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7 Phrases to Use to Become a Direct Selling Superstar

Direct selling is a rising phenomenon in India and is on course to become the future of how e-retail businesses will be run. The easy adaptability, low start-up cost and flexible work hours that direct sellers enjoy is likely to be the major attractions to this profession. There is still a lot of dedication required to excel as a direct seller and make supernormal profits. Direct sellers need to grow their network, by way of working hard and smart and make a name for themselves. Also, just like a sales job, the direct selling profession demands a good attitude, a positive mindset and good social skills. QNET in India is one of India’s biggest direct selling companies with thousands of direct sellers involved in marketing and selling QNET India products. They are some of the best in the business and if you want to know their secret, we have good news for you.

Direct Selling Call

Here are 7 phrases that direct sellers make use of during their sales calls.

1. ‘Because You’re Worth It’

All customers want to feel wanted and as a direct seller, it is your primary responsibility to make them feel that they matter. Telling them that they are ‘worth it’ is a good way to capture their interest and make them feel significant. It also helps it easier for customers to place their trust in you.

2. ‘For a Limited Time Only’

People love limited-time deals. With the ‘time if running out’ rhetoric, your sales will see a surge and you can enjoy better success. It is all about creating more demand for your products and putting a clock on a sale certainly speeds things up. Everyone wants a good deal and a ‘limited time only’ offer is too hard to resist.

3. ‘Why Wait For Tomorrow?’

As a direct seller, it is in your best interest to drive more business. You can do this by simply being more active and persistent. When prospects have second thoughts or express doubts, it is your job to remind them of the benefits that they will enjoy. Never postpone for tomorrow that which can be done today, these are golden rules to live by.

Direct Selling Meeting

4. ‘Be Your Own Boss’

Independence is always more appealing than being at somebody else’s disposal. In direct selling, a gainful employment opportunity is what you should be selling, not just your products. Telling your customer that they can ‘be their own boss’ is a sure-fire way to get them excited and bring in more business.

5. ‘It is a Steal’

This is true for everyone – people love discounts or products on sale. Making all your products seem like ‘steal deals’ is definitely the best way to present to your clients. If what you sell is made to look worthy, and if you can sell the real benefits of the product, then you can close a sale pretty easily.

6. ‘Get It Before Anyone Else’

Customers are people who value exclusivity. By using that to your advantage you can push your sale forward by suggesting that the customer could get in on the ground floor. ‘Get it before anyone else’ is a choicest of phrases that will attract a customer to the deal. It adds an aura of excitement and being exclusive. To be the first to get a good deal is what everyone wants.

7. ‘Please and Thank You’

This may seem like a no-brainer but more people need to use ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’. Being polite costs nothing. So, by behaving courteously and delivering sincerely, you can win a lot of hearts. Thanking your customer after a meeting, whether or not you make the sale, is a must. Nobody becomes successful without the right manners. So, put on a bright smile, shake your customer’s hand and thank them when you are done.

Direct Selling in India

These 7 phrases could be instrumental in how your sale goes and it is always best to be safe rather than sorry. Becoming a successful direct seller is an achievable goal and you need to do everything that you can, starting with your approach. Being a direct seller in this rapidly shifting gig economy is an ideal resort for thousands of people. India is a great hub for selling and marketing quality products. QNET India has managed to forge its way into the Indian market with a variety of great products. We promote healthy living and active lifestyles for all Indians and our products are a testament to that. Take a tour of the QNET India eStore to find the right kinds of products that will make your life better.


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