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5 ways to make healthy food fun for kids | QNET Tips

If there’s one thing all parents can agree on it is that kids, even the most well-behaved ones, can be particularly picky eaters. Factor in getting them to eat healthy food and you can see the makings of quite an ordeal. But, can you really blame the children? Their underdeveloped palates mean that taste tends to take precedence over nutrition, and this means that they only eat what they want. It can be a problem because the foundations of lifelong health are built in these early years, and limited food options won’t meet the nutritional requirements for growing children.

However, a touch of imagination can be a useful ally to get your little one to finish their meals wanting more. So, here are some easy ways to transform healthy foods into something that’s sure to grab your kid’s fancy.

Introduce colour

Nutriplus Kids Protein Power: A colourful bowl of chickpea, cherry tomatoes and other veggies

Who doesn’t love a splash of colour? Kids sure do. Use that to your advantage and create colourful plates chock full of different coloured fruits and vegetables. The bright colours instantly add an element of playfulness to mealtime, and eating the rainbow will also ensure that they get their dose of phytonutrients.

Get creative with the presentation

Nutriplus Kids Protein Power: A sandwich made to look like an owl with veggies

You’d be surprised just how appealing regular food items, including sandwiches, fruits, and vegetables, can look when cut into various fun shapes. Try something simple like smiley faces or geometric shapes like squares, circles or triangles. Your imagination is the limit, so get creative. Additionally, if you really want to play your odds well, you could just ask your kids to pick their favourite shapes.

Make tasty dips and spreads

Nutriplus Kids Protein Power: 3 bowls of healthy dips

Kids can be quite picky when it comes to trying out new foods. Dips can be a great way to make ‘boring’ food exciting and introduce new varieties and textures of food to your little ones. Chickpea hummus, peanut butter, and flavoured yoghurt are tasty options you can try making at home.

Take your kids to the supermarket

Involve your kids in the selection process by taking them food shopping along with you. By having them pick their choice of fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods, chances are, they won’t be fussy about it when it’s time to eat.

Shake things up

Nutriplus Kids Protein Power: Five glasses of healthy shakes

Let’s be honest. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, fruits are the real treat. So, the next time you make them a fruit smoothie, also add in some healthy greens and vegetables into the blender. The sweetness from the fruits will ensure that kids will drink every last drop. In fact, with the right components, you can even make an entire meal in a glass. Although it’s no substitute for a real meal, this option can come in handy, especially during particularly fussy meal times or if you’re short on time. It also makes for a refreshing beverage served as a snack or after a meal.

Introduce protein the Nutriplus way

A healthy diet which includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, and grains can provide a lot of nutrients but usually tends to lack in protein, a key component for your child’s growth and development. Given how fussy kids already are with food, trying to add protein sources to their diet can seem daunting. In these cases, dietary protein supplements can be quite helpful.  QNET’s Nutriplus™ Kids Protein is a nutritious protein supplement for kids made using SUPRO® PLUS, a premium source of protein. Available in two mouth-watering flavours like Choco-Butter Cookie and Vanilla Ice Cream, it contains 23% of protein per serving and is enriched with essential vitamins and minerals like iron, iodine, and zinc.

It can also be added to milkshakes, smoothies, pancakes, cupcakes, and brownies, making it a versatile supplement. Nutriplus™ Kids Protein also contains GanedenBC30®, Fructofin®, and Litesse® Two. These low-calorie compounds support digestive health, boost immunity, have a low glycemic index, helping your kids stay fuller for longer.

Raising a child can be a rewarding experience, and proper nutrition plays a large part in parenting success. If you can stay inspired, creative, and resourceful, there’s no limit to what you could experiment with and achieve. Is your child a fussy eater? What tips and tricks do you use to get them to eat well? Tell us in the comments.

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