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5 ways to get the Perfect Summer Body | Health Tips

It’s not just the IPL fever that is making temperatures peak in India, the Indian summer is officially here! No matter which part of India you are in, we bet you can feel the heat. Sticky heat, dry heat, humid heat, whatever type of heat you feel, a dip in the pool or a swim in the sea (if you are lucky enough to live near a beach) can definitely help cool you down. It’s time to bring out those summer clothes and find ways to beat the heat.

But before that, we want to help you get in the best shape possible so that you look your best in your summer wardrobe. Whether you want to lose some kilos or just tone up a bit, we have the perfect tips for your perfect summer body.

TIP 1 – Water, water, water!

Dehydration and fatigue are natural consequences of intense summers. To stay fresh and active, make sure you drink plenty of water. While the recommended water consumption per day is 2.5 litres, some people drink more or less according to their fitness and activity levels. Add 500 ml – 1000 ml to your pre-existing amount of water consumption per day to make up for the extra water loss, no thanks to the Sun. If you workout or work long hours outdoors, try to consume a minimum of 5 litres per day.

To get the maximum benefits from drinking water, choose to drink pure and healthy alkaline water. Choose Kent-QNET SMART alkaline mineral RO water purifier which has a multi-step purification system using RO, Ultra Violet and Ultra Filtration technology, which removes dissolved impurities such as chemicals, bacteria, viruses and salt. It retains all essential minerals like no other RO and the most unique feature is the creation of 8+ pH water, better than consuming pristine spring water!

TIP 2 – Do you even lift, bro?

You used the winter’s cold as an excuse to stay in bed and laze around. Not anymore! Grab your shoes and a water bottle and head to the gym or to your nearest running track today. Working out feels easier during the summer simply because your mood is better and your body is already warmed up. Shedding the excess weight happens easier because you don’t eat as much as you do during the winter or rainy season. So, tone up and feel more confident in your summer outfits.

TIP 3 – Get Your Proteins Right

After a workout, it is a no brainer that proteins help your muscles recover. More muscle means you burn more calories at even when you are resting. Drinking a protein shake within 20 minutes after your workout has maximum effect on muscle repair and building. It also restores glycogen stores and enhances recovery.

We recommend nutriplus™  Protein Power for adults. It is an ideal soy protein based health drink mix. It is specially formulated with excellent quality protein, vitamins and minerals for muscle repair and overall recovery.

TIP 4 – Green Tea To The Rescue

Green tea is loaded with bioactive antioxidants called catechins. One of the most important of these catechins is EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate), a substance that boosts metabolism and helps inhibit an enzyme that breaks down the hormone norepinephrine. Therefore, more norepinephrine leads to a stronger signal being sent to the fat cell and more fat gets broken down. The more fat gets broken down, the closer you are to your summer body.

QNET’s Celesteal Green Tea is packed with antioxidants and is available in tempting flavours like Star Anise + Jasmine, Spearmint + Ginger and Cardamom + Lavender. Get your weight loss formula here.

TIP 5 – Say No To Sugar

Sugar is bad for you. It is really as simple as that. It can cause resistance to the hormone insulin, which makes it a leading driver of type II diabetes. Sugar has no nutrients, no protein, no healthy fats and no enzymes. So avoid all those sugar loaded sodas and packaged juices this summer. Opt for an alternative sweetener for your homemade juices instead, like Stevia.
Stevia is also a natural sweetener but has the opposite effects of sugar. A few of the outstanding ones are: Stevia has lesser calories, suppresses cravings, is good for your teeth and helps regulate hypertension.  

Try our nutriplus™ Natose Stevia Liquid Concentrate which is a natural sweetener extracted from leaves of Stevia plant. It does not contain artificial flavour, has almost nil calories and is ideal for use in weight management, diabetes, obesity etc.

That’s it! Follow this and you should be well on your way to sporting the best version of your body for this summer.

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