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9 ways to balance your direct selling business and personal life

Sometimes, in the pursuit of professional passion and success, we lose track of other things that also matter. As a direct seller driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, you need to ensure certain areas of your life, including your family and recreation, don’t take a backseat. You need to create the perfect work-life balance that helps you meet your goals, keeps you motivated, and happy. If you want to be at the top of your game with increased productivity, greater motivation, and higher energy levels while effectively leading your team, then finding a balance between direct selling and your personal life is vital.

Here are a few ways you could find work-life balance:

1. Set goals and deadlines

As a direct seller, you control your professional growth, so write down your goals and set realistic deadlines. By having concrete objectives to work towards, you can measure your progress more efficiently, helping you stay on track and remain motivated.

2. Prioritise tasks

Create task lists and sort them based on their urgency and importance. These can include things that involve your family and friends as well. There are several prioritisation techniques available online, like the eponymous Eisenhower Matrix made famous by the former US president. A structured view of your tasks will help you gain perspective of your priorities, and manage time effectively.

3. Schedule your day to limit decision fatigue

As creatures of habit, following a routine is natural to us. Sticking to a schedule improves efficiency and eliminates decision fatigue by reducing the need to make unique choices all day. This approach can help conserve your mental resources leaving you better equipped to make critical decisions and tackle the pressures of a busy direct selling lifestyle.

4. Avoid compulsively checking your phone

As a direct seller, a sizeable portion of your day may be spent on the phone, whether it’s speaking with customers, collaborating with downlines, or tracking your progress on the QNET app. So, after a day’s work, consider keeping your phone away to avoid the temptation of checking apps for any updates so you can relax, switch off, and recharge for the next day.

5. Learn to leverage technology

Take a step back and think about the daily work-related activities that require you to travel. Then, try to figure out which of these you can finish remotely. For example, try doing product pitches and demonstrations, coaching or following up with your downlines through online meeting apps, shared folders, or even social media.

6. Separate your personal and professional life online

In the course of direct selling, you are going to make many contacts through networking and could find yourself using social media to stay in touch with them. Consider creating a separate profile specifically for work, so your personal and professional online lives don’t overlap. Another way to avoid overlap is to use a different set of apps and tools while collaborating with your downlines.

7. Eat healthily and exercise regularly

Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress and keep job burnout at bay. Yoga is one great option, but any physical activity that keeps you moving for at least 30 minutes a day would work just as well. Additionally, eating a healthy diet can complement your exercise routine. Not only will you feel rejuvenated and have more energy throughout the day, your chances of falling ill drastically reduce too. At QNET, we practice a more positive approach to health and wellness through our concept of Absolute Living.

8. Make time for hobbies

Being a direct seller gives you the liberty to set your work timings, so don’t feel guilty to enforce them, both to yourself and your peers. Once you’re off the clock, make sure to indulge in your favourite pastime whether it’s watching your favourite TV shows, movies, listening to music or playing a sport.

9. Spend quality time with friends and family

Friends and family are an integral part of your life. They need the same attention that you give to your work. Make it a point to regularly do things with them, including weekly dinners, vacations, going to parties and other such activities.

Making an effort every day to achieve a balance between direct selling and your personal life is crucial, not just for your well-being but also of those around you. A work-life balance can bring out the best in you, both professionally and personally, leading to a more fulfilling life.

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