide great images.

3) Different types of orientation and innovative videos

Different products would look better with different types of orientations. Portrait mode is a great idea to add depth to the images. While landscape mode provides a broad coverage and allows individuals to showcase different props and elements.

When it comes to videos, individuals constantly need to experiment with trends to ensure they are posting something unique and innovative. A good reel would require an individual to take the video in portrait mode to put the emphasis on the products. A good stop-motion video is also a great idea to capture audience’s imagination.

Overall, the key is to play around with different ideas to optimise engagement on Social Media through high-quality images.

A young woman working on her social media page

So, these were some of the best tips for QNET distributors to start and scale business by building Social Media presence. We hope that this comprehensive Social Media toolkit provides perspective to help catapult your businesses to great heights!

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