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7 Interesting New Uses for Argan Care

1. Add Glow Under Makeup

Introduce face oil to your makeup arsenal for the ultimate dewy glow. On a fresh face, tap a few drops of Argan Care onto skin using your fingertips, and then apply foundation. The Argan Care oil base will be just enough to allow a hint of radiance to peek through.

 2. Reuse Leftovers on Hands and Hair

Why wash your hands after using the oil and sending the precious liquid gold down the drain? Instead, use the Argan Care remnants on your hand after applying it on your face on other areas of your body —neck, hands, and even at the ends of your hair to soften any rough edges.

For your hair, smooth over your ends. Reapply if needed. Make sure to use a light touch, as too much oil can leave behind an unwanted greasy look. Like it does for your complexion, the hydrating formula can work wonders by infusing shine and boosting necessary hydration.

3. Make a DIY Highlighter

make up highlighter argan oil

Achieve a candlelit glow without ever buying a highlighting product. Instead, mix a teeny-tiny drop of Argan Care oil with your eye shadow to get the same effect. Using a small makeup brush, scoop a bit of shimmering eye shadow onto the back of your hand. Then add a dab of Argan Care to the shadow. Make sure there’s more powder than oil to get the right consistency. Voilà! Highlighter right at your fingertips. Tap the mixture onto your brow bone, cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and Cupid’s bow for added definition.

4.Boost Your Moisturiser

A few drops of Argan Care in your daily moisturiser can have major benefits. If your skin is dull or feeling tired, add three or four drops of this amazing beauty oil to your lotion for instant hydration. You can also use 4-5 drops applied over your moisturiser, which will provide a protective barrier to prevent dry air from pulling moisture out from the skin. It’s lightweight, absorbs quickly, and is ideal for dehydrated skin.

5.Soften Cuticles

soften cuticles

A bad manicure or chilly temperatures during the winter months can fray cuticles. Help reverse the damage by applying a few drops of Argan Care on your cuticles to restore moisture and strengthen them.

6. Revive Dry Elbows

revive dry elbows argan oil

Elbows are especially prone to chronic dryness. Thanks to the potent power of Argan oil, a single drop of Argan Care can help alleviate dry, rough patches. Rub a drop of two on to your elbows before bed to help heal elbows and put an end to their perpetual roughness.

7. Give Off a Subtle Scent

Fragrances don’t last longer on dry skin. Dab a tiny amount of Argan Care on your pulse points before spraying perfume and you’ll surround yourself with a fragrant aura all day long.

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